Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1362

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Chapter 1362


Upon hearing this, the two looked towards the door together, and they saw Lin Fan pushing in!

“Lin Fan, why are you here? I won’t let you wait for me below?”

Lin Fan?


Song Yue’s face was filled with contempt:

“So this is your trash son-in-law?”

“Bai Yi, your vision is really unusual. The uncle of my company’s sweeping clothes is better than him!”

Dignified college flower, unexpectedly fell in love with such a thing!

It’s really mean!

“That’s enough! What are you talking about, are you talking to my husband?”

Bai Yi gritted her teeth with hatred, and even insulted her, what qualifications does he have to insult Lin Fan.

Does he know what Lin Fan did for her?

What did you do for her family?

Song Yue doesn’t know anything!

“Lin Fan, let’s go!”

Bai Yi’s face was pale, and she took Lin Fan’s hand and was about to leave.


Upon seeing this, Song Yue suddenly snorted and reprimanded:

“Bai Yi, if you cross this threshold, I will send a message now, so that the entire Jiangnan You are not allowed to take your case! Otherwise, you will be my enemy, Song Yue!”


Bai Yi suddenly turned her head in despair, staring at Song Yue and said:

“Song Yue, you are shameless!”

Her old classmate, unexpectedly used such a despicable How to force her to submit?

And now!

Lin Fan couldn’t help but raised his mouth, sneered:
“He was right, we can’t leave yet!”

Upon hearing this!

Bai Yi and Song Yue were dumbfounded on the spot, both looking at Lin Fan with incredible eyes.


Song Yue laughed loudly, thinking that Lin Fan was going to sacrifice his wife to protect himself.

“The person who knows the current affairs is a wise man, Bai Yi, it is your husband who will come!”

Song Yue smiled and looked at Lin Fan:

“Lin Fan, right? I admire you very much!”

“Next, you can persuade Bai Yi, it’s no big deal to sleep with me, I just ask for a spring night, your questions are also Can it be solved easily, isn’t this a win-win situation?”


Song Yue spoke of appreciation, but his eyes were full of contempt.

At the critical moment, he even took his wife out of the jack. This kind of man is a waste and deserves to be cuckold!

Hear the words!

The corners of Lin Fan’s mouth are icy cold upward!


In the next moment, he fisted directly and hit Song Yue’s disgusting face severely.

Song Yue suddenly lay on his back, with a deep shock on his face!

He can’t believe it, Lin Fan dared to beat him!

But Lin Fan didn’t care at all, and smiled:

“Now, we can go!”

Song Yue was mad when he heard this!

He covered his bleeding nose and stared at Lin Fan fiercely:

“You trash, you dare to hit me?”
“You’re done! I must make you sit in prison! In the judicial circle, no one dares to offend me Song Yue, I am the heavens!”

“Your wife will not accompany me to bed today. Putting you in jail, and getting you sentenced to death!”

See it!

Bai Yi was also anxious, she knew that Song Yue did have this ability.

Lin Fan dared to beat him, it was really over. Song Yue, a despicable villain, would definitely not let Lin Fan go!


Lin Fan raised his hand at this moment and took out a voice recorder:

“Unfortunately, your wishful thinking is wrong!”

Seeing this, Bai Yi was completely stunned!

Even Song Yue’s expression couldn’t help being stiff.

Lin Fan brought a voice recorder with him!

Bai Yi suddenly sighed Lin Fan’s wit. With this recorder, Song Yue had to help them.


Before Bai Yi could speak, Song Yue actually laughed out loud, with a deep sarcasm in his smile!

“Lin Fan, your pediatrics are left over from Lao Tzu’s play! Let me tell you, I have installed a jammer in my office a long time ago, and all audio and video equipment is invalid!”
He looked at Lin Fan’s eyes as if he was looking at a beaming clown, full of strong contempt:

“Fight with me, you are still tender!”

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