Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 952

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Chapter 952

From the first time she saw him, she knew he had amnesia.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t look at her with such indifferent eyes?

The doctor said gravely, “Also, the position of the blood clot is very special. Don’t let him be irritated-otherwise there is a risk of bleeding.”

Irene felt like a time bomb had been placed on her body.

“Is there a cure?” Irene asked nervously.

The doctor suggested: “Perhaps over time, the blood clot will decrease to disappear on its own. If a craniotomy is performed, there is a risk!”

Irene immediately raised her hand to stop it, “No need.”

If he was allowed to risk his life just to restore his memory, Irene could not bear to treat him so cruelly.

The next day, Jacob woke up leisurely.

Seeing Irene lying on his bedside, sleeping soundly. His expression is really hard to describe.

Her face was too close to his face to foul.

He moved back, and then looked at her quietly.

Her face is small, maybe only as big as his palm. Because of the heavy makeup, he can’t see her true face. Jacob felt that such a delicate body, how could she be equipped with a powerful and invincible core?

When Irene woke up, she saw Jacob staring at her. Smiled carelessly at him.

“you’re awake?”

Jacob said: “Thank you for sending me to the hospital.”

Irene said unceremoniously: “No thanks, I will charge interest.”

Jacob’s face sank. “I have no money.”

Just as Irene was about to say something like “Promise with one’s body”, Jacob wisely blocked her mouth, “I will not sell myself.”

Irene’s face with honey oil was already dark enough, and her face was so dark that she didn’t know what to describe when she heard what he said.

“You don’t have money, and you don’t want to sell yourself?”

This guy is posing as a rogue, she really doesn’t know how to deal with him.

“Then give me my life.” Irene announced domineeringly.

“From today, you will be my bodyguard.”

Jacob was calm, “I won’t fight!”

Let him sell his life to a woman, his boss is reluctant.

Irene smiled and said: “I don’t need you to fight, as long as you stand in front of me, women will not have evil thoughts towards me when they see you.”

Jacob: “…”

“Why is it a woman who has evil thoughts about you, shouldn’t it be a man?”

Irene gave him a white look and said: “You also said that a man with excess hormone secretion likes me, how can a normal man have evil thoughts on me.”

Jacob: “…”

“Very vivid.” He affirmed her self-knowledge.

Irene flattened her mouth, “I also have a very gentle side. Can be your Jieyuhua.”

Jacob looked suspicious.

But with a look of disgust: “You are a man-in-law or Jie Yuhua, it has nothing to do with me.”

Irene was very frustrated.

This guy is toasting and not eating fine wine.

Irene grabbed a grinning face, switched to the face of a yin bird, and said coldly: “I can give you a lot of money to let your son have money to go to school, so that your wife doesn’t have to do heavy farm work. Also, I heard that you have A vegetative person, I can include him in Huanya Hospital for free and treat him.”

Jacob looked at her with a dark expression on his face.

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