Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 946

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Chapter 946

Irene stood on the construction site, wearing a white suit, with long wavy hair hanging down, and looking at the construction site with one hand on her hips. She began to murmur endlessly: “Why didn’t the garbage on the construction site be transported out in time? Why didn’t the progress of the project be completed according to the schedule? Guan Xiao, who is holding back, find out and fire it for me.”

Irene was very serious, and her voice was sharp and cold, which made people shudder.

“Also, half a year has passed since the establishment of Tourmaline Manor. But I have not seen any significant progress at all. I want to know, are all the people in charge of your construction sites eat sh!t? This snail Was it not built when I died?”

The design director in charge of the project, the project manager, and a group of engineers followed her, nodding and bowing at her, one by one, afraid to show up after being scolded.

Ayue looked at Irene and shook her head, thinking to herself, who would dare to ask for this kind of tigress?

A Yue turned around and walked towards the dormitory.

A Yue moved into the staff dormitory, which made other fishermen very dissatisfied. Because they felt that A Yue had been promoted without hard work.

Some rumors spread, saying that A Yue was taken care of by Manager Huang.

A Yue originally thought this message was absurd, but soon she knew that there was no reason for it.

Manager Huang was drunk that day, so he came to his dormitory. Seeing Ayue, if she doesn’t say anything, he must hug her.

Ayue originally had a hygienic disorder, and quickly avoided. Manager Huang sat on the ground embarrassedly and said: “Ayue, I think you look good. To tell you the truth, I just like you. If you are willing to follow me, I will not treat you badly.”

A Yue was sullen, “Go away.”

Kicked Manager Huang out.

Manager Huang became furious, “Don’t toast or drink fine wine. You wait!”

The next day, as soon as A Yue got up, she was tied up by several fishermen.

“What are you going to do?” Ah Yue asked angrily.

The fisherman said, “Huh, because you have tampered with the drawings, causing the construction team to have problems. The president of Media Asia is very angry now, and is looking for someone to question him.”

They brought Ah Yue to Manager Huang. Manager Huang smiled especially wickedly, “A Yue, what I said before, offends me, it will not end well.”

Ayue said: “You deliberately planted me?”

Manager Huang smiled particularly wretchedly, “No, no, there is a big problem with the drawing. You will take care of them.”

Ayue sneered, “I won’t.”

Manager Huang raised his finger and shook his head, “You will. You have to think about your wife Qiulian, and you have to think about your son Huzi. Oh, and the vegetable who saved your life. If you don’t People in the village will embarrass them if they are willing to go back.”

Manager Huang touched her nose and said with a wicked look: “Your wife Qiulian is so watery, how many men in the village are thinking of her. And that vegetable person, if she suddenly falls ill and dies, no one will doubt it.”

“You are shameless.” Ah Yue scolded angrily.

Manager Huang said: “So, Yue, I will meet with the president later. You have to speak well.”

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