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Chapter 671

After hearing Alyssa’s words, Tina didn’t know what to say for a while, so she nodded.

Although she and Alyssa have known each other for many years and have a good relationship, there is always someone who can’t replace them.

She knew that Alyssa was just talking lightly, and she must be sad.

No amount of comforting words would be pale and feeble. She could only tell Alyssa with actions that she would be there no matter what happened, and she also believed that Alyssa would come out.

Alyssa asked Tina, “Do you want to go back or live with me?”

“Come to your place. I won’t go back today.” Tina yawned, looking a little sleepy.

When the two came over, they came in a taxi.

Now that Dave is here, they have to drive back in the taxi.

So after Dave came, he drove the car back by himself and Alyssa went back with Tina.

The next day.

When Alyssa went to Karl’s place yesterday, she told Karl that she was going to pick up Grace today.

Karl also said that he was not free on New Year’s Eve, and after Alyssa went to pick up Grace, she didn’t have to send her back for the New Year.

When Alyssa got up, Tina fell asleep in a daze, “Alyssa, where are you going so early?”

“To pick up Grace.” Alyssa said while looking for clothes while flipping through the wardrobe.

Tina said “Oh”, turned over and planned to continue sleeping. She suddenly thought of something and turned over and sat up: “Are you going to Karl’s house?”

“Yes.” Alyssa took the clothes she found out of the wardrobe and threw them on the bed.

Tina opened the quilt and crawled out of it: “I will go with you.”

“You can sleep a little longer, I can go by myself.” Alyssa knew that Tina had just come out of the crew and was very tired. Naturally it is impossible to let Tina go with her.

Tina shook her head fiercely, and said directly: “I’m not sleepy.”

Alyssa couldn’t help but glance back at her: “The dark circles under your eyes are as big as a panda.”

Tina curled her lips: “Give me a piece of your clothes. I didn’t bring any clothes.”

Alyssa is similar to Tina in figure, if she can wear it, Tina can also wear it.

She knew very well that Tina wanted to go with her mainly because she was going to Karl’s house.

Tina had to go, and Alyssa couldn’t help her.

Finally, the two went to Karl’s house together.

When she was approaching Karl’s house, Tina suddenly remembered that she had been to Alyssa last night, and she has not seen Alyssa’s car until today.

“Where’s your car? Why didn’t I see it?”

Tina just thought of this and asked casually, but Alyssa was nervous.

“Something went wrong, I sent it for repair, but never got it.” Alyssa found an excuse to stall.

To say it is prevarication is not always true.

Her car was indeed broken and was broken by Robert’s people.

The matter has passed, and there is no need to tell Tina to make her worry more.

Alyssa’s tone was as usual, and she didn’t think much about it.

At the door of Karl’s villa, Tina stayed in the car and waited for Alyssa to come out. Alyssa went in alone.

As Alyssa walked in, she remembered Karl’s WeChat voice in the snack bar last night.

The person who sent the voice of watching a movie together knew that it was Miana without guessing.

At this time, Karl should have gone out to watch a movie with Miana?

Alyssa walked inward while thinking about this. After entering the hall, she found Karl, who she thought had already left, was sitting on the sofa in the hall looking through documents.

Alyssa didn’t know that Karl also had a hobby of looking through documents in the hall.

Karl’s office has always been in the study.

Karl, she didn’t know what file he was looking at, frowned slightly, and didn’t notice her coming in.

Alyssa thought for a while, and walked towards him.

“I am here to pick Grace.”

When the voice fell, Karl looked up at her slowly as if he noticed Alyssa’s arrival.

His eyes fell on her face, and then he faintly responded: “Oh.”


This can be considered an answer.

Alyssa twitched the corner of her mouth and turned and walked upstairs.

When Grace saw Alyssa coming up, her eyes lit up, and she stared at her expectantly.

Alyssa walked over and touched her head: “Will you live with your mother?”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she looked at Grace expectantly.

She knew that Grace could actually understand.

Grace had only been stimulated before, immersed in her own world, and automatically activated a self-protection mode in her heart.

She actually knows everything.

Now Grace’s condition is much better, and she can naturally understand Alyssa’s words.

Grace understood Alyssa’s words and nodded at her.

Alyssa still has Grace’s clothes at home, and she didn’t plan to bring Karl here.

Even if she lacks something by then, she can buy it directly for her.

When she led Grace downstairs, Karl was still looking through documents on the sofa.

The difference from when Alyssa came in was that there was one more, Smith, beside Karl.

Probably when she was in Grace’s room, she came to find Smith.

Smith was holding a stack of papers in his hands, leaning slightly and talking to Karl in a low voice.

Hearing Alyssa and Grace coming downstairs, the two men looked back at them.

Alyssa is cool and beautiful, Grace is round and lovely.

Smith only took a look, then turned his head to pay attention to Karl’s reaction.

But Karl didn’t seem to hear, and didn’t turn his head back.

Smith smiled and nodded towards Alyssa warmly: “Miss Alyssa.”

“Mr. Smith.” Alyssa smiled back, and her eyes fell on Karl.

She glanced at Grace, and led Grace to Karl: “I want to take Grace away.”

Regardless of Karl’s reaction, she gently said to Grace, “Say goodbye to Dad.”

Grace blinked and said obediently, “Goodbye.”

Only then did Karl raised his head, without looking at Alyssa, his eyes fell on Grace’s body: “Be good.”

“Hmm.” Grace lazily raised her eyelids, looking as if she was too lazy to take care of Karl.

Alyssa was a little surprised at the way the two father and daughter communicated, which seemed a bit strange.

Karl retracted his gaze and stopped looking at them.

Before Alyssa raised her foot, she felt Grace grabbed her hand and pulled it out.

Alyssa laughed: “Let’s go.”

The two of them left Karl’s villa like this, much smoother than Alyssa had imagined.

Tina saw Alyssa leading Grace from a distance, quickly opened the door of the back seat, and greeted her.

“It’s been a long time since I saw Grace, let Auntie take a look!”

Alyssa squeezed Grace’s little hand and reminded her: “Aunt Tina.”

Grace frowned and stared at Tina for a few seconds before calling out, “Aunt Tina.”

Chapter 672

“Really good.” Tina said, reaching out to pinch Grace’s face.

Grace pressed her lips slightly, causing Tina to pinch.

Tina also noticed that Grace was a little different from before.

She glanced at Alyssa, and Alyssa shook her head and motioned to go back.

After they returned to Alyssa’s place, Alyssa first took Grace to her room.

Fortunately, Grace had lived here before, and there were still a lot of her things in the room, and she did not appear to be uncomfortable.

Alyssa cooked the lunch at noon.

During the meal, Alyssa gave Grace what dishes she would eat. She didn’t cry or make trouble, and she was very quiet.

Not long after eating, Grace was about to take a nap.

Until Grace fell asleep, Alyssa had time to talk to Tina about Grace.

She just said briefly, and Tina heard her eyes widening: “Is Clifford still a man? He really did it? He has a brain disease?”

Alyssa pursed the corners of her lips, and she had nothing to say about Clifford.

“What the hell does Clifford do? Does he have to compete with you? Why did you offend him?”

“To be precise, he was competing with Karl. Anyway, now that Karl and I are separated, it has nothing to do with me.”

But what he did to Grace can’t be forgotten.

The expression on Alyssa’s face cooled bit by bit until the last trace of temperature on her face disappeared.

“Can’t you find out the details of Clifford?” Tina asked, hugging her arms.

“I don’t know if Karl has found anything now. Anyway, I haven’t found anything reliable before.” Alyssa also felt a little weird about this.

Even Clifford mentioned Karl’s mother.

Thinking of this, Alyssa’s complexion changed slightly.

Too many things happened during this time, she almost forgot about it.

Clifford mentioned the whereabouts of Karl’s mother. As for whether Karl’s mother was really alive, and where she lived, it is still unknown.

The living room fell into silence. After a while, Tina murmured, “This man Clifford is terrible. He saved you, but he wanted to harm you. On the surface, he looked like a gentleman, he didn’t know what to do. How much evil has happened.”

Such a person is indeed terrible.

Tina’s cell phone rang at this time, she picked it up and found that the agent was calling.

“My agent is here to pick me up.” Tina looked at Alyssa with a solemn expression: “If you want to do anything, you must tell me in advance that you can’t act without authorization. I will also find a way to investigate Clifford’s details.”

Alyssa sighed, the last thing she wanted to see was such a situation.

Therefore, she never wanted to tell Tina what had happened to her.

As long as Tina knew about her, she would not ignore it.

Alyssa pretended to be angry and looked at Tina: “You have filmed your own scene, I have nothing to do with Karl now, and what does Clifford do?”

“You really don’t care?”

“I really don’t care.”

Tina confirmed again and again that Alyssa would indeed not do anything about Clifford and Karl anymore, so she left without worry.

After sending Tina away, Alyssa went back to the room and looked at Grace.

She would not care about Karl’s affairs, nor would she care about the affairs between Karl and Clifford, nor could she manage them.

But what Clifford did to Grace, she would never give up.

Within two days, Mattie called Alyssa on the phone.

Mattie was still hesitating at first. When asked Alyssa a few words, she hesitated and said: “Alyssa, I will officially sign a contract with Adams’ tomorrow. Can you come by then?”

“What am I going to do?” The crew contacted Adams’s to sign a contract. She is a small screenwriter. What does it matter to her?

Mattie sighed on the phone.

What did Alyssa think of, and asked her: “Adams’ request?”

“Yeah.” Mattie replied.

Alyssa was a little surprised at first, and then quickly figured it out.

She didn’t know what Karl’s original intention to invest in “Lost City 2” was, but the reason was definitely not because “Lost City 2” was her drama, and he invested in it.

From that day Miana went to Mattie’s studio for trouble, it can be guessed that it is very likely that Karl invested in her script because of Miana.

After all, there is a AdamPic under his hands. AdamPic Media has cooperated with countless famous directors and screenwriters, and he has no reason to not invest in her script.

Karl is a smart and very rational person. At work, he has always done business on his own account, and will not be selfish.

He would invest in Alyssa’s script. Besides giving Miana a chance to vent her anger, Alyssa couldn’t think of any other reasons.

Alyssa also thought that Karl might have no old love for her, so he invested in her script.

But if this is the case, how could Miana know this?

Alyssa laughed mockingly. At this time, she was still thinking about these impossible things.

She took a deep breath and said, “Okay, give me the time and place. I will be there tomorrow.”

Mattie seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, and her tone was a lot easier compared to before: “Well, then I will let someone pick you up?”

This flattering tone reveals the true nature of the business people.

Alyssa refused: “No, I’ll come by myself.”

Not long after hanging up, Mattie sent the address and time.

It’s a coincidence that the place of signing was at Adams’s office.

The next day.

Alyssa changed clothes, put on some makeup, and then took Grace out.

Karl insisted on her going to the scene, she now took Grace over.

Her car has never been taken back, and she intends to take a taxi directly.

However, she saw Dave when she got downstairs.

Standing in front of the car, Dave seemed to have just gotten off, as if he was going out.

When Alyssa saw him, he also saw Alyssa.

Then, he looked at Grace who was next to Alyssa.

Grace still remembered Dave, but was not afraid of Dave at all, and pointed to Dave.

“Going out? Where do you go? I will see off you.” Not far away, Dave walked straight over.

Alyssa was not polite with him, “Going to Adams’.”

After speaking, she added another sentence: “Now?”

Dave nodded: “Get in the car.”

When Alyssa took Grace to Adams’, she saw Smith when she got off the car.

Smith squeezed his hand into a fist and leaned to his lips to breathe, looking like he had been standing outside for a long time.

Realizing that someone was watching him, she looked over.

He strode towards Alyssa.

“Miss Alyssa.” After a pause, his gaze fell on Grace’s body and showed a smile: “Grace.”

Grace blinked, her voice soft: “Uncle Smith.”

Smith often went to Karl’s place. Grace knew him very well and would take the initiative to call him.

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