Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 941

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Chapter 941

When Guan Xiao passed by Irene, he asked Irene quietly: “What happened? Why did President Yan’s autism suddenly heal?”

Irene glanced at Irene who was walking in front of her with a guilty conscience. He covered his mouth with his hand and said in a low voice: “Yesterday, I sighed in the ward that her mental illness was getting worse. I was thinking about sending her to a psychiatric specialist. Go to the hospital for treatment. Who knows that she suddenly went mad when she heard it, jumped up and beat me violently? She also said that she was not mentally ill. I just got up somehow this morning.”

Guan Xiao was overjoyed, “Is this step out of the shadow of the death of the president?”

Irene touched his chin, with a look of not optimistic, “I think her autism is good. But her mental illness has not been cured. You see, the makeup she put on herself is like a palette of pollution. Her innocent face looks fiercer than a tigress. Also, you see that she was dragged at a meeting today for 25,000, which is like a different person. I am worried that her autism will turn into Schizophrenia.”

Guan Xiao silently stared at Irene, “Are you her brother?”

Irene said: “Replacement as fake.”

“Have you complained about your own sister like this?” Guan Xiao said.

Irene rolled up his sleeves, revealing the bruises on his arms, “Look, she didn’t treat me as a real brother when she was fat and beat me.”

Guan Xiao said with a smile: “I heard President Zhan mentioned that you were the king of fights when you were young. You covered several streets in Yancheng, and you often beat up your sister. The president of my family was not angry, so I taught your sister. A few tricks to subdue your stunt. Since then, you have never beaten your sister again.”

Irene woke up like a dream, and said depressed: “I’ll just say, my sister was soft and cute when she was a child, let me knead it. Since she met Jacob, she has become more and more sturdy. It turned out to be Zhan Han. Jue secretly helped her.”

Irene stood in front of the president’s office, staring at the fingerprint lock on it in a daze. Thinking of Jacob’s fingerprints copied countless times on the fingerprint lock, a bright flower appeared in Irene’s eyes.

“Gently stretched out her hand, rubbing the sensing area of the fingerprint lock with his fingertips. It seemed that you could touch Brother Jie’s hand.”


The fingerprint lock is turned on.

Irene was shocked.

Guan Xiao came over and explained: “A long time ago, President Zhan had already entered your fingerprint into the system.”

The smile in Irene’s eyes became gentle, “Yeah.”

She understands his intentions.

In front of her, he has no secrets.

He was eager to share everything he had with her.

Irene opened the door and saw that the furnishings of the office were renewed. Irene frowned, “Restore the office to me intact.”

After thinking about it, she said, “By the way, I want to live in the Calendar Garden. You restore the Calendar Garden to its previous appearance.”

Cold sweat dripped down Guan Xiao’s forehead.

The order issued by President Zhan at the time was: “Take out all traces that belong to me, leaving no traces.”

For this reason, they worked hard to completely destroy the original furnishings.

It is really harder to recover intact now than to climb the Shu Road!

“Yes. President.” Guan Xiaomo accepted with a face.

Irene stood on the ninth floor of Huanya with her arms around her arms, overlooking the imperial capital.

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