Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 951

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Chapter 951

Jacob’s gaze fell on the debris on the ground, and a touch of helplessness flashed under his eyes, “How much is the bowl, I will pay you?”

Irene blurted out: “520.”

Jacob looked at her suspiciously, always feeling that he had been inexplicably provoked by this devil?

Irene stretched out her white and slender hand, “Los it!”

Jacob was a little embarrassed. He was penniless, so he would compensate her for anything.

“Wait until I make money for you.” He said.

Irene leaned her face up and smiled wretchedly, “you don’t have any money? Why don’t you agree with me.”

Jacob looked at her speechlessly, “Do you think I’m worth only 520 yuan?” He deliberately emphasized the word “Yuan”.

Irene thought for a while, “You look so good-looking, 520 is really too few. Let’s go, I will give you 5201314, how about?”

Jacob is almost certain that the devil is really teasing him.

He stared at her angrily, with a firm expression on his face that the poor can’t move, the mighty can’t bend, and the rich can’t win.

“Unsatisfied? How about 5209394?” Irene changed tricks to tease him.

Jacob didn’t want to talk to her.

“How about 5203344?”

Jacob gritted his teeth and sneered grimly, “Are you teasing me?”

Irene slapped his forehead and said, “I have failed too much. I have slapped you for a long time, so you don’t know it. My bowl of porridge seems to have been cooked for nothing.”

Jacob’s spirit diminished, “Thank you.”

With Irene’s position, he should be able to cook for him this poor boy with dignity. He should also thank her.

Irene said, “I don’t need your thanks.”

Jacob categorically said: “I am a married man, if you want to support me, cancel this ridiculous idea as soon as possible.”

Irene saw his pale and handsome face slowly enveloped in the crimson red clouds, and knew that his body temperature should be burning.

Irene couldn’t bear to bully his patient.

“You are sick, I’ll take you to the hospital. When you get better, we will talk.” Irene said.

She was fine without mentioning his illness. When she mentioned his illness, all his attention was returned to the body, only to realize that his limbs were sore and weak.

He just fell on the bed feebly.

Irene lifted his hand and put it on the back of her neck, and then put him on his shoulder, almost all of his body’s center of gravity fell on her.

Jacob was a little bit astonished, thinking that she was a pampered and delicate woman, but he didn’t expect to have more strength than those fisher girls.

Irene fought him into the car, and then sat in the driver’s seat. She hasn’t driven a car by herself for many years, and her driving movements are particularly clumsy.

Jacob fell on the seat and asked her weakly, “Where is your driver?”

Irene said: “I took them away.”

Jacob’s face instantly became difficult to look.

When Jacob was sent to Huanya, Jacob was already asleep.

Irene had to carry him back to the medical department.

When the medical department saw President Yan appearing in the medical department with President Zhan who had been missing for many years, he exploded.

The dean ordered all first-level specialist doctors to stand by.

Irene sent Jacob to the ward, and said angrily: “Give him a full-body examination to find out the cause of his fever. Also, see if there are other hidden problems in the body.”

When the doctors got the instructions, they were very busy.

That night, Irene was waiting outside the surveillance room, all night, in a state of anxiety and tension.

Until all the checklists came out, the doctor told her, “Zhan Shao’s fever was a recurrence of stomach disease caused by a bacterial infection. However, the imaging data showed that Zhan Shao had a little congestion on his head, which may cause memory loss. .”

Irene said lightly: “He has lost his memory.”

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