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Chapter 703

Mattie did say so loudly on purpose.

When the two did not meet before, Mattie and Miana were not friends. What’s more, now, Miana was forcibly stuffed into her crew by Karl, and she couldn’t refuse, she could only accept it abruptly.

This feeling was like she was inferior to Miana. Because of this, how could Mattie look at Miana favorably?

However, she couldn’t take the initiative to confront Miana head-on, so she wanted to watch the excitement and make a fuss.

She has a hunch that this time there will be no peace in the crew.

Miana is Karl’s current girlfriend, and Alyssa is Karl’s ex-wife.

This is quite lively.

In fact, the crew is quite boring, and it’s nice to have a good show.

Mattie sat down beside Alyssa and said in a soft voice, “Don’t be angry.”

“Are you so interesting?” Alyssa is not really angry with Mattie, Mattie is a gossip person, she knows: “I don’t want to cause trouble.”

“You don’t want to cause trouble?” Mattie unobtrusively pointed out the direction of Miana behind her, lowered her voice and said, “Do you think that if you don’t provoke others, trouble will not come to your door?”

This is what Alyssa is worried about.

Seeing Alyssa’s expression, Mattie knew that she understood everything in her heart.

Although she knows that Alyssa understands everything, she can’t help but remind Alyssa: “Beware of Miana. There are many people in the crew. If she does something, it will be difficult to clean up.”

“You want me to fight with Miana. How about you watching the tiger fight from the mountain?” Alyssa turned her head to look at Miana in time.

“Just know it, don’t say it, I’m embarrassed if you pierce through it.” Mattie did not see a trace of embarrassment on her face.

Mattie leaned back calmly, leaned back in the chair lazily, and looked at her with a full smile.

Alyssa raised her eyebrows and said nothing.

The phone vibrated twice and there was a new WeChat message.

Alyssa turned on the screen and looked at it, and found that Luther had sent her a WeChat message.

“Sister Alyssa, where have you been to the airport?”

“Have you boarded the plane?”

“I will see you when I have time.”

When Alyssa opened WeChat, she happened to receive the last WeChat from Luther.

Alyssa thought for a while and replied: “Go back to school and study hard, don’t fight.”

Later, she asked Luther why he was fighting with those people in Best Day that day.

Luther exposed it in one sentence, only that they had a little holiday before.

Alyssa thought, Luther was already an adult, he was kind by nature, and he should know how to measure, so she didn’t ask carefully.

Luther replied: “If someone provokes me, what should I do? Will I let them passively beat me?”

Alyssa replied coldly, “Are you a fool if someone provokes you if you don’t fight back?”

Feeling the restless movement of Mattie next to her, Alyssa raised her eyes and found that Mattie was turning her head and gestured with Robin sitting in the back row.

Mattie had been competing for a long time, and she didn’t dare to move too much. Alyssa looked at it for a moment, but she didn’t understand what Mattie meant.

On the contrary, Robin took out two pieces of something from his bag and handed them to Mattie.

Mattie smiled and picked it up with a spring heart, and heard Robin say: “Does Miss Alyssa need it?”

“What?” Alyssa still didn’t understand what it was.

Mattie handed her one reluctantly. Alyssa hadn’t planned to ask for it, but when she saw Mattie’s painful look, she wanted it.

She took a look and found that it was chewing-gum next to her body.

“What did Teacher Robin just bring to Teacher Adkins?” The hostess walked over at this moment and said with a smile on her face.

Hearing this, Alyssa turned her head and glanced at the hostess. She had only seen the photo of the hostess before. There was not much difference between the photo and herself, and Alyssa could easily recognize her.

She looks like she is about thirty years old, which matches the role in the script.

Alyssa has no right to say about the casting of the script, it was the director and Mattie who chose it.

The female lead of the second part, Alyssa hadn’t seen her very much, Mattie mentioned before, she didn’t remember her name either.

Alyssa glanced at Mattie, Mattie blinked at her, Alyssa curled her lips, and said, “I took the chewing-gum, don’t know if Robin still has it.”

Hearing Alyssa’s voice, the hostess immediately looked towards Alyssa.

After she saw Alyssa’s face clearly, there seemed to be a flash of surprise in her eyes, and then she said in a pleasant tone, “Ms. Alyssa is here too!”

She bypassed them and walked to Alyssa: “Hello, Madam Alyssa, this is Scottia.”

“Hello.” Alyssa had to stand up and politely stretched out her hand towards Scottia.

“In fact, you don’t need to call me a Madam, I’m just a newcomer, and I am also thankful that Miss Adkins can afford it.” The smile on Alyssa’s face deepened, and she looked at Mattie: “Right? Miss Adkins?”

Alyssa said this deliberately to make others think that she and Mattie are in the same camp.

Of course, Mattie is more aware. Although she is scolding Alyssa, she can’t tear down Alyssa’s platform, so she nodded: “Yes… Yes, that’s what the screenwriter said.”

Scottia suddenly realized: “It is my honor to be able to participate in your script, Miss Alyssa.”

“It’s also my honor.” Alyssa nodded slightly, looking extremely humble.

Several people exchanged greetings for a while, and they had nothing to say, and they all took their seats.

While boarding the plane, Alyssa received Tina’s call and fell behind the crowd.

When Alyssa hung up and followed up, the large group had basically passed the gate and got on the plane.

When Alyssa got on the plane, she found that there was only one vacant seat next to Miana.

Alyssa found Mattie’s position in the crowd and looked at her.

There was a director sitting next to Mattie. As early as when Alyssa got on the plane, Mattie was waiting to see how Alyssa would react. At this moment, Alyssa was watching her, and she gave Alyssa a triumphant smile.

Alyssa couldn’t be ridiculous, and Mattie did it on purpose. Mattie, this is to retaliate against Alyssa for the words that she said in the waiting room before, and drag her into the water.

Alyssa narrowed her eyes, gave Mattie a “wait and see” look, and walked straight to Miana and sat down.

Miana was asking the stewardess to bring her a blanket. After Alyssa sat down, she took the magazine.

Soon, the flight attendant took the blanket to Miana. When Miana was covering the blanket, she pushed Alyssa: “Move your hand over.”

Alyssa’s hand was placed on the armrest of the seat, and it didn’t interfere with Miana.

Chapter 704

Alyssa glanced at Miana, and didn’t mean to take her hand away, as if she hadn’t heard Miana’s words.

“Alyssa, didn’t you hear what I said?” Miana’s tone was already a little impatient, but her voice was a little low.

Alyssa still ignored her.

Miana raised her chin and sneered: “Do you know what you look like now?”

She knew that Alyssa would not pay attention to her, and she did not intend to ask Alyssa to answer anything. She continued: “You are like a bereavement dog who maintains only a little pitiful self-esteem.”

In the last few words, Miana deliberately increased her tone.

Alyssa slowly put down the magazine in her hand, and glanced at Miana, her face full of disdain, she didn’t seem to put Miana in her eyes at all.

Alyssa leaned on her side, looking as if she was talking to Miana, “Do you know what you look like now? Like a dog that can’t wait to lift her leg and p3e everywhere to mark the territory.”

“You…” Miana pointed at Alyssa, losing her temper almost immediately.

Alyssa stretched out her hand to hold Miana’s outstretched finger, smiling and speaking warmly, like a good friend who had a close relationship with Miana, and gently persuaded, “Miss Miana, don’t you forget who you are now, what would others think of you if you yell at me like this? Huh?”

Although Miana was angry, she also knew that what Alyssa said had some truth.

But she couldn’t hold back the breath, and Alyssa wanted Miana to hold it down.

Her original idea was that work was work, without personal feelings, and she didn’t want to get involved with Karl and Miana.

But the day was not fulfilled, and people with money and power can do whatever they want. Karl became an investor in “Lost City 2” and became the father of the ATM for the project.

Mattie is gracious to her, she can’t let her own temperament quit, and let Mattie and the dozens of crew suffer together.

She had to face Miana’s provocation and Karl’s making things difficult in the future.

But she has never been a soft persimmon, others have come to provocatively face the eyelids, and she will not just let others knead her, just like that.

Miana stared at Alyssa fiercely, shook Alyssa’s hand heavily, and pulled her own fingers out of Alyssa’s.

Maybe Miana also felt that she was too gloomy just now. She calmed down for a while, and her tone returned to her usual calm: “Don’t be smug too soon.”

Alyssa smiled, “You too.”

Miana gritted her teeth and looked away, persuading herself to be patient, she pulled the blanket on her body, put on the blindfold and started to sleep.

The world is finally quiet.

Alyssa closed the magazine, stretched out her hand and pressed the center of her brow lightly, with a slightly solemn expression.

She had just gotten on the plane and had not yet been in the crew. She and Miana’s encounter had already settled so early. After that, they would be in the crew.

She must also recharge her energy and keep herself in the best condition so that she can cope with those troubles.

It was noon, and it didn’t take long for the plane meal.

It’s the afternoon they will get there, but there will be a lot of things to come together, and there may be no time to eat. If you want to eat, everyone will have a meal in the evening.

Alyssa ate the flight meal delivered by the flight attendant, and Miana on the side ate only a few bites, so she disliked the bad taste of the ingredients and quit.

Alyssa thought that Miana should be a very intelligent person, but now it seems that it is nothing more than that.

After Miana became Karl’s girlfriend, it seemed that her IQ had also dropped, and she only knew she was blindly targeting her boyfriend’s ex-wife.

When getting off the plane, almost everyone shouted hot when they got off the plane.

Alyssa was holding the down jacket, and felt too hot. When she left the airport, she was already sweating profusely.

On the way to the hotel by car, Mattie did not deliberately sit with others, but pulled Alyssa over.

“How does it feel to sit with Miana?” Mattie was so excited that she almost wrote the word “watching” on her forehead.

Without looking at her, Alyssa pulled out a hairband from her bag, tied her hair up, and said, “If you put away the expression on your face watching the show, I will think it’s better to sit with you. “


Mattie twitched her mouth, “Have you noticed that your mouth is getting more and more poisonous now?”

“Maybe it is too much to write about the male lead.” The male lead of “Lost City” is a bit poisonous, and even more advanced, it can be said to be sharp.

Mattie breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “I think my previous worries may have been unnecessary. That Miana you deal with by yourself is not quite good.”

“If Miana only targets me, I will deal with it alone, of course.” After Alyssa tied her hair, she had time to open her mobile phone to read notifications.

In addition to the WeChat messages sent to her by Luther and Tina, there was also a missed call from Smith.

Smith would call her, mostly related to Karl.

Alyssa did not call Smith immediately, but sent a message to Luther: “I have landed, where are you? Is Karl at home?”

Mattie on the side just pondered the meaning of Alyssa’s words, and asked her aloud: “What do you mean? You mean Miana will do even the people around you. To be straightforward, she just wants to do it together?”

Alyssa frowned. Although she felt that Mattie’s words were a bit too rough, she nodded, “You can understand that too.”

At this time, Luther returned a message to Alyssa: “No.”

When Alyssa was about to reply, she saw Luther reply again: “Why are you still thinking about Karl’s grievance at this time! You are with the crew now, so just find a handsome little fresh meat in the crew? Make a boyfriend, yes, your male lead is very handsome…”

Alyssa couldn’t laugh or cry: “I’m just asking.”

Luther said righteously: “If you ask, it means you still have him in your heart.”

Alyssa had nothing to say, tapped a few fingers on the screen, and said, “Let’s do this later, I’m a little busy.”

When she quit WeChat, she felt someone staring at her.

Alyssa turned her head fiercely and saw Mattie smile deeply.

Mattie poked Alyssa ambiguously, lowered her voice, and exaggeratedly said, “Oh, you finally want to start looking for the second spring? Look at that portrait, it’s just a little fresh meat.”

Mattie watched her chat on WeChat?

Alyssa asked in a bad tone, “What did you see?”

Mattie looked serious: “I have seen everything.”

Alyssa chuckled, if she had seen everything, she wouldn’t have said that.

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