Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1371

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Chapter 1371

Lin.. Lin’s genius doctor?


Hearing this, everyone felt that their brains were about to explode.

Those drops of cold sweat continued to slide down from my forehead!

Lin genius doctor?

Why does this matter involve the genius doctor Lin?

As a Chinese, it is impossible not to know that some time ago, he frustrated western medicine and revitalized Chinese medicine, and he was hailed as the national hero of the future of Chinese medicine!

He turned out to be a direct sensation across the country!

It is a household name!

All major Chinese medicine practitioners worship!

At this time, all the reporters lost their voices, and they didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore.

You must know that the genius doctor Lin is the god in the heart of Chinese medicine. Once he offends him, it is tantamount to offending the whole Chinese medicine doctor.

Even more, in addition to Chinese medicine, many young people now regard him as an idol, and it is conservatively estimated that he must have tens of millions of fans.

Even Li Xunran couldn’t help feeling gloomy.

Because her master Yao Lao once said that compared with the great doctor Lin, he is ashamed!

The future of Huaxia Chinese Medicine depends on the great doctor Lin!

When Bai Yifan and others heard this, they suddenly had a bad feeling in their hearts.

Shouldn’t, even the genius doctor Lin has to stand up to protect Bai Yi?

This is impossible!

Now Bai Yi is stinky shit. It’s too late to hide from all walks of life. How can someone take the initiative to pick it up?

Lin Fan, must be lying!


Bai Yifan had a sullen face and angrily said:

“Lin Fan, do you dare to preach the words of the genius doctor Lin? The genius doctor Lin and Miss Li don’t know him, how did he know Miss Li? Not good at learning?”

In an instant, everyone Qi Qi cast doubtful glances at Lin Fan, apparently also feeling that it was impossible.


Lin Fan didn’t care about everyone’s doubts, and smiled lightly:

“If you were to change it to you, someone questioned whether the formula you created by yourself was fake, would you? Questioning her poor academic skills?”


Everyone just feels that the sky is falling down!

What Lin Fan said, every word, like a thunder, blasted wildly in everyone’s mind!


At this moment, everyone seemed to have a chill, and they trembled crazily.
The eyes looking at Lin Fan were filled with deep shock, and he obviously couldn’t believe his ears.

“You mean, the formula for the new type of pneumonia was given by the genius doctor Lin?”

The reporters looked at Lin Fan with a panic expression, and were shocked to the extreme.

The corner of Lin Fan’s mouth curled up, and he nodded and said:


The audience was completely silent!

The reporters’ faces were filled with consternation!

If it is the formula given by the genius doctor Lin, how can it be fake?


The reporters glanced at their transcripts, and then hurriedly tore them to pieces.

Don’t write scribbled!

Absolutely not scribble!

Because one is not careful, then give them the newspaper, which will bring disaster to the top!

And now!

Bai Yifan was going crazy. He didn’t expect Lin Fan to jump out of the game again and dare to confuse the reporters present.

At the moment, he roared:

“Impossible! That formula, obviously you said it came by accident, how could it be given by the genius doctor Lin?”

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at Bai Yifan with an unbelievable look.

What did they hear?

Lin Fan got the recipe by accident?
And Lin Fan also sneered:

“Didn’t your Bai family say that this recipe belongs to yours? Why did I get it by accident?”


For an instant, Bai Yifan’s face turned pale, and he woke up suddenly and said something wrong.

Damn it!

He was so frustrated because of his anger!

“Fool, you idiot!”

The old man slapped Bai Yifan’s face with a severe slap, which made him angry.

This time, doesn’t it mean that his Bai family is lying?

What an idiot!

All the reporters suddenly became angry. They understood everything. The Bai family used them as monkeys!

Want to use their penknife to put the new Baishi to death!

Even Zhang Miaoke and Song Yue gritted their teeth. At the beginning, the Wang family shouldn’t find the Bai family to cooperate. This family has no brains at all.

“Everyone, I think who is lying, it’s hard to tell now, right?”

Lin Fan said with a faint smile:

“But one thing is certain, If this formula is fake, then the genius doctor Lin is also a quack!”

“What do you think?”



At the moment, all the reporters are paralyzed in terror, like their parents are dead.

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