Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 943

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Chapter 943

The man straightened his back and said, “The sky is endless. I will go and see the outside world. There is always something I can do.”

Just when Qiulian and her men were desperate, the first men in the fishing village came back.

They wear decent clothes and speak fluent Mandarin. In front of the villagers, they talked vividly about the wonderful world outside.

Qiulian heard those men say that it is very easy to make money outside, as long as they are willing to work hard, they can earn thousands of dollars a month.

After returning home, Qiulian told her man what she was thinking. “Husband, A Biao from the village went to the imperial capital for a year, and they changed their appearance when they came back. They said that money outside is very easy to make, or our family will go outside with them. Maybe we can also make a lot of money. . At that time you can treat your savior. You can also pay tuition for the little tiger. What do you think?”

A few invisible doubts appeared in the man’s faint eyes. Imperial capital? Why did he feel particularly bright when he heard this place.

“Good.” He responded lightly.

Qiulian said, “Then I will beg sister Zhang next door after dinner, so that they can pick us up when they leave.”


After dinner, the man lay on the mat outside, looking at the stars in the sky. All the stars surround the bright moon. Unfortunately, part of the bright moon is shrouded in haze.

He likes the moon.

He doesn’t know why such a strange feeling came into being.

The voice of Qiulian talking with Sister Zhang came from next door.

“Qiulian, you want me to take your family to the imperial capital to establish a foothold, can you afford the travel expenses. This trip to the imperial capital will cost your family close to 1,000.”

Sister Zhang’s voice was obviously contemptuous.

Qiulian was embarrassed and gritted her teeth and said: “Sister Zhang, don’t worry about the toll, I’ll go to my dad to borrow it.”

Sister Zhang sneered, “Who doesn’t know that your dad no longer recognizes his daughter. You said that you are also true. You can pick up a wimpy man and go home. He also brought a tow bottle, you A woman supports her family. What do you think of him? He has nothing but a good skin.”

“Sister Zhang, don’t talk about him like that. My man just has old injuries. He has very hard bones, so he is not a soft food.”

“Hehe, come on, you like him, who doesn’t know? Qiulian, let me give you an idea. If you don’t have money, let him go out and make money. You will go and join in and what?”

Qiulian bit her lip, her eyes filled with dismay.

Sister Zhang joked: “Why, I’m afraid he will run away?”

Qiulian didn’t speak.

Sister Zhang said: “You said you, you don’t even know his name, if you follow him so desperately, you are not afraid that you will end up with a bamboo basket?”

Qiulian became a little angry, but suppressed her temper, and said, “Sister Zhang, I will go back to discuss with my man.”

Qiulian returned to her home and saw the man sitting on the mat with a stern face, walking over silently.

“Sister Zhang said, the travel to the imperial capital is very expensive—”

“I heard it all.”

“Why don’t you go alone?” Tears welled up in Qiulian’s eyes. “You are rich, will you forget our mothers.”

“No. After I settle down in the imperial capital, I will go home immediately to pick you up.” The man comforted.

Qiulian nodded in relief.

The man said: “Jin grass, I’ll leave it to you to take care of it.”


Three days later, the man and the group of wage earners in the fishing village got on the train to the imperial capital.

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