Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 945

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Chapter 945

Ah Tong encouraged him with joy, “I heard that the project is a tourmaline manor built by the president of the Media Asia Empire. People don’t lack money and won’t be in arrears of wages, so just go back with me.”

Ah Yue thought for a while, now he is penniless and has no skills, so he returned to the construction site with Ah Tong.

Zhang Youcai saw him come back and ridiculed him very rudely, “Why are you back again? I thought you went outside to make a lot of money.”

A Yue looked at the dirty construction site and asked Zhang Youcai, “Where is the project leader?”

He can’t do dirty work, but he can try to find other jobs.

Zhang Youcai looked at him suspiciously and saw Ah Yue’s face very different from them. Their fishermen’s faces had been tanned since childhood, but Ah Yue’s face was very white and flawless. Look. It looks better than those elder brothers in big cities.

Zhang Youcai wondered that maybe Ah Yue really had some other skills, so he pointed to the office of the project leader in Banlou, and said, “I see, the second one on the second floor of Banlou is the office of the project leader. He is. He is also from our fishing village, but what are you looking for?”

Ah Yue did not answer him, but turned and walked towards Banlou.

The drawing of Huang Ping, the project leader, was blurred by the tea, and some lines were blurred. Anxious at the moment.

When Ayue entered, Manager Huang, the person in charge, saw that he was in a sudden illness and went to the doctor, and asked him, “Can you draw pictures?”

Ayue thought for a while, “I can try.”

Manager Huang seemed to have found a savior, treated Ayue as a guest, and pulled him to his seat, “Hurry up and help me restore the smudged part of the drawing. If you do me this favor, I will not treat you badly in the future.”

A Yue tried to help him restore the engineering drawings.

Manager Huang saw his paintings in a decent way, and rubbed his hands and said with joy, “God opens my eyes and let me meet a noble man. Don’t you know, this tourmaline manor is a project that the president of Media Asia personally supervises the construction——”

Speaking of this, he glanced outside on guard and lowered his voice: “Don’t you know that the nickname of the president of Media Asia is called the female tyrant. She is cold-blooded and ruthless. Anyone who makes a mistake will be scolded Bloody head. If there is a problem with our drawings and she knows about it, not only will my job not be kept, but the Nine Clan will be affected. You fishermen who I have introduced may not be able to keep their jobs.”

Ayue stood up, “The drawing is restored, can you see?”

Manager Huang looked at it and only felt that Ayue’s supplement was perfect. He praised Ah Yue, “You can do it. Let’s do this, you will stay by my side in the future. Let me do the chores.”

A Yue nodded. Said: “Can you give me a dormitory alone?”

Manager Huang was startled slightly, and his eyes fell deeply on his handsome face, “You are pretty particular. Well, you will live in the staff dormitory from now on.”

A Yue said: “Thank you.”

His tone will always be neither arrogant nor humble.

When Ayue came out of the slab building, she encountered the grand occasion of the team of Media Asia inspecting the construction site.

Irene, the president of Media Asia, is like a queen, surrounded by handsome men in uniforms.

Ayue looked at Irene from a distance, only to feel that this woman was wearing smoky makeup and her face was cold, as if her aunt was out of balance, with an expressionless iceberg face.

At this time, Manager Huang came out and said to Ayue, “I see, that woman is the president of Media Asia. Media Asia Empire, have you heard of it? That is the largest company in the Imperial Capital, which controls all the small and medium-sized enterprises in the Imperial Capital. Lifeblood.”

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