Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1370

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Chapter 1370

Li Xunran walked slowly, her expression indifferent, It is even more icy than a thousand miles away, just like an iceberg beauty!


Everyone cast a respectful look at Li Xunran, and one after another respectfully called Miss Li!

Li Xunran, who studied medicine with the elders at a young age, was able to independently treat various intractable diseases at the age of twelve, and became the dean of a medical school at the age of 18.

She is by far the youngest famous doctor in the Chinese medical field!

She is more than ten times better than the old medicine in the young period!

“Ms. Li, is Xinbai’s vaccine formula fake?”

Everyone asked nervously.

Hear the words!

Li Xunran nodded:

“The formula is indeed fake. I have refined it no less than 30 times according to that formula, and none of them succeeded!”

The audience is completely boiling!

At the moment, there is a strong anger on everyone’s faces. Even Li Xunran has been refining more than 30 times without being able to succeed. Isn’t it a fake medicine?

It can be seen from this that Bai Yi is lying!

“Bai Yi, what else do you have to say?”

The old man snorted coldly, looking at Bai Yi with a look of death:
“Could you still want to say that Miss Li Xunran is also framing you?”

Said this!

Bai Yi’s face is full of bitterness.

What the old disciple Yao said is equivalent to what Yao old said. If she said it was false, then it must be false.

The public will only choose to believe, what they want to believe.

She is completely over!

“It seems to be the default, let’s call the police!”

Seeing this scene, Bai Yifan, Zhang Miaoke, Song Yue, and others, smiled more and more.

“I just feel that I have won!”

But right now!

A word full of sarcasm came from the crowd, making the triumphant smiles on the faces of Bai Yifan and others completely solidified!

“You can’t refine it. Maybe it’s not because of the formula, but because you are not good at learning!”

Boom! As soon as

Said these words, all the voices in the audience seemed to be chopped off by life, completely silent!


A line of eyes full of astonishment and shock, they all looked at the place where the sound came, only to find that the speaker was Lin Fan!

And now!

Li Xunran’s face instantly became extremely ugly, and a touch of shame appeared in her eyes.

“Lin Fan, do you dare to slander Miss Li Xunran!”

Bai Yifan scolded angrily, but he sneered in his heart. He dared to speak hard when he died, thinking that he would be able to stand up like this?

Is really whimsical!

“Miss Li, but Yao Lao’s most proud disciple, how dare you question her medical skills? What are you doing?”

“That is, a door-to-door son-in-law, I’m afraid Even Miss Li Xunran doesn’t know who she is, and she dare to talk nonsense!”

“This is a dog jumped over the wall, right? After the dog man and woman were exposed, they began to mess around!”

It’s not just Bai Yifan!

Everyone present looked at Lin Fan’s eyes, full of contempt and sarcasm, and subconsciously thought that Lin Fan was arguing.

After all, Li Xunran is Yao Lao’s most proud genius, and it is not an exaggeration to be hailed as a genius doctor. Even Yao Lao said that Li Xunran is better than blue because of blue.

Can Lin Fan even say that she is not good at learning?

What a joke!

At this time!

Even Li Xunran coldly snorted and said angrily:

“You don’t want to say that you produced fake medicines to harm people, and you still don’t repent, and you pour dirty water on me. Your Xinbai family is really utterly conscientious!”

“As your slander on me, I will unite the entire medical industry to sue you Xinbai family, and I will wipe out your industry scum!”


These words immediately caused an uproar!

Because they knew that Li Xunran did have such an ability, enough to order the entire medical industry to deal with Xin Bai’s together.

Old man Bai and the others are almost crazy.
Lin Fan, this idiot, this is a curse, and even Li Xunran has to take care of them. Then the couple is really hard to save.


At this moment, Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders indifferently, and the next words shocked the audience!

“This is not what I said, but the doctor Lin said!”

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