Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 953

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Chapter 953

Irene stared at him proudly, “What? Do you want to die for me?”

“No.” He gritted his teeth.

This woman is investigating him from behind?

“I owe you the money, and I will pay you back soon.” Jacob sat up from the hospital bed, opened the bedding and left.

Irene drooped her head with a frustrated expression on her face.

“What about the drawing? There is a problem with the drawing you drew. Are you not going to be responsible?” Irene shouted toward his tall and straight back.

Jacob stood at the door with a hint of meanness in his tone, “You should know that it was not my mistake. Don’t use those nasty tricks to get me, this will only make me look down on you even more.”

Then he just walked away like this.

Irene was so angry that she kicked on the hospital bed, “What are you dragging? Jacob, how dare you look down on me? Who was chasing me and coaxing me? Damn!”

After Jacob left Media Asia Hospital, Irene suddenly returned to Media Asia’s office building-the President’s Office.

Seeing Irene’s bitter and enmity coming in, Irene quickly lost the materials in her hand and gave his baby sister humanistic care.

“President Yan, who is bullying you?”

Irene exclaimed: “In this world, besides Jacob, who else can bully me.”

Guan Xiao had already informed Irene yesterday about the shocking news of Jacob’s return.

Irene rolled up her sleeves and said angrily: “It’s been three years since this guy has left. Give you Media Asia and force you to become an extinct teacher from the beautiful little girl. After he comes back, he will not appreciate you. , And bullying you, I’ll go find him now, I won’t be called Irene if I don’t beat him up to find teeth.”

Irene complained: “In fact, he didn’t bully me. But when he saw me, he was stranger than strangers. Moreover, no matter how I tempted him, he was unmoved. I highly suspect that he was taken away.”

Irene laughed out with a “puff”, “If I didn’t guess wrong, you must have met him with your current respect, right?”

Irene wondered, “Is there a problem?”

Irene looked at Irene’s smoky face and swallowed. “The problem is big. With your respectful face, even my brother can’t eat after seeing it, let alone someone who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder.”

Irene glanced at him and “cut”, “Do you think he is as superficial as you? You belong to the Appearance Association, and you think all men in the world are like you.”

Then she touched his honey-black face with a proud face, “Brother Jie said, he likes it no matter what I look like.”

Irene scraped Irene’s face with his hands, and then looked at the thick layer of honey that was scraped off his fingertips. Nauseous. “President Yan, you can pancakes with thick honey? I don’t believe that Jacob’s eyes can really discover your beauty through such thick dark honey?”

Irene gazed at the honey oil on Irene’s fingers. At this moment, she could imagine that her face must have been scratched by Irene’s two nail marks.

“Irene——who let you touch my face?” Irene was furious with anger.

She is most afraid of makeup, especially the procedure of applying honey.

It is really a waste of time to apply it thick and evenly.

However, the skin-care sheep placenta is added to the honey, which will make her even more beautiful without makeup.

Irene quickly apologized: “I’m sorry.”

Irene just gave him a helpless look, but didn’t beat him.

Irene sighed lonely, “Before the eldest brother offended you, you would jump up and beat me up fat. Since you became the president, you have never beaten me again. People outside say you are a tigress, female Shura. In fact, I think you are becoming more and more gentle.”

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