Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1523 – 1524

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Chapter 1523

After Stephanie finished speaking, she hung up the phone. She was afraid that she would hang up one second later, so she couldn’t help but scolded the reporter.

Although she knew that the reporter did these things, she couldn’t help being angry.

“These reporters have been idle all day long, staring at us…” Stephanie was full of anger, and turned her head to look at Tina after complaining: “Ms. Tina, let’s go to the company first. Go and see the situation.”

For an actress, this kind of negative news that has an impact on her reputation is fatal if it is not handled properly.

“Yeah.” Tina’s thoughts are the same as Stephanie’s. For such a big thing, she should go to the company.

Those who were planning to have a big meal also made the soup.

Tina and Stephanie went downstairs together. While taking the car key, Stephanie said, “Ms. Tina, wait for me to buy something to eat in the car. I don’t know if we have to get it at the company meeting. How late, you may not have time to eat.”

Tina smiled upon hearing the words: “Yeah.”

Stephanie is becoming more and more considerate.

She drove, and Tina sat in the position of the co-pilot.

There is a convenience store at the gate of the community. Stephanie drove the car out of the community, unfastened her seat belt, got off the car and went to the convenience store to buy sandwiches and yogurt. After the purchase, she ran into the car quickly like a thief.

Tina said, “Why coming like a thief?”

“I’m afraid there will be reporters.” Stephanie said, handing her the share that she had bought for Tina, and after eating a sandwich, she started driving.

While driving, she patted her chest with the other hand, obviously choking.

“What’s the hurry? It doesn’t matter if you eat and then leave. Don’t worry about this time.” Tina handed her water.

Stephanie took the water over: “No hurry.”

Said she was not in a hurry, after drinking the water in a hurry, she drove forward quickly.

Stephanie followed Tina during this period, although sometimes she was still a little reckless, and her temper was a bit uncontrollable, but she was generally good, at least she knew the importance of things.

A little temper is good.

Bloody people have a little temper.

If there is no temper at all, then it is not a human being.

Tina sat in the position of the co-pilot, eating and scrolling Twitter.

The trending search on Twitter has been quiet for years, and no topics related to her have been found. However, in the personal information, there are many people who mentioned her and scolded her.

It’s nothing more than scolding her for shame, bad stuff or something.

Tina also has black powder, and she still has a mouthful of feces. At first, she will be so angry that she can’t eat. After the past few years, she has long been used to it.

There are not many black fans in the entertainment circle.

But it was the first time to be scolded so excessively.

Stephanie’s cell phone rang again, and as soon as she got through some media reporter’s call, Stephanie listened to it, said “I’m sorry to be busy” and hung up the phone, and then set up to block all strange calls.

She was afraid that her mobile phone was always busy, but the company could not make a call when looking for her.

As soon as her phone hung up, Tina’s phone rang again.

Stephanie looked over with some worry, and she was also worried that some reporter might call her.

Now is the era of big data, and there is no privacy for individuals. Even if Tina is a celebrity, those reporters can get her phone number easily.

“It’s from Alyssa.” Tina explained seeing Stephanie’s worries.

Stephanie nodded and continued to concentrate on driving.

Tina answered the phone: “Alyssa.”

Alyssa’s voice came from the phone: “I see you are in trouble again, where are you?”

Chapter 1524

There was a slight smile in Tina’s voice: “You know, I am going to be unemployed? I have been so idle these days. I haven’t figured out what happened to me until now.”

“Why don’t you know?” She heard the sound of pouring water.

After Alyssa drank the water, she said to Tina, “Did you have a meal with a man today?”

“That’s more than one, which one are you talking about?” Tina said with a smile.

“At this time, you’re still in the mood to joke.” Alyssa’s tone was helpless: “It’s the photo of you having a meal with that man, which was taken, and then someone discovered that the man who was eating with you appeared in Cathy’s video.”

Then, someone said that Tina was doing the same thing as Cathy.

After listening to Alyssa’s words, Tina lost her thoughts about joking with Alyssa.

She could understand Alyssa’s words separately, but when they were put together, she couldn’t react for a while: “What did you say?”

At this time, Karl’s voice appeared on Alyssa’s end: “That’s Peter’s one who made a small child.”

Karl said this to Alyssa, but he should be relatively close to Alyssa, so Tina could also hear them clearly.

Alyssa doesn’t know Cody, but Karl and Peter have been in friendship for so many years, and they also have a certain understanding of Peter’s hair circle.

Moreover, the Scott family is still a family that can be named in Rostenvel.

Tina didn’t even dare to believe it, but thought it was impossible. Now that Karl said this, he knew it in his heart.

It turned out to be Cody.

Alyssa felt Tina’s silence and guessed that Tina had heard Karl’s words.

Alyssa asked tentatively: “You and Peter have a good circle of friends. Peter’s hair is young, should it be yours?”

If it were not for the friendship, Tina would not eat alone with men other than Peter.

Tina is a very cautious and principled person.

“It’s the kind of me and Peter who grew up together and worked together.” The calm tone was not as energetic as before.

Alyssa also fell silent.

This matter is said to be big or small.

Men are good and handsome, this is nature.

However, this person is calm and young.

Alyssa hadn’t seen Cathy’s videos, but Cathy’s ability to do this kind of thing still surprised her.

Before that, Cathy had also been Peter’s nominal girlfriend.

If she and Tina have never met, and have never been Peter’s nominal girlfriend, then this was not a problem.

But now, both Cathy and Cody have something to do with Tina, so that such a simple matter has become complicated.

“It’s okay, the real can’t be fake, the fake can’t be real, it’s all trivial.” Tina pretended to be relaxed.

Alyssa replied, “Yes.”

Alyssa was not very worried about this, but felt that Tina might feel a little uncomfortable in her heart.

After hanging up the phone, Tina lowered the car window a bit, turned her head and looked out of the window a little distracted.

Upon seeing this, Stephanie asked, “What’s wrong, Ms. Tina.”

“You’ll know when you get to the company.” Tina didn’t reply.

When approaching the downstairs of AdamPic, Tina saw that there were more security guards at the door than usual, and Rubin was standing at the door.

There is no need to guess at all, Tina knows that Peter must have done this.

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