Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 955

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Chapter 955

“Just right, what do you mean?” the reporter asked puzzled.

“When encountering difficulties, be able to bravely share with each other. Rather than suffer the suffering of two people silently by one person.”

Jacob quietly stared at Irene on the screen, a questioning sneer pouring out of his eyes.

Obviously showed a fraternity appearance in front of him, and pretended to be so dedicated during the interview.


Irene appeared unexpectedly and sat down next to Jacob.

Looking at the screen, Irene spit out, “I know this tigress. She is the queen of the Asia Empire. She usually has her eyes on the back of her head, which can be pulled up to 25,000. Under her there is a group of male ministers. I am obedient to her.”

Jacob looked at Irene, his faint eyes were mixed with a touch of high cold that was not easy to approach.

“f*ck.” The voice was low and terrifying, like the roar of a beast.

Irene stunned, did this guy have amnesia?

Although Jacob didn’t like the devil that had an unscrupulous private life, he was clearly grudges for the devil who helped him.

Jacob felt disgusted when Irene said bad things about Irene.

Irene’s gaze fell on Jacob’s cheap t-shirt jeans. He really didn’t understand. This guy has fallen into such a state, why is his aura still so strong?

“Hey, looking for a job?”

Irene held a stack of leaflets with the word “recruitment” printed on it.

Jacob pulled all the leaflets in his hand. Then read them one by one.

The leaflet is printed with various occupations, from drivers, bodyguards, teachers, physicians to painters, pianists… it can be described as three hundred and sixty lines, everything.

Jacob threw the leaflet to him angrily and spit out two words: “Liar.”

Irene excitedly defended himself, “I…not a liar. I am an outreach member of a headhunting company, and I am responsible for collecting job requirements from various companies. If you need to find a job, you can ask me for help. .”

Jacob looked at Irene suspiciously. “I really need a job.”

Irene corrects his attitude, “I happen to be short of a handyman here, who does the school canteen and washes dishes…”

Jacob frowned at the thought of the greasy dishes.

Irene was innocent to prank him, “Cleaner, do you not?”

“Or go to the construction site to move bricks? Is the salary high?”

Irene slandered inwardly, “Aren’t you sick? I specialize in treating your hygienic disorder.”

Jacob is not a soft persimmon at the mercy of others, “I see you have a pianist, I want to try.”

Irene was stunned.

Jacob’s piano attainments are no less than those of professional top piano masters. In addition to business, piano should be his favorite thing to do.

Unexpectedly, even after he lost his memory, he could accurately find what he liked.

Irene pretended to be surprised, “You know how to play the piano? It just so happens that my niece needs a piano trainer. I think your fingers are so good-looking. At first glance, you are someone who has been practicing piano since childhood. Or you can serve as a trainer for my niece. Wages, I can pay you in advance, how?”

Jacob nodded. “It is good.”

Irene said: “But I have to vaccinate you in advance. My niece is only 12 years old and looks pretty good. It’s a pity that her brother Ye Feng was taken crooked by her brother. . You have to bear with it.”

Jacob asked: “What’s her name?”

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