Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1507 – 1508

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Chapter 1507

After hearing Tina’s words, Henry looked back at Cathy with a weird expression, and then looked back at Tina, “Thank you Miss Weber for the reminder, I will remember it.”

Tina noticed that when Henry spoke, Cathy trembled.

This is an expression of fear.

Tina frowned slightly, did not speak anymore, turned around and drove away.

“Miss Weber go slowly, be careful on the road.” The security guard sent Tina away, turned around and found that Cathy had been pulled away by Henry, and left too.

Henry’s car was also parked here. He dragged her to the front of the car, opened the door, and directly stuffed her in.

The movements are not gentle at all, and he doesn’t care that Cathy is still pregnant with a child.

She was forced to be with him and had to give birth to this child. Although she had a bit of hatred for the child in her heart, she still subconsciously protected her belly when she was pushed into the car.

Henry got in the car from the other side. As soon as he got in the car, he dropped the safety lock, and looked at her with a gloomy look: “What are you doing here with Tina? Want her to help you escape? Huh?”

Henry’s face was full of sullen expressions, as if as long as Cathy dared to say “yes”, he could strangle her immediately here.

The corners of Cathy’s lips trembled, and she shrank back in fear, stammering: “No…no…”

“No?” Henry’s voice was soft, his eyes fixed on her.

Cathy pursed her lips and was about to speak, when he suddenly yelled, “Didn’t you want her to help you escape, do you want her to tell you the old times? Ah! Do you think I am a fool? Cathy, you Really are capable.”

She shrank to hide by the car door, but it didn’t work. Henry slapped her over, and half of her face was numb, and bright red blood leaked from the corner of her mouth.


The car was narrow, and Cathy had nowhere to hide. She screamed and abruptly took a slap from Henry’s powerful slap.

But she did not dare to resist.

Henry has nothing now, he just wants the baby in her belly.

She didn’t think about running.

But Henry has her picture in his hand.

After she was led home by Henry, he forced her to take indecent photos.

As long as she dares to run, he will spread the photos everywhere.

If he really did this, she would really not be able to stay in the Rostenvel.

Even if she goes to other cities, it is difficult to survive.

After all, she was once famous for a while as “Peter’s girlfriend”.

These days, she lived like this.

So when she saw Tina, she had an idea of ​​asking her for help.

So she looked for an opportunity and quietly followed.

When she came over, she saw Tina and Alyssa standing together talking and laughing.

They are all beautiful.

Alyssa is still Karl’s wife.

What kind of luck Tina has? There is Peter who escorts her, and even her best friend is Karl’s wife.

Cathy originally wanted to lower her posture and ask Tina for help, but at that time, the jealousy and resentment in her heart appeared again.

She couldn’t help but mock her.

Tina has always been like that, disdain to take care of her.

But the more Tina was like this, the more she hated her in her heart.

In the end, it became like this, and she was captured by Henry.

And, after returning home, she will be beaten and tortured by him again.

Can’t just wait and die like this!

Cathy touched her hot face and faintly said, “You look cold, don’t you?”

Chapter 1508

Cathy and Henry have been together for four or five years, and naturally they have a thorough understanding of Henry’s character.

Henry looked into Tina’s eyes, she was right, Henry just fell in love with Tina.

Although she didn’t want to admit it, that little b!tch Tina was indeed beautiful. Many men couldn’t move their eyes away when they saw her.

What’s more, Henry was like this. When he was a venture capitalist and still making money, she knew what the people in his circle were like.

If Tina fell into Henry’s hands, she wouldn’t know how she will die.

When Cathy thought of this, a trace of madness flashed in her eyes.

Henry was taken aback, and then he coldly snorted, “What if you look at Tina? You don’t look at what you are like now, even half of Tina can’t compare with you, and it’s disgusting to look at you for a second even.”

Cathy clenched her hands, pinched her nails into her palms, causing pain. She clenched her back tooth sockets tightly, glanced back at the depression in her heart, and said softly, “I can help you.”

Henry had already started the car. Hearing the movement of his hand, a flash of joy flashed in his eyes, and he became sullen again.

He said fiercely: “You help me? What do you use to help me? You don’t see how you look like you are now, do people take care of you?”

“When I climbed up to Peter before, didn’t you also believe it?” Cathy lowered her eyes slightly, and forcibly endured Henry’s ridicule and disdain for her.

“But what about that? It wasn’t that Peter kicked you away, you sc*mbag.” Henry cursed, saying something unclean.

Cathy chuckled softly: “At least, I used to be Peter’s real girlfriend, and you, you can only spend the rest of your life with me, a bad guy.”

Henry was angered by this, and shouted, “You, b!tch, shut up for me!”

“Tina is so popular now, she also has money in her family, if you can get a little bit of her handle…” Cathy gave Henry a pointed look: “When the time comes, won’t you have as much money as you want?”

Henry hadn’t thought about this before, or didn’t dare to think about it.

But Cathy’s words at this time caused the depressing thoughts in his heart to start to rise, like a fountain, and could not stop.

Seeing Henry lost in thought, Cathy knew that Henry was moved by her words.

Henry, an idiot, who has been with him for so many years, knows him no better, arrogant and self-righteous, as long as he decides what he wants to do, he always feels that he can do it, he will do it.

“You help me? What is your idea?” Although Henry was moved, he was not completely brainless. He knew how Cathy was thinking about him. She could not be so kind.

“I want to follow you in my life anyway. Even if I don’t plan for us, we must plan for him. We need money.” Cathy touched her belly and said sincerely.

Henry looked at her and made sure that there was nothing unusual on her face, before he believed her: “That’s right, we have to fight for our son.”

Cathy sneered in her heart, and Henry really took the bait.

If he really wanted to take action against Tina, no matter whether this matter could be done or not, he would be over. Not to mention the Weber family, at least Peter would not be able to let him go.

Henry’s life or death doesn’t matter, she just couldn’t see the appearance of Tina high above.

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