Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 954

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Chapter 954

Irene said: “It’s not that I don’t want to beat you. It’s because there are too many things, and I don’t have the extra energy to clean up you now.”

Irene was dumb.

Although Jacob’s attitude towards Irene was very bad, Irene couldn’t let him down after all.

“Irene, you go find him. Arrange a lighter job for him.” Irene rubbed her brows.

“He has lost his memory. It’s no different from a silly student like you.”

Irene’s inferiority complex that had been suppressed by Jacob for many years was instantly balanced, “That’s right, I lack a bodyguard.”

Irene glared at him: “You fool around all day long, and you make friends with pigs and dogs who don’t do their jobs. Those who offend are all desperadoes on the road. It’s too dangerous to let him be your bodyguard.”

Irene flattened his mouth, “Then let him enter the museum as a wax figure display.” He added, “Put it in the counter and lock it up, so I can guarantee that he won’t lose a single hair.”

Irene glared at him.

Irene said solemnly: “Well, I know he is your dear, and I will protect him.”

Irene urged: “Hurry up.”

Irene left quickly.

After Jacob left Media Asia Hospital, he didn’t know where he should go.

He didn’t want to go back to the construction site. A manager Huang was already enough to make him disturbed. Now, with the addition of a female devil, both of them are eyeing him.

He was afraid to avoid them.

When Irene found Jacob, Jacob was sitting under the big screen in the square, looking up at the news on the big screen.

The originally sluggish square has become a beautiful landscape because of him.

The reporter is the spring breeze known as the “sharp tongue” of Imperial Radio. His interview style is to ask questions boldly, sharply and with privacy. Many interviewees are particularly jealous of him.

But the taste of the audience likes this kind of tricky question, and his show is so hot in the imperial capital.

Today’s interviewee is Irene, President of Media Asia.

Chunfeng’s first question was particularly sharp, “President Yan, I heard that you are still single, why not consider finding a man to marry yourself?”

Irene wears a professional white shirt and black hip skirt, and is full of ascetic queen fan.

When answering the question, Irene’s eyes were filled with firm light, “My love can be waited for.

The reporter said, “I don’t know what kind of man can impress you with a woman like Ms. Yan who has billions of worth?”

A soft smile appeared in Irene’s eyes, “The person I like, whether he is above the clouds or lowered into the mud, he has a heart that is neither arrogant nor humble.”

“President Yan likes to fall in love at first sight, or does it last forever?” the reporter asked again.

Irene smiled and said, “Love at first sight.”

“Does President Yan have any opinions on marriage?”

Irene’s eyes were clouded with a haze and said: “Marriage is a science. To love too affectionately will lead to lifelessness. So if you love it just right, it’s good.”

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