Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 948

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Chapter 948

Irene left on Hentiangao.

Guan Xiao came over and respectfully confronted Jacob and said: “My president looks fierce. In fact, it’s cold outside and hot inside. If you go to Media Asia, she won’t embarrass you.”

Jacob nodded.

Guan Xiao sent Jacob downstairs and respectfully opened the Ferrari door for him. Jacob was slightly startled when he saw Irene sitting inside.

“Shall I take the back car?” Jacob became a little uneasy inexplicably.

Guan Xiao said with a stern look: “My president has everything to do with everything. You can sit with her so that she can ask you about some drawings.”

Jacob glanced at Irene with some guilty conscience, and for some reason, his heart was flustered for no reason when he saw this devil.

It’s as if he owed her in my previous life.

Irene stared at him with a cold face, and said angrily: “Why, I’m afraid you won’t make it if I eat it? Even if you are Tang Seng, I am not the king of the daughter country. Don’t worry, I won’t eat you.”

Jacob sat in fearfully, always feeling that the woman’s voice was squeezing from the back of her teeth, with a deep and dark air.

“I’m not Tang Seng.” He said suddenly.

The driver Hui Wei smiled.

Irene picked up the file in her hand and patted the back of the driver’s head, “Why are you laughing? Drive well.”

When Jacob heard the sound of the file’s forehead hitting hard, he couldn’t help shaking.

This woman is too cruel.

She is simply a devil.

Jacob got on the car, but Irene changed her mind, “Go to the Calendar Garden.”

Jacob realized that it was not good, and looked at her sideways, “Didn’t you go to your company?”

Irene raised her proud face, “I want to go home.”

Jacob was angry, “I want to get off.”

The driver hesitated. The two presidents were in the car, so who should he listen to?

Irene saw Xiao Jiujiu in the driver’s heart, and burst out loudly, “No parking.”

Jacob’s hands were tied, and there was no resistance. She could only stare at Irene suddenly, “You took me to your house, wouldn’t you be looking at me?”

Irene stretched out her finger and touched his thin chin, smiling evilly, “You are right. The old lady just wants to take care of you, let’s make a price.”

Jacob: “…”

“Can I have a face?”

Irene’s sharp gaze scanned Jacob’s cheap clothes, “You are short of money, don’t you want to wear this kind of virtue?”

Jacob: “…”

A look of confusion filled Irene’s eyes. Although she did not investigate why Jacob appeared before her in such a desolate image, she remembered Janice’s original description of Jacob’s escape in the fire…

She knew that he would not come out intact.

Irene already felt very lucky that he could live and appear in front of her again.

Although he doesn’t recognize her anymore. Although he married her another person, Irene is still grateful for such an encounter.

“Follow me and I will cover you from now on. In the imperial capital, I allow you to walk sideways.” Irene said.

Jacob was abrupt, “I am not a crab.”

Irene said: “Follow me, the money is for you to spend whatever you want, and people give you to sleep as you like.”

Jacob stared at her silently…

“Have you not found that your male hormone secretion is a bit too much? You should go to the hospital to correct it?”

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