Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1363

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Chapter 1363


In an instant, Bai Yi’s pretty face turned pale, but at this moment the gleam of hope that had finally risen was completely shattered.

Fuck… jammer?


Her face was full of bitterness, and she couldn’t help crying.

They underestimated Song Yue’s cunning!

Is it true that God will kill them?

“Selling fake drugs, plus deliberately hurting others, wait for my lawyer’s letter!”

Song Yue said viciously, he can already foresee that Lin Fan is desperate in court the scene of howl of sorrow.

However, Lin Fan still smiled indifferently:

“The opportunity has already been given to you. Since you don’t want to cherish it, then you will be buried with Wang’s family!”

Hearing this, Song Yue couldn’t believe his ears.

Give him a chance?

To be buried with Wang’s family?

This kid is crazy!
He has already been dead, this waste still dare to assume a posture of dominating everything?

He is simply a brain-dead!

Song Yue glanced at Lin Fan contemptuously, and a sneer appeared on that sinister face:

“Dog stuff, who I am going to die in three days!”
Lin Fan stopped talking nonsense, smiled and took Bai Yi’s hand:

“Wife, let’s go!”

And just after Bai Yi left , Song Yue dialed a phone call, and his attitude suddenly changed 360 degrees. He said very flatteringly:

“Wang Lao, as you might expect, that couple of dogs and men are here. You are looking for me! Don’t worry, I have already filed a complaint against the whole Jiangnan. No one will help them in a lawsuit. Just wait for my good news! “It turns out that Song Yue and Wang’s family have long been involved. Collusion means that regardless of whether Bai Yi accompanies him or not, he will end up in jail in the end!

Such behavior is despicable, shameless, and extremely sinister!


At this time, Bai yi, the Six Godless Master, walked out of the building under the lead of Lin Fan.

Her face is completely ashamed!

Because she knew that Song Yue was their only chance, if Song Yue refused to help them, then they would really be over.

Thinking of this, the painful and guilty tears flowed involuntarily.

“It’s good, why are you crying?”

Seeing Bai Yi with tears on her face, Lin Fan asked distressedly.

“Old… Husband, sorry! I couldn’t keep Xinbai’s, nor can I keep the prescription you gave me, I’m really useless! “

Bai Yi sobbed, with a pitiful look at a loss.

The prescription was so precious, but she couldn’t keep it. She felt that she had failed Lin Fan.

“Don’t talk so early!”

But Lin Fan winked at her, showing a sly smile.


Bai Yi was suddenly puzzled and looked at Lin puzzled. Fan.

But at this moment, Song Yue’s voice suddenly came from her ear…

“In the judicial circle, no one dares to offend me Song Yue, I am heaven! “


Bai Yi was completely dull, looking at the recording pen in Lin Fan’s hand in disbelief.

Is this the recording pen just now?

He actually recorded all their conversations?

“This… how is this possible? Song Yue clearly said that there is a jammer in his office, why are you…”

She couldn’t believe her eyes, how did Lin Fan do it?

“My recorder is specially made, ignoring all jammers, don’t worry, my wife, he can’t help us. “

Lin Fan said with a smile.

And the voice just fell!

Bai Yi plunged into Lin Fan’s arms, crying:

“Husband, thank you! ”

It’s Lin Fan!

Lin Fan helped her again!

Every time when she is helpless and desperate, Lin Fan will help her save the situation!

How can she lives without this man?

Lin Fan stroked her shoulder lightly, followed by a sharp look in her eyes:

“I said, no one can bully my woman!”

After a long while, Bai Yi wiped away her tears and asked Lin Fan:

“What shall we do now?”

It seems that Lin Fan has become the backbone!

“The Bai family and your secretary are the ones who frame you?”

Lin Fan asked with a smile.

Hear the words!

Bai Yi nodded with a green face, and a touch of sadness appeared in her eyes involuntarily.

Lin Fan sneered:

“Then we, give them one last chance!”

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