Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 950

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Chapter 950

But there was a stubborn voice in her heart, “Irene, are you willing to abandon him?”

Her answer was so firm, “No, I will never give up on him. Never—”

Jacob sat depressed on the bed, his stomach attacked. He covered his cramped stomach with one hand, cold sweat came out on his forehead, and his face was abnormally pale.

In recent years, his hygienic disorder has been onset almost every day, causing frequent vomiting in his stomach. The bones are getting weaker and weaker. In addition, in recent days, he has not been able to eat well, sleep well, and have to do heavy physical work, which puts his body on the verge of collapse.

Now that it fell into the hands of this devil, he was afraid that he could not resist it.

Taking a look at this strange and luxurious room, a touch of self-deprecating arose at the corner of his mouth. If he died here, it seemed to be a good home.

Irene pushed the door and entered, standing in front of him, looking at him blankly.

After seeing his pale face, a panic flashed in Irene’s eyes. She stepped in front of him a few steps, reached out and touched his forehead, and found that his forehead was cold.

“Where are you uncomfortable?” she asked.

Jacob looked at her indifferently, somewhat surprised, he seemed to see the concern in her eyes. Is it her illusion?

“I’m a little hungry.” He said out of the way.

Irene turned around and came to the kitchen.

Quickly made a bowl of eight-treasure lean meat porridge for him. Then brought it to him.

When Jacob saw such a light eight-treasure porridge, he suddenly had an appetite.

Eating lunch on the construction site these days is so spicy and oily that his stomach can’t stand it for a long time.

However, Jacob’s left hand was handcuffed, only his right hand was left, but he didn’t know how to solve the problem of serving his own bowl and eating himself.

After all, he didn’t dare to trouble this devil.

When he hesitated, Irene scooped up a spoonful of porridge, blew it on his lips, and then fed it into his mouth.

Jacob was uncomfortable.

“You untie me. I eat myself.” He looked at her.

Irene hesitated. He is now a family member, and if she let him go, she was afraid he would run away.

“I won’t run.” His face was a little gloomy. “Besides, I have nowhere to go.”

Irene listened sadly, but he was the prince who used to hold the sky with one hand.

Now he has fallen into a desperate situation of relying on women to support his family and being rejected by his mother-in-law.

Perhaps it was to make him proud. Irene silently opened the shackles.

Jacob was holding the bowl, even if he was hungry. But still eat very elegantly.

After eating a bowl, he asked Irene, “Anything else?”

Irene: “…”

How could his appetite be so good before?

“No more.”

Jacob stood up with the bowl, “I’m going to wash the dishes.”

However, as soon as she stood up, her weak body staggered violently. When Irene reached out to support him, he fell directly on top of her.

The bowl in his hand accidentally fell to the ground and fell to pieces.

Across the thin clothes, Irene felt his body very hot.

“You have a fever?” Irene frowned.

Her hand fell on his waist, and there was no concept of whether or not a man or a woman would be intimacy.

“I didn’t.” He pushed her away.

Irene was very depressed, “I mean your body temperature has risen?”

Jacob: “…”

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