Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 944

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Chapter 944

He is very quiet, cherishing words like gold.

The villager asked him, “What is your name?”

He said lightly: “Forget. You call me Ayue!”

The men in the village are called Aping, Aqing and the like, they are simple and cordial.

“Then what will you do?”

The man shook his head, “I don’t know.”

The villagers showed their contempt for him.

“Little white face.” Someone slobbed at him.

His stern eyes shot over, and the man shrank in fright.

After two days and one night on the train, they finally arrived in the imperial capital.

The villagers didn’t like to talk to him, so they left him at the train station after getting off the train and let him fend for himself.

He looked at this prosperous metropolis, the bustling crowd, and the traffic, and he seemed to have a familiar feeling about all these sights.

At this time a kind villager returned. He took his hand and said, “Ayue. Hurry up, don’t be thrown by Zhang Youcai. You can’t find work then you can only be a beggar.”

He followed the villagers for a long time before he came to the dirty construction shed.

Seeing the dirty ground, he stuck outside and didn’t want to go in. The nausea and vomiting in his heart could not be restrained and spewed out.

In the end he chose to stand at the door, looking at the villagers inside with disgust.

Zhang Youcai began to assign work to everyone, “I begged our boss for a long time. He only agreed to keep you. Did you see the sandbags on the opposite side? Your daily task is to unload the sandbags from the car. Pay every day 120 yuan.”

Others silently calculated their wages, “There is 3,600 yuan a month. This is more money than fishing at home.”

Zhang Youcai looked at A Yue arrogantly, “Hey, what about you? Do you want to do it?”

A Yue looked at the sandbags on the construction site, and there was some gray dust seeping out of the woven bags. After one day, his body should be extremely dirty.

A Yue frowned.

Zhang Youcai was unhappy and said, “I can’t get down and leave early. I hate your little white face who eats soft rice most.”

A Yue was irritated, “f*ck.”

In this way, Ayue and the villagers lived in the shed.

Originally thought he could adapt to this dirty environment, but after a few days, his stomach disease became more and more serious.

Zhang Youcai was afraid that he would die on the construction site, so he simply took out a few hundred yuan and handed it to him, “Forget it, I don’t think you can do these dirty work. I will pay you the travel expenses, and you will go home, don’t kill you. It’s here. I can’t afford it.”

Ah Yue didn’t collect his money, and dragged his sick body out of the work shed.

He is stubborn and since he has come out, he will not go home without earning money.

That night, he had no place to live, and sat on a wooden chair in the park all night. Hunger and stomachache attacked him together.

In the end, the kind villager Ah Tong found him and gave him a bun. Consoling painstakingly: “Ayue, don’t be stunned. I have found out clearly. The construction site Zhang Youcai took us to is very large. It will take many years. As long as we work for a few years, we can get rid of poverty. The village is you I am the poorest, and I will be able to marry a wife when I get rid of poverty. You will have money to study when you get rid of poverty.”

Ayue looked at the steamed bun with fingerprints on it, peeled off the skin of the steamed bun, then chewed the core gracefully.

Ah Tong was stunned, “You eat steamed buns without skins?”

Ayue glanced at him and wanted to tell him to pay attention to hygiene. But he didn’t want to hit Ah Tong’s self-esteem, so he didn’t say anything.

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