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Chapter 705

Seeing her reaction so plain, Mattie said frustrated truthfully: “Hey, I actually only saw an avatar…”

When Alyssa was chatting with Luther, she mentioned Karl.

If Mattie really saw it all, she would definitely not be so calm, she would definitely keep asking who she was chatting with and what it had to do with Karl.

Of course, Mattie will also ask who she is chatting with now.

“Just tell me, are you pursuing your little boy?” Mattie looked at her curiously.

“No one is chasing me, it’s just a little brother.” Luther is eight or nine years younger than her, and to her, he is a little brother.

“I don’t believe it.” Mattie pointed to Alyssa’s cell phone with her chin: “If you show me the chat history, I will believe it. If you don’t show it to me, it must be the little boy who pursues you.”

She knew that Alyssa couldn’t show her the chat log, so she said that.

But Alyssa was very clear about Mattie’s thoughts, and handed the phone to Mattie aside, with a face that didn’t matter: “Look.”

Mattie opened her mouth and said disappointedly: “Don’t look.”

She didn’t have a hobby of spying on other people’s privacy. Gossip is a hobby, but it doesn’t mean that you can ignore the privacy of others.

Alyssa is so open, it shows that the person who just chatted with her is really just a younger brother.

Mattie couldn’t help but ask again, “Is it your relative in the Hunt family?”

“No.” Alyssa felt that Mattie was a little annoying, so she simply closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. It would take more than an hour from the airport to the hotel.

“Oh…” Mattie said about the Hunt family, and the topic started to take off again: “By the way, last time I participated in the dinner, I heard a few investors talk about Hunt’s family, saying that it is very miserable now. Even they can’t afford a celebrity and it can’t be promoted.”

Hearing this, Alyssa remembered something, and suddenly opened her eyes and asked, “Really?”

Mattie had only thought of talking about something, but when Alyssa dealt with her like this, she was eager: “Yes, don’t you know? Oh, you and they have broken off.”

At that time, Colin reported that he wanted to sever his father-daughter relationship with Alyssa. No one in Rostenvel knew about it. Until now, there are still people taking this out as a post-dinner talk.

“Yeah.” Alyssa’s thoughts flew a little far away.

She remembered that during the New Year, Travis took the initiative to call her to dinner at home for the New Year, and said that she could rely on the family in the future.

The real reason is here.

The family has been going downhill, and can’t afford to hire a star, so he wants to rely on her relationship in the entertainment industry.

Alyssa laughed at herself. Sure enough, everyone in the family is profit-seeking, and it is impossible to do something that is completely unprofitable.

“Alyssa, what’s wrong with you?”

Mattie saw Alyssa’s expression a little cold, and thought that she shouldn’t mention the matter of her breaking up with the Adams’ family. She immediately apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mention it on purpose.”

“It’s okay. I really want to sleep.” Alyssa closed her eyes and started to take a nap.

It was afternoon, the weather was warm again, and she really wanted to sleep.

With these eyes closed, Alyssa really fell asleep in a daze. The car stopped halfway and she woke up.

She opened her eyes, her mind was still empty, and she only asked subconsciously: “Are we there?”

“Not yet.” Mattie’s voice sounded with a hint of anger.

In the car, she leaned on the back of the chair and slept with her neck tilted, making Alyssa’s neck sore. She moved her neck and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mattie pointed out the window without anger: “Look at it for yourself.”

Alyssa looked out the window, only to realize that it was a restaurant outside. And Miana and her party are walking into the restaurant.

Mattie’s grieving voice heard again: “We’ll reach the hotel in half an hour. She has to stop to eat and say she is hungry. The whole thing is all! I don’t know if Karl’s brain is short-circuited. Fancy such a woman!”

Mattie chattered endlessly, and Alyssa didn’t feel much anymore when she heard that Karl was not doing well.

She turned her head and looked at it, and found that there were only two of them in the car, and the others got out of the car and went to the restaurant for dinner.

Alyssa stood up and adjusted her clothes: “Let’s go.”

Mattie turned her head to the side: “I don’t want to go down.”

It can be seen that Mattie is really angry. She is a serious and rigorous person at work. With so many people in the crew, all she needs is order.

The original plan was to rest for a while when arrived at the hotel, and then have dinner together in the evening. All the itineraries were arranged early in the morning.

Now because Miana wants to eat alone, everyone has to eat together.

Alyssa said ruthlessly: “You don’t want to go, but I have to go.”

Mattie grabbed her bag and jumped out of the bus first.

After getting off the bus, Alyssa saw that Mattie was still aggrieved, and Alyssa decided to comfort Mattie.

After all, in this crew, Mattie is the one who covers her.

If Miana suffers from Alyssa in the future, she will definitely find Mattie trouble.

Since Alyssa pulled her into the water and became an ally, she still had to take care of her ally’s emotions.

Alyssa patted Mattie on the shoulder, and said calmly: “Let’s endure her first. All the losses will go to Karl. Anyway, Adams’ has money.”

“I know.” The sunlight was a bit dazzling, and Mattie squinted and turned her head to look at Alyssa: “I just feel a little aggrieved. I just want to take good pictures, but there are always so many messy things annoying!”

“A lot of things are like this, which makes people involuntarily uncomfortable.” Alyssa smiled: “But as long as you know what you want to do, just stick to it.”

“The scriptwriters are different, and they are quite comforting.” Mattie finished with a grin, her expression straightened, and gritted her teeth and said: “It’s not because Karl is powerful and influential, if family is better than Adams’ money……”

“I’m a little hungry…” she can no longer talk about this topic with Mattie. If she continues to talk, she will doubt life.

But isn’t it? Some things are particularly realistic, and powerful and influential can indeed be unscrupulous.

But this behavior and this concept are both abnormal and unhealthy.

When Alyssa and Mattie entered, they had already started ordering.

Coincidentally, only Miana’s table was empty for two people.

Alyssa and Mattie looked at each other, and saw helplessness in each other’s eyes. Then, the two went straight to Miana’s table.

Sitting with Miana, there are producers and directors.

One of the directors saw the two and said quickly, “Mattie and Miss Alyssa are here, sit here.”

Chapter 706

As the chief producer, Mattie has a high status in the crew, and those directors are also kind and polite to her.

After the two sat down, everyone at the table would greet Mattie.

Alyssa sat aside, her sense of presence became very low.

Alyssa didn’t care about their deliberate ignorance of a group of unrelated people.

She took out her mobile phone to play small games on her own, no matter what they said.

When these people talked to Mattie, they didn’t neglect Miana.

It can be seen that Miana also enjoys being sought after.

It’s better to say it’s enjoyment than to accept it for granted. Her family background determines her proud personality. She grew up in the moon by the stars, so she naturally felt that others’ pursuit of her was taken for granted.

Miana calmly accepted the chasing of her by these people, but when she saw Alyssa sitting there with a calm face playing on her mobile phone without even looking at her, her good mood suddenly disappeared.

Although she didn’t want to admit it, Karl chose Alyssa at the beginning. She was defeated by Alyssa. She wanted to pull them all back and step on Alyssa.

In this way, Miana naturally couldn’t see Alyssa living comfortably.

At this moment, someone asked Miana about Karl.

“What is Mr. Adams up to lately? If he has time, will he come to the crew to see it?”

Miana smiled slightly and said slowly: “Karl is a bit busy, but I’m on the crew, and he should come in a few days.”

“When Mr. Adams comes over, Miss Palmer remembers to tell us in advance, we are ready to prepare.”

Miana’s expression is indifferent: “Karl will invest in the crew, it is all about your production ability. Although the screenwriter is a newcomer, you old seniors control and provokes the main beams, it is this point that Karl is almost assured of.”

Everyone here knows that Alyssa is Karl’s ex-wife. Although Miana did not name her clearly, she mentioned “screenwriter”, but it was enough to make people dream.

Everyone else looked at Alyssa.

Alyssa still played the game with her head down, and didn’t even pay attention to what Miana said.

Although Miana still had a smile on her face, he almost broke his teeth secretly.

No matter what she said, Alyssa had a completely indifferent expression. Not only did she not feel happy, she felt a sense of frustration.

This made her feel like Alyssa didn’t put her in her eyes at all.

The thoughts of the others in this room are probably the same as Miana, but they changed the subject a little embarrassingly.

Alyssa was still playing the game intently, and Mattie on the side took this opportunity to push her.

Alyssa turned her head and glanced at her, and motioned to her to speak.

Mattie took out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat message, telling Alyssa what had happened.

“Girl! If you just didn’t put Miana in your eyes, you’re not afraid that Karl will come to trouble you?”

After reading what Mattie sent to her, Alyssa finished the game before giving Mattie a reply back: “If Karl is such a man, it would be my luck to be separated from him.”

There was a strong irony in the tone.

Mattie quickly replied: “I appreciate your temperament!”

Alyssa: “Can you give me more money then?”

“The chat is over.” Mattie replied this sentence to her, and put her phone away, sitting upright, not looking at Alyssa at all.

Alyssa whispered: “A profiteer.”

The dishes ordered before have started to be served one after another, everyone is ready to eat with chopsticks, Alyssa is no exception.

But she ate the plane meal on the plane, and she was not too hungry at the moment, so she ate very slowly and ate a little too.

After she was full, she put down her chopsticks: “I’m full, please use it slowly.”

In fact, most of them have eaten airplane meals. When the crew is out shooting, it’s pretty good to be able to order meals on time. Basically, no one is picky.

But because Miana was still eating, they all ate with her.

Alyssa saw the thoughts in these people’s hearts very clearly, and when she turned around, she just curled her lips mockingly.

Do they really confess Miana as the emperor?

It’s hard to get things done just with this mentality of holding high and stepping on low.

Alyssa felt that doing practical things is the most important thing.

Mattie also felt a bit shameless. After all, these were all people under her hands, and she was in charge of them. Such lack of backbone would be a shame!

Mattie put the chopsticks heavily on the dining table, and said sternly, “Every big man eats like a snail, so we don’t have to film it anymore! Doesn’t it cost me money to rent the venue? Time is wasted on small things like eating Are you taking advantage of being an investor?”

As soon as the voice fell, someone immediately put down their chopsticks and went out, and some of them slammed the rice in the bowl.

Mattie did not mention the name “Miana” in the whole sentence, but the whole sentence was completely aimed at Miana.

Miana slowly put down her chopsticks, and said with a smile: “Miss Adkins’s words are not right. Anyway, I have to eat enough.”

A smile appeared on Mattie’s face, and she looked very diligent: “Miss Palmer don’t mind, they are too lazy and need stricter official restraints. Mr. Adams’ investment in our crew is worthy of me, so I naturally want Mr. Adams to invest in it. Every cent of his money is spent on the blade, and this will live up to his painstaking efforts.”

Mattie is right, even if Miana is unhappy, he can’t be too obvious.

Miana stirred the soup in the bowl before, smiling stiffly: “Miss Adkins said that.”

The smile on Mattie’s face became even brighter: “Miss Palmer, take your time to eat. I will arrange for a car to wait for you. I’m full too. I’ll leave now. See you later.”

“I’ll see you later.” Miana’s words were a bit heavy, Mattie turned around, her face was cold as she held the spoon tightly.

Mattie said so, and the other crew members also followed.

In the end, only Miana herself and the driver left by Mattie were left.

It happened that the driver was a fan of Scottia again. At this moment, everyone left and he was alone, so he was naturally not happy.

Miana could still eat, so she took out her cell phone and called Karl.

Karl don’t know what he was doing and didn’t answer the call until the call was automatically hung up.

As a result, Miana became even more angry.

She made several more calls quickly, and made seven or eight calls in a row before Karl answered.

“What’s the matter?” Karl’s voice came from the phone coldly.

Miana just got angry at Mattie, and Karl has not answered the phone. She is already on the verge of an outbreak.

She suppressed her anger and asked Karl, “What are you doing? Why don’t you answer the phone all the time.”

Karl only said one word coldly: “Work.”

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