Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 956

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Chapter 956

Irene said: “Zhan Zitong. You can call her Faith.”

“it is good.”

After the two exchanged phone calls, Jacob left.

Irene let out a sigh of relief, and said uncomfortably: “Obviously you should beg me, why does it feel like I beg you?”

After finishing the business, Irene went to the calendar garden to report to Irene.

It happened that Faith was also there.

When Irene saw Faith, he was immediately complacent and said: “Faith, uncle has found a piano trainer for you. I promise you will like him a lot after seeing him.”

After three years, Faith has grown from a glutinous rice dumpling into a slender girl. Eyebrows are picturesque, Jianshuiqiu pupils are like mountains and rivers, and beautiful. The long white legs and small white shoes have a mature charm without losing the innocence of a girl.

Hearing that Irene had found a famous piano trainer for her, Faith immediately pouted and protested: “I don’t need to accompany the trainer, I only need Ye Feng’s brother to practice piano with me.”

Irene seemed to have some enlightenment, so don’t ask deliberately: “He agrees to be a trainer for Faith?”

Irene was very proud, “With me going out, I can’t surrender him?”

Irene was very happy.

She pulled Faith aside and patiently did her ideological work. “Faith, your piano trainer, he has an old head disease and amnesia, you must not stimulate him. So in front of him, you have to be good.”

Faith was perfunctory, “I know.”

Irene stopped, after all, she wanted to leave this surprise to Faith to experience by herself.

The next day.

According to the address given by Irene, Jacob came to the imperial capital Haitian on time.

On the way that Ye Feng took Faith from the Calendar Garden back to Haitian Villa, he always taught Faith: “When you meet the piano teacher, you must be polite to him. If he is thirsty, remember to pour him water. If he is not careful If you make a mistake, you pretend not to find it.”

Faith wondered, “Isn’t he just a piano trainer? What are you doing so nervously? Mommy doesn’t allow me to stimulate him. Brother Ye Feng, you don’t allow me to embarrass him. Is he a big man more vulnerable than a porcelain doll?”

Ye Feng said, “My brother doesn’t have any opinion on what you think of other people. But for him, you have to treat him well. Because he deserves everyone to treat him well.”

Feeling that the doting brother Ye Feng was too careful with the sparring trainer he had never met before, Faith was jealous and unhappy, “I won’t.”

When getting off the car, Faith deliberately dragged it.

Ye Feng’s face was a little serious and said, “You are already late. He doesn’t like children who are late.”

Faith began to go crazy, “Who is he? Why do you want to force me to be nice to him? Brother Ye Feng, you said you wouldn’t force me to do things I don’t like, but now you are forcing me to do what I don’t like. Thing.”

“I don’t need a piano trainer; you just give it to me. You also set many rules for me. I hate that piano teacher.”

Jacob leaned lazily on the door of the villa, and saw that Faith’s emotions against him were so strong, Jacob’s eyes deepened.

Ye Feng took Faith’s hand and quickly walked inside.

Ye Feng was extremely excited when he saw Jacob.

However, he had long been instructed by the hospital and the president to never stimulate the emotions of his adoptive father, so Ye Feng tried his best to act as calm as water.

“Teacher, Faith will leave it to you.”

Jacob’s gaze fell on Faith’s face, slightly surprised.

He had never seen such a beautiful child, he did have the capital of arrogance.

When Faith saw Jacob, she was already petrified.

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