Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 949

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Chapter 949

Irene: “…”

f*ck, she was moved in a mess when he hooked up to her before.

Why was she so disgusted by him when she painted a gourd like this?

The driver almost laughed.

Irene felt that her face was dull and threatened the driver viciously, “You laugh again, believe it or not, I will let the doctor give you two injections of Botox?”

The driver had to smile.

After Ferrari arrived at the Calendar Garden, Irene dragged Jacob off the car. Then she took one end of the cotton rope that bound Jacob and walked into the room.

Jacob’s handsome face is darker than the ashes of the pot. He felt that the devil treated him like a livestock. Make him feel extremely humiliated.

Irene pulled him into the bedroom, took a pair of shackles from the drawer, and handcuffed his left hand to the bedpost. Then untie the rope in his hand.

Jacob tried to break free of the shackles, but to no avail.

He stared at Irene with sullen anger and cursed: “You are abnormal!”

Irene sneered and asked, “Do you think it’s abnormal too?”

Damn, when this guy used this trick to deal with her before, he didn’t feel abnormal at that time?

Jacob struggled desperately, “Let go of me.”

Irene’s eyes fell on his thin, dry lips. Then turned around and went downstairs.

Not long after, she squeezed a glass of fresh juice and went upstairs and handed it to him, “Drink water.”

Jacob looked at her vigilantly, “I am not thirsty.”

Irene is the roundworm in his stomach. Can she still understand his concerns? Immediately said: “Don’t worry, there is no medicine here.”

Jacob didn’t believe her face.

Irene, Huihui smiled slightly: “Even if I really want to do anything to you, I won’t give you medicine. Turning you into a corpse is so boring?”

Jacob’s face instantly turned black into coal. Why does this devil drive when she speaks?

They haven’t gotten to the point of such unfetteredness.

Irene saw that he was unwilling to drink water, so she directly started, squeezed his mouth and poured the juice into his mouth.

Jacob acknowledged in a second, “I’ll do it myself.”

Then obediently took the cup and drank.

Irene smiled mischievously as he finished drinking the juice, “You guessed it, there is medicine in it.”

Jacob was furious, “What did you drink for me?”

Irene casually said: “Probiotics.”

Jacob: “…”

Irene’s mood made him feel like riding a roller coaster, ups and downs.

Guan Xiao suddenly called Irene.

Irene answered the phone and heard Guan Xiao say: “President, I have already heard about President Zhan.”

Irene glanced secretly at Jacob and patted him on the head, as if stroking his pet dog, “I will answer the call and be back soon.” Then she got up and went out.

Jacob looked at her big black eyes with disgust, long false eyelashes, deep black hanging eyeliner, and black exaggerated eyeshadow. It was obvious that this black makeup made his heart creep, but it was strange. Yes, when she touched his head, he was not disgusted at all.

This is so strange.

In recent years, even his wife Qiulian couldn’t get close to him.


Irene listened carefully to Guan Xiao’s report: “I heard from the fisherman that he was picked up by the fisherman Qiulian three years ago. The fisherman said that when Qiulian picked him up, he also brought back a vegetable. He and Qiulian After getting married, he also gave birth to a son. Qiulian has been supporting her family for the past few years, and his life is not easy…Villager, mother-in-law looks down on him very much.”

After hanging up the phone, Irene squatted on the ground against the wall. He has a family, so should she bother him?

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