Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 947

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Chapter 947

At this moment, Media Asia President Irene was sitting in the office, erupting with thunderous fury.

“I spent hundreds of billions to build the tourmaline manor, not for you to build the tofu residue project. Last night, a storm blew the wall down. Who will tell me what the hell is going on?”

“The president calms down, this is the designer’s fault. There is a problem with the design drawings.”

“Where is the designer? Call him out immediately. Don’t take porcelain work without diamonds.” Irene was furious.

A Yue was rudely escorted by several fishermen to the office where the president spoke. From afar, Ah Yue heard the president’s angry voice, “Does the designer eat sh!t? Such a simple structure must go wrong?”

When Manager Huang led Ah Yue in, several fishermen kicked on Ah Yue’s leg, and Ah Yue knelt in front of Irene.

Irene’s eyes have always been on the back of her head, and Ah Yue lowered his head, his handsome face as cold as ice. Irene watched him, only to see his unruly black hair.

“You drew the drawing?” Irene asked.

A Yue didn’t speak.

Irene’s smoky black pupils sank sharply, “I’m asking you something? Answer me. Are you dumb or deaf?” Her voice was cold and sharp.

“No.” A Yue squeezed two words between her teeth.

Irene heard this familiar voice, and she was stupid on the spot like being struck by lightning.

Manager Huang scolded: “Ayue, you lied. Your wife begged me to bring you out, did you return me like this?”

A Yue closed her eyes, her eyes were helpless.

Manager Huang threatened him with his family. He changed his words again: “I did some of the drawings.”

Manager Huang said: “But it happened that there was a problem with the drawings you drew?”

Ayue lifted her eyes, and the faint pupil stared at Manager Huang icyly.

Manager Huang was slightly lost, but she didn’t expect that the look in A Yue’s eyes was so terrifying.

When Guan Xiao saw A Yue’s face, she almost fell to the ground in shock.

It’s his president!

Fight cold!

Guan Xiao suppressed the excitement in his heart, staring at Irene in a daze.

Irene heard that Manager Huang said that Jacob had married another wife, and her heart was twisted into twists.

“Guan Xiao, quick-acting Jiuxin Pill?” Irene clutched her colic and asked for help.

Guan Xiao hurriedly handed over to the members of the Ghost Bodyguard, “Go get the quick-acting heart-saving pills?”

Manager Huang saw that Ah Yue had made the president so angry that he had a heart attack, and wanted to flatter Irene. He immediately stepped forward furiously and waved his hand to slap Ah Yue fiercely in the face.

Guan Xiao stepped forward, raising his hand to support Manager Huang’s hand. Then with a strong push, Manager Huang’s body was like a weightless moth being thrown into the air and then fell heavily.

A Yue was slightly surprised, looking at Guan Xiao suspiciously.

Guan Xiao came out for her, the meaning was obvious.

Irene’s painful heart slowly adjusted to the point of calmness, staring angrily at Jacob, secretly thinking: “my old lady does not think about eating and drinking for you, she suffers day and night, and after a long absence, you send me this The gift-marry another.”

“Guan Xiao, tie this designer to Media Asia. I want to interrogate him carefully.”

Guan Xiaowei was startled, a little uncertain: “Really tied?”

Irene looked at Guan Xiao anger, and said in a low voice: “Tie the old lady loose.”

Guan Xiao knew, “Yes.”

The ghost members found a comfortable strip of pure cotton and tied Jacob’s hands behind his back.

Then… it was embarrassing.

They don’t know whether to treat their foster father respectfully or treat him who made mistakes with a bad attitude.

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