Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 701 – 702

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Chapter 701

After hearing Luther’s words, Alyssa moved her lips in disbelief, but did not speak.

What happened between Karl and Luther?

And Luther mentioned that Karl had been playing “like a fool” in the past three years, which shows that Karl and Luther were also connected in the past three years.

Otherwise, Luther would not be so clear about Karl’s situation.

However, Luther’s statement is what makes Alyssa most puzzled.

Luther was almost brought up by Karl. Karl was deep and restrained, but Luther was also a sensible child.

But he just said such bad things.

Karl sorted out his clothes slowly, as if he hadn’t heard what Luther had just said, his expression was calm and unaffected, and he whispered: “You go by yourself, or I will let me carry you away.”

If it were someone else, Karl wouldn’t want to say one more word right now. It can be seen that Luther is still different from him.

Alyssa gently pushed Luther.

Although Luther was reluctant, he still got into the elevator.

Karl glanced at her and followed into the elevator.

Alyssa watched the two leave before returning to the room.

After returning, Alyssa checked the better kindergartens in Rostenvel on the Internet, and finally screened out a dozen of them, planning to visit the schools tomorrow.

The next day.

Alyssa didn’t worry about Luther, so she planned to go see Grace first, and by the way, see how Luther was.

After breakfast, she drove to Karl’s villa.

As soon as Alyssa’s car stopped at the door, Karl’s car drove out.

Today it was Smith driving to pick up Karl. When he saw Alyssa walking, he slowed down, looked at Karl from the rearview mirror, and said, “It’s Miss Alyssa.”

Karl just glanced out the window, then took a nap with his eyes slightly, and said coldly: “Go to the company.”

Smith nodded slightly, did not say much, drove past Alyssa and went to the company.

When Karl’s car was already far away, Alyssa got out of the car and walked inside.

If it wasn’t necessary, she didn’t want to see Karl now.

What happened yesterday made her a little sick.

In order to please Miana, Karl would cheat her to play, such a lackluster thing, the previous Karl couldn’t do it, he was not so boring.

Alyssa locked the car and entered the villa door.

Today’s wind is a bit strong, although the new year has just passed, the weather is still a bit cold.

Alyssa pulled her collar, and when she entered the hall, she found that apart from the two servants, she did not see Luther and Grace.

A servant came over, lowered his head slightly and called out: “…Miss Alyssa.”

“Where are they?” Although Alyssa did not clearly say who it was, the servant understood what she meant and looked upstairs: “In the little lady’s room.”

Alyssa let out an “um” and went upstairs to Grace’s room.

She knocked on the door twice. Before she said anything, she heard Grace’s milky voice: “Come in.”

Alyssa pushed the door in, and saw Grace and Luther lying on their stomachs around a small fish tank with a turtle inside.

Grace was three and a half years old, although she was not too small among her peers, but in comparison with Luther, she appeared even smaller.

Luther turned his head first. When he saw Alyssa, his face was happy: “Sister Alyssa!”

Grace heard his voice and looked back at Alyssa, her eyes lit up: “Mom.”

Alyssa smiled. After she approached, Luther and Grace both actively gave up some positions to Alyssa.

“Mom, look at the tortoise.” Grace’s chubby pointed her finger at the tortoise in the small water tank, and then locked her eyes tightly on the tortoise: “I’m waiting for the tortoise to move.”

After listening to Alyssa, she asked seriously, “So you two just stay here?”

Grace is curious and she understands that Luther is… childlike?

Luther seemed to be a little embarrassed, he scratched his head: “I am not playing with Grace.”

He said, leaning to Alyssa’s ear, and whispering to Alyssa: “Came here yesterday to coax her for a long time and didn’t play with me much. Today I found a turtle and she finally agreed to play with me.”

Grace has always been a little confessed, but in Alyssa’s opinion, Luther can get along with Grace like this in one night, which is already very good.

Grace looked at the turtle very seriously, and Alyssa cast a look at Luther and motioned for him to go aside and talk to him.

Luther paid attention to Alyssa’s meaning, got up and walked aside.

Alyssa glanced at Grace. Grace stared at the turtle and did not notice that Luther was gone, so she stood up and talked to Luther with confidence.

“Karl didn’t do anything to you, right?” Alyssa looked at Luther, but didn’t see anything unusual about him.

Luther shrugged: “After he brought me back, he took me to see Grace and ignored me.”

“That’s it?” Alyssa didn’t believe it.

Luther touched his nose, and then sat down on the small chair beside her: “Eh, I actually wanted to play with Grace after seeing Grace, and didn’t want to care about Karl.”

“…” This reason can barely make sense.

Alyssa also sat down and asked him in a serious tone, “What happened between you and Karl?”

Luther’s expression suddenly became solemn, but he was silent for a while before raising his head to look at Alyssa, “Sister Alyssa, this is a matter between me and Karl and it has nothing to do with you. I don’t want you to get involved. It’s probably a good thing that you are separated from him.”

His deep and serious tone made Alyssa a little uncomfortable for a while.

“Why would you say that?” Alyssa became more and more sure that there was a contradiction between Luther and Karl, and it was a big contradiction.

Alyssa stared at Luther, and thought of Luther’s mother, Lina.

Did Luther know about Lina?

If Luther really knew about Lina, he would naturally misunderstand Karl.

Some things are really hard to say thoroughly.

But this was only Alyssa’s guess, she was not sure whether Luther really knew about it, so naturally she couldn’t take the initiative to mention it.

However, Luther changed the subject and asked Alyssa with a smile: “Sister Alyssa, do you have a boyfriend now?”

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help but glared at him: “You care if I have a boyfriend! Little kid!”

“I’m an adult, okay, why don’t you think about me!” Luther still had a smile on his face, not in good shape.

Chapter 702

Alyssa didn’t take it to heart, but Luther seemed to be struggling, with an expression of “I understand”: “I see. You don’t have a boyfriend, do you?”

Alyssa glared at him irritably, only then did Luther smile and stop continuing the topic.

Alyssa came over this time, originally wanted to see Luther, and wanted to know what happened between him and Karl.

But Luther bit his mouth tightly and said nothing, Alyssa couldn’t ask anything, so she didn’t plan to stay longer.

She is going to the kindergarten to take a look, and she will be in the group in a few days.

When Luther heard that Alyssa was going to help Grace see the kindergarten, he said like a stalker, “I want to go too.”

Grace had a good example, and she looked over and said, “I want to go too.”

“Do you know where to go?” Alyssa laughed and pinched Grace’s small face.

Grace was dumbfounded, looking at Luther and Alyssa again, and asked with a milky voice, “Where to go?”

Alyssa and Luther both laughed.

Alyssa hugged Grace and walked out: “Then you call Dad and talk to him.”

A landline was installed in the villa, and Alyssa took Grace downstairs and went to the living room to call Karl.

When Alyssa lived here before, she taught Grace how to call Karl.

Grace still remembered how to call, sitting on the sofa and carrying the landline over to call.

Alyssa helped her press the speakerphone.

The call was quickly connected, and Karl answered the call at home quickly.

Grace first asked: “Dad?”

“Yeah.” Karl heard the voice of flipping through documents. His response sounded casual, obviously he was already working.

“Dad, I want to go to kindergarten with mother, can I?” Grace missed the word “go”, but Karl could understand it.

“Yes, come back early.” Karl must know that Alyssa was listening, and the next sentence was meant for Alyssa.

Grace’s eyes were bright, and she looked at Alyssa: “Dad said yes.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa responded, noting that the phone had been hung up by Karl.

Luther hummed, and sat down on the sofa beside him.

Alyssa glanced at him, then he turned his head to one side.

It’s really childish.

Now that Karl agreed, Alyssa took Grace out, and also accompanied the older child Luther.

After they went out, they stopped by to see a kindergarten. Before Alyssa said anything, Luther denied it, dismissing it as not good here, there are so many shortcomings.

Alyssa was not very satisfied, so she passed kindergarten.

When they came out of the kindergarten, it happened to be lunchtime.

Alyssa took the two to the restaurant for dinner, and took photos of the meal and posted it to Moments.

Tina’s second comment: “With whom?”

Alyssa replied: “Two children.”

After she returned, she refreshed her circle of friends, but she didn’t get Tina’s reply.

After a few minutes, Tina replied a series of “hahaha”, probably she realized what Alyssa meant by “two children”.

Sure enough, she quickly sent a WeChat message to Alyssa: “If it weren’t for my announcement today, I would have come to play with you too. I’m fine now, let’s talk on video!”

Alyssa responded to Tina’s request and started a video with her.

After the video was opened, Alyssa’s mobile phone camera defaulted to the front camera, and Tina looked disgusted: “Who wants to see you, I want to see two children.”

Alyssa pulled the corner of her mouth and handed the phone directly to Luther.

“Wow! Grace is still so cute when she eats! Hello, Luther~” Tina chatted with them very well, and Alyssa sat on the other side and ate silently.

It is simply a dumpsite of plastic friendship.

In the next two days, Alyssa went to see a few kindergartens on the spot, and finally contacted Smith again.

She didn’t take the initiative to contact Karl, nor did Karl take the initiative to contact her. The communication between the two depended on Smith.

This reminded Smith of the days when the two of them had quarreled before, when they didn’t want to pay attention to each other and used him as a microphone.

However, the current relationship between Karl and Alyssa was not a quarrel at all, it was already a stranger.

Smith was a little bit emotional and handled this matter properly.

After helping Grace find the kindergarten, Alyssa should join the crew.

If it weren’t for Adams’ investment, Alyssa wouldn’t need to be with the group all the time.

“Lost City 2” was set in a southern coastal city, where the climate is warm, so there is no need to wear down jackets at all. Alyssa only wears a down jacket, and only brings a few sets of spring and autumn clothes and summer clothes.

She and the crew met at the airport. As soon as she entered the waiting room, she saw Miana surrounded by everyone.

Do you plan to follow it as soon as you turn it on?

Alyssa chose the farthest position from Miana to sit down. As soon as she sat down and took out her mobile phone, she heard someone calling her: “Miss Alyssa.”

In fact, Alyssa was not sure if she was called. After all, everyone was going to please Miana at the moment.

Alyssa turned her head and saw a familiar face.

“Robin?” The lead actor of “Lost City 1” is also a man with an “unusual” relationship with Mattie.

The two are no longer unfamiliar, but the relationship is limited to Robin’s play of Alyssa. There is no more closeness, and they are still a little strange to each other.

Robin nodded slightly, and said politely, “Hello.”

Alyssa smiled politely: “Hi.”

Robin was not a talkative person, and after greeted Alyssa, he stopped talking.

Alyssa looked at Robin with some curiosity. His hair was a little longer than in the show. He was wearing a very ordinary black down jacket and a peaked cap. She looked very low-key.

Alyssa couldn’t imagine what this man would be like when he fell in love. He had emotional scenes in the play, but that was just the screenwriter’s setting for him.

Alyssa asked deliberately: “Where is Mattie? Why didn’t I see her?”

Robin didn’t avoid this question either, and said honestly: “She went to the bathroom.”

On the contrary, Alyssa, with ulterior motives, felt a little abrupt.

It didn’t take long for Mattie to come over.

When Mattie came, she didn’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional, and shouted in a loud voice: “Alyssa, you are here.”

Alyssa wore a mask when she came in just now. Most of the people’s attention was on Miana, so she didn’t notice that Alyssa came.

With Mattie’s voice, everyone else’s attention was put on Alyssa.

Alyssa squinted slightly, her gentle tone was a bit of unpleasantness that only familiar people could hear: “Yes, I’m here.”

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