Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1361

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Chapter 1361


Bai Yi doesn’t believe that Lin Fan is a family cook and can do What did he get?

She forced herself to cheer up, and squeezed out a reluctant smile:

“No, I will solve it. I have a college classmate who is a gold medal barrister. , We can go to him for help. “

She was really dizzy and thought that Lin Fan could help her.

Hearing this, Lin Fan could only smile bitterly, knowing that Bai Yi still didn’t believe him.


Lin Fan accompanied Bai Yi and came to the door of an office building. At this time Bai Yi had wrapped him like a zongzi, for fear that others would recognize it.

In her life, she has never been ashamed as she is today!

“You wait for me here, and I will come down in a while!”

Bai Yi confessed to Lin Fan, and then walked into the building.

As soon as she left, Lin Fan’s face instantly showed a cold murderous intent, and then Dial a phone call:

“The first round of the contest has already begun. Do it beautifully! “

“Wang, please rest assured that I have a comprehensive layout! This time, they must return without success! “

And now!

Bai Yi also came to an office door, took a deep breath, then pushed the door and walked in.

There was a gentleman with gold glasses and glasses. After seeing Bai Yi, his eyes suddenly brightened:

“The white school flower is here!”
And then, a quick step greeted us!

Involuntarily a touch of licentiousness appeared in his eyes, and he looked at Bai Yi extremely vulgarly.

When he was in college, he had fantasies about Bai Yi. He didn’t expect that after he came out of society, Bai Yi would be even more charming.

He makes him want to play around!

Bai Yi smiled bitterly:

“Song Yue, I also told you on the phone, do you think there is a way to solve it?”

“This…it’s a bit difficult!”

Song Yuedun looked embarrassed in fashion, but he was thinking about how to get Bai Yi into bed.

“It would be nice if you came to me earlier. Just an hour ago, someone called me to fight this lawsuit, and you should also know that the other party is Wang’s family in Beijing!”

Upon hearing this, Bai Yi’s face turned pale!

Wang family, have you taken the first step?

And she also knew very well that Song Yue’s lawyers were well-known in Jiangshi, and there was no lawsuit they could not win.

If Song Yue really fought this lawsuit for the Wang family, then she would be completely over!


Bai Yi cried and pleaded:

“Song Yue, for the sake of classmates, can you help me? I was wronged! “


Song Yue interrupted immediately, righteously saying:

“The Wang family is a wealthy family in Beijing, and has a very good reputation in China. Gao, do they need to embarrass a small person like you? You are nonsense!”

Bai Yi was completely stunned!

She did not expect that her old classmate would rather believe in an outsider than in her.

Seeing Bai Yi’s face in despair, Song Yue knew that the fish had been caught, so he pretended to say deeply:

“Of course, it’s not impossible to ask me to help you. But there is a condition!”

“What condition?”

Bai Yi was overjoyed and looked at Song Yue excitedly.

She knew very well that Song Yue was her only life-saving straw.


Next, Song Yue laughed unkindly:

“Bai Yi, you also know that I was interested in you when I was in college, even though I was married. But I have been thinking of you for so many years.”

“Well, as long as you stay with me all night, I promise to help you fight this lawsuit!”


Bai Yi looked at Song Yue in disbelief, and couldn’t believe that his old classmate was taking advantage of the fire to rob!

More even, too much to ask her to sleep with?

What do you think of her?

“You, you are shameless!”

Bai Yi trembled all over with anger. She believed that Song Yue came to him. She never thought that Song Yue was a scumbag.


She was so insulted, Song Yue was also furious, coldly reprimanded:

“Bai Yi, you better not shameless! Now the whole Jiang City, except me People dare to take your case!”

“If you don’t want to go bankrupt and imprisonment, I advise you to behave better!”

Said, his face appeared A deep scorn:

“Now, only I can save you! If you think about it, how about it?”

However, at this time!

An extremely cold voice suddenly came from the door:

“Not very good!”

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