Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 942

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Chapter 942

It is like a generation of queens, standing on the shoulders of giants, watching her subjects.

“Brother Jie, have you ever drank Mengpo soup? After passing Naihe Bridge? Do you remember me?”

“Sorry, I can’t come with you anymore. I want to stay here, do your unfinished things, and find our son. And-I want to stay here and wait for your return.”

The wind rises on the ground.

Take away the spleen of autumn and usher in the cold of winter.

While Irene was waiting, it became like winter, getting colder and colder.

With ruthless iron and blood, she quickly forced the Tian family, the Bai family, the Zhan family and the Yan family to surrender to her.

A few years later.

Fishing village.

A fisher girl was picking lotus seeds by the river with her four-year-old child on her back. Several women pointed to her, “It was her. She picked up a wild man back then and married someone else. I heard that that The man also brought a comatose vegetative person. In the past few years, she has to earn money to support her family, and she has to take care of her poor husband. The family members are very dissatisfied with her and drove her out.”

“Who makes that wimpy man look handsome? If I meet such a man, I will pick him up and hide him.” A young woman sneered sourly.

The woman did not speak, picked a handful of lotus seeds, picked a lotus leaf and went home.

The woman’s house, located at the end of the fishing village, has only a few leaky fence houses. Whenever it rains continuously, the house leaks, so pots and pans need to be used to catch the rain. Very rudimentary.

After the woman came home, she started cooking quickly.

Her man was sitting on the kang head in the other room. Although he was wearing old clothes, he still couldn’t conceal his natural elegance.

There was another handsome man lying on the bed, but he had slept for many years. Although he had vital characteristics, he was no different from the dead.

Not long after, the woman walked in with lotus leaf porridge and saw the man staring at the grass on the bed, she couldn’t help teasing: “You look at him every day, and he won’t wake up. According to me It’s better to send him to a nursing home, where there is at least a doctor who can check him up every day.”

The man’s handsome face appeared sullen, “As long as I am here, no one is allowed to take him away.”

The nursing home in the fishing village is a place for the elderly who are widowed. He had been there, and there was a smelly place, and no one took care of the hygiene problems of the elderly.

And the boy lying on the bed is his savior. A woman once told him that he used her body to protect him underneath, so he just had a slight head shake and lost his memory.

And he became a vegetable.

When she wiped her body in the shower, she saw a small grass tattooed on her shoulder blade, so she named him: Jincao.

The woman handed the lotus leaf porridge to him and sighed weakly, “It has been three years, and we have no money to treat him. Our own survival is also stretched, and in two years, our son should go to school. Are you going to live like this for the rest of your life?”

The man put the lotus leaf porridge on the table, and the charming pupil became faint.

“Qiulian, I will find a way to make money.”

The woman named Qiulian smiled bitterly, “This fishing village has been fishing for generations. You have a cleanliness disorder and can’t smell the stench of fish. How can you make money?”

The man kept silent and said nothing.

Qiulian said: “My father and my mother have some money, but their power, only my well-married sisters are in their eyes. Yesterday I went to borrow money from them, but they didn’t want to see me and didn’t want to lend money..”

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