Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 796

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Chapter 796


At this moment, something that made them even more frightened happened.

With a burst of noise, the punch of the blood wolf slammed into Leng Aotian’s arms.

This punch, as if containing boundless and majestic power, suddenly changed Leng Aotian’s expression.

He retreated violently backward.

It took more than ten steps to retreat and stabilize his figure.



Large beads of sweat dripped down from Leng Aotian’s forehead.

He looked at the blood wolf again, without a trace of contempt, but with a deep dignity:

“Brother He, I’m afraid I won’t be able to beat him alone!”


When Helen Mountain heard this, he got shocked.

It is enough to let the proud Leng Aotian say these words, it is clear that the blood wolf is terrible and cruel.

At the moment, there is no hesitation.


Under Helen Mountain, he also rushed forward, forming a horn-fighting situation with Leng Aotian again, facing the blood wolf together.


The scene stunned many Jiangnan bigwigs in the stadium stands.

“Oh my God, Grandmaster Leng was going lost, so they joined together to kill him!”

“No…impossible! A blood wolf that has just been promoted is so terrifying, then how terrifying will his master Bloody Buddha?”


At this moment, the boundless panic was almost shrouded in the hearts of all Jiangnan bosses.

And just when they were frightened.

The blood wolf on the high platform smiled contemptuously:

“Grandmasters of Jiangnan?”



In the words of Blood Wolf, there was a deep disdain for Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain.

And when this sentence fell, the faces of the two great masters suddenly became hot.

Annoyed into anger.

“Damn boy, take it to death!!!”

Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain suddenly roared, and then they both formed a pinching attack and blasted away frantically at the blood wolf.


Under the impact of the two great masters, a gust of wind seemed to blow on the entire high platform.

Those two terrifying fists showed indomitable force, with invincible force.


After rushing to the front, Leng Aotian and Helenshan went one after another, facing the blood wolf’s body, and slammed him down.

Just at this moment!


The blood wolf’s figure, like a phantom, suddenly flickered and disappeared.

“This… is this blood shadow tracking?”

After seeing this method, both Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain got shocked.

They have heard of this type of shenfa.

This is one of the strongest secrets of Bloody Buddha.

Back then, the Bloody Buddha used this method to kill a huge force in the northwest, and the corpses piled up.

And now!

They didn’t expect that this terrifying secret technique will use by Blood Wolf.

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