Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1372

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Chapter 1372

What do we think?

I think you are uncle!

At this time, do we dare to think?

The genius doctor Lin, but even the official newspapers of the capital praised the existence, they dare to report it indiscriminately?

If they dare to say that the great doctor Lin is a quack, wouldn’t it be the face of Huaxia official?

Lin Fan asked, because he wanted to kill them!

The audience!

Suddenly it was dead!

Everyone seemed to have their throat strangled, and they dare not say a word.

This time!

Even Bai Yi was completely dumbfounded, looking at Lin Fan with an unbelievable expression.

She never thought that her man would be so witty, and a few words would completely dissolve the conspiracy of the Bai family!

Is this still Lin Fan?

Seeing that the situation was out of control, Mr. Bai knew that he had to stand up, and immediately snorted:

“Do you think it is? Do you have any evidence that this formula is it was given by the genius doctor Lin?”

Bai Yifan also suddenly woke up, and quickly said:

“Yes, right, no proof, come up with evidence!”
Those reporters stared at Lin Fan again, Xinbai wanted to clean up, but a few words were not enough.

Lin Fan must produce some evidence, otherwise they will still be unable to escape the charge of manufacturing counterfeit drugs.
Bai Yi also looked at Lin Fan nervously, and also hoped that Lin Fan could produce strong evidence.

Unfortunately, Lin Fan shook his head:

“Sorry, I don’t have any evidence!”


Upon hearing this, everyone’s face suddenly became gloomy.

No evidence?

Isn’t that just farting?


And at this moment, Bai Yifan laughed wildly:

“I knew you had no evidence for this rubbish. Lin Fan, I have to say that your acting skills are what I admire!”

“You just want to get rid of the charge when you move your mouth. Do you think you are the genius doctor Lin? Oh, yes, you said the prescription. It was given to you by Master Lin, so let Master Lin come out and explain to everyone?”

Bai Yifan laughed forward and backward, and Lin Fan was a big joke in his eyes.

It’s not just him!

Everyone present also showed a sneer, looking at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a fool.

“I think this is not what Lin Shen said, but you said it?”

“Don’t think Lin Shen and your Xin Bai have worked together, just do everything. It’s okay to talk about him, his existence like that can be achieved by your little Xin Bai family? Don’t dream!”

“”It’s shameless to dare to come out with the genius doctor Lin! A couple, one will be more sophistry than the other!”

In an instant, the surrounding ridicule and insult, like a tide, arbitrarily drowned both Lin Fan and Lin Fan.

Bai Yi’s face was pale, and she smiled bitterly.

Sure enough, Lin Fan had no evidence, she had actually expected it from the beginning.


Next, the corners of Lin Fan’s mouth turned up with a playful arc:

“Okay, then as you wish!”


Upon hearing this, the sneer was once again forced to contain it!

As we wish?

What does this mean?

And when he heard this, Mr. Bai’s face suddenly sank, and he screamed as if he had seen a ghost:

“Impossible! This is impossible! You, you must be here. Lie!”

His old body trembled.

If it weren’t for someone to help him, he would be paralyzed on the spot.


Everyone looked at Mr. Bai in a puzzled way, wondering what Mr. Bai had discovered, that he was so panicked?

And just now!

The shocking scene is here!

Lin Fan smiled slightly and said loudly:

“Then let the genius doctor Lin come and explain to you!”

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