Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 800

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Chapter 800

Not only the many Jiangnan bigwigs below but even Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain on the high platform looked at each other and couldn’t help but laughed.

They couldn’t beat the disciples of Bloody Buddha.

And that Great Master Lin is just a newcomer, how could he be able to beat the Blood Wolf and Bloody Buddha.

This is like calling for your death.

“We Jiangnans are completely ashamed…”

After Leng Aotian said this, he was ashamed and angry. He wowed on the spot and spouted a mouthful of blood again, his face as gray as death.

And the audience!

Mr. Bai’s complexion was extremely complicated.

“It turns out that Grandmaster Lin is just a bully and fear of hardship!”

“Oh… what a pity! What a sigh! I am in the Jiangnan martial arts world, I am afraid that after this battle, there will be no rise in the future!”

Although Grandpa Bai is not from the martial arts world.

But he is also from Jiangnan.

And now, the great master in Jiangnan was completely abused by a blood wolf into such a miserable appearance, which made him also confused.

But at this moment.

He was stunned to hear, a gentle footstep, actually slowly passed by his side, and went down.


Not only Mr. Bai but also other Jiangnan bigwigs around at this moment turned around.

Everyone suddenly saw a thin figure.

He walked down the stands and walked slowly towards the central high platform.

Only after seeing this person.

Grandpa Bai could hardly believe his eyes:

“That person seems to be Shaun?”


That’s right, Mr. Bai saw that although the man was facing away from him, his figure was almost like Shaun’s.

However, this person did not wear casual clothes, just a normal T-shirt and white jeans.

Just from the back, he seems like a college student.

“No! No! He is not Shaun!”

“Shaun has enmity with Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain, how he can dare to appear here!”

Mr. Bai shook his head quickly and threw this absurd idea out of his mind.

And the other Jiangnan gangsters around are also full of doubts:

“Huh? What is this young man doing? He is going to the center battlefield?”

“This guy’s back looks a bit like Grandmaster Lin in the video? It’s just that all are not sure?”

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