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Chapter 699

“It’s really you!” Alyssa hadn’t seen Luther for several years. She didn’t expect the two to meet again. It was on such an occasion and in this way.

Alyssa took another step towards Luther and stood in front of him.

Before Luther was taller than her, now she is standing in front of Luther, and she has to look up to see his face clearly.

The height of Luther and Karl was not much different from the visual observation.

“Sister Alyssa, wait for me by your side. I haven’t done anything. I’m done. Please drink.” Luther leaned slightly, holding Alyssa’s shoulders with both hands, and pushed her aside.

His expression was calm and his tone was calm, Alyssa saw in him a decisiveness similar to Karl.

Without waiting for Alyssa to speak, Luther rolled up his sleeves and moved his neck. He looked unruly and extraordinarily arrogant.

“You two come together, let’s make a quick fight!” The boy was dumbfounded by Luther, and he didn’t even dare to move for a while.

Luther was anxious to invite Alyssa to drink, and said impatiently: “Hurry up!”

Seeing that Luther had to do something, Alyssa frowned and called him: “Luther!”

Luther seemed to be taken aback for a while before turning around to look at Alyssa. He smiled brightly: “Sister Alyssa, I haven’t heard anyone call me that for a long time.”

Alyssa was slightly stagnant, and the other two boys had already started to attack Luther while he was talking.

Alyssa exclaimed: “Be careful!”

Luther regained his senses, and reacted extremely quickly to avoid the fist that the person shook, and the expression in his eyes suddenly changed, and the whole person was full of hard to ignore hatred.

Although it is the nature of boys to be brave and combative, at this moment, Alyssa felt that Luther’s body had changed too much.

Luther was a child before, kind and enthusiastic. But now, there is too much in his eyes.

Tina saw that the three boys were fighting again. Alyssa was still standing on the side and didn’t move, so she immediately walked over and pulled Alyssa over: “What are they fighting again, you stand a little further away.”

Even if it was one on two, Luther still had the upper hand.

But in Alyssa’s inherent impression, Luther is just a child, and fighting is always bad.

She turned her head and hurriedly looked at the bartender: “Why haven’t the security guards come yet?”

The bartender was also a bullsh!t. Seeing that they were fighting again, he shrank away and didn’t dare to move.

He glanced at the door and said in surprise: “The manager is here!”

After the manager came over, he greeted others to come to the fight.

However, Luther’s fierce energy made the other people who were struggling a little afraid, and he didn’t dare to step forward.

Alyssa didn’t expect them, and planned to go up on her own, but she was held back by Tina, “You don’t care about him, you can’t stab him. Just observed it. The kid is picking a place to fight, and nothing will happen!”

Fortunately, the facts are true as Tina said. Although Luther made a ruthless attack, the attack was not the point, and it would make them feel very painful. He also stopped before the security arrived.

The general manager came with the security guard.

The manager does not know Luther, but he also knows Alyssa and Tina. Both of these girls have a close relationship with the boss, and they are now on Luther’s side.

Although the general manager still called the police, he made some mud in the middle. Luther went to the police station and only made a transcript, walked through the scene, and came out.

When the three of them came out of the police station together, they saw Peter hurriedly park the car and got out of the car and ran to this side.

He didn’t know what he was thinking, and when he ran to the front, he saw Alyssa, Tina and Luther.

After seeing them, Peter glanced over the three of them one by one, and finally returned to Tina to take one more look, then retracted his gaze and walked to a few people without squinting.

“Are you all okay?” Peter asked such a sentence first, then looked at the three people, and then looked at Luther, “When did you come back?”

Luther smiled and said, “I came back on the holiday.”

He put his hands in his pockets, wearing a hooded sweater inside and a down jacket outside. He looked no different from an ordinary college student, even extraordinarily sunny.

“It’s okay if you have nothing to do. On your cousin’s side, turn around and explain it yourself.” Peter is not a nosy person. Karl is Luther’s cousin. He made trouble in Best Day, so naturally there is Karl. The owl will take care of him.

Luther didn’t care very much and replied, “Oh.”


Alyssa was originally looking for Tina to drink, but the wine didn’t make it. She met Luther in a fight, and then ran to the police station.

The two have no interest in drinking.

Tina and Peter left one after another. Alyssa asked Luther: “Are you going to find Karl now?”

“Huh?” Luther looked at Alyssa blankly: “Don’t you live with him?”

Alyssa raised her eyebrows, and said calmly, “Not together, we broke up.”

Luther was even more puzzled: “Huh?”

“Huh, what!” Alyssa patted his head, “Do you know where he lives? I’d send you there.”

Luther touched his head and said with a grin: “don’t know, you send me there.”

Such Luther seemed to be no different from the teenager a few years ago.

“Then go to Adams’ office to find him.” Alyssa said, pressing the car key in her hand.

“Hey, sister Alyssa, don’t leave me. Let’s go to your house for a meal first. You don’t know how hard I have been in school these years. I am locked in it every day, like a prisoner. I really want to eat your dishes…”

Luther said, shaking Alyssa’s arm.

Alyssa knew that Luther had deliberately pretended to be pitiful, but she still couldn’t help but feel soft.

His father and brother died one after another, and his mother was in a mental hospital. This is already a big blow to the young Luther.

Alyssa felt a little distressed for Luther.

She sighed and felt helpless to her heart: “Okay, let’s go to my house for dinner, and I will send you to Karl’s house later.”

Hearing the words, Luther quickly let go of Alyssa’s arms, stood up straight, and replied with a bright voice: “Okay!”

Alyssa laughed: “Get in the car.”

Luther opened the car door first for Alyssa, who was especially dogged: “Sister Alyssa, you get in first.”

Alyssa walked to her and was about to bend over to enter, and Luther said again, “Or I can drive, I also have a driver’s license.”

Alyssa didn’t look at him, always feeling that this child was much smarter than before.

“I’ll take a look at the driver’s license.” Alyssa stood up straight, nodded her chin, and motioned him to take out the driver’s license for her to take a look.

Chapter 700

Luther digs out on himself, and after a while, he finally touches his driver’s license.

Crumpled, as if pulled out of a garbage dump.

Alyssa took a look and agreed to let him drive.

She nodded, and Luther ran to the other side and opened the door of the passenger seat: “Sister Alyssa, get in the car.”

After Alyssa got in the car, she teased Luther: “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, there is only one woman in the cafeteria of the school. Where can I find one?” Luther said pitifully.

At this time, there happened to be a cake shop on the side of the road, and Luther said excitedly: “Sister Alyssa, I want to eat cake.”

Alyssa motioned for him to stop, and the two of them went to buy.

On the road after that, Luther saw that he had to get off the car to buy food, like a child.

Alyssa smiled and said, “I now believe that you had a hard time inside.”

“That’s not it.” Luther did not let go of any opportunity to pretend to be pathetic in front of Alyssa.

During the New Year, Alyssa stocked a lot of food at home. When she arrived at the residence, she took it out to entertain Luther.

Luther took a packet of beef jerky and ate it around the room, checking the layout of the room.

He watched for a while, and said sensibly: “Sister Alyssa, your house is too small. When I make money, I will give you a big house.”

Alyssa laughed, he was still a child, and every thought came out.

She glanced at Luther and said, “I rented this house.”

Sure enough, Luther was surprised.

Alyssa resisted the urge to laugh, and nodded to him.

Luther came over and sat down next to Alyssa: “Although I don’t have much money now, I still have money to buy this house for you.”

Alyssa couldn’t help laughing: “Why do you have to buy me a house?”

Luther’s complexion suddenly became very serious. He looked at Alyssa and said seriously, “Because you are good to me, and I want to be good to you.”

Alyssa thought about it carefully. She felt that she was not particularly good to Luther, but Luther had always liked her.

Alyssa shook her head and rejected his kindness: “You don’t need to buy a house for me, I don’t lack money.”

Luther obviously didn’t believe it, and Alyssa increased her tone: “What I said is true.”

“I’m serious too.” Luther put down the beef jerky and took another pack of marshmallows.

Alyssa didn’t argue with Luther, and went to the refrigerator to see what to eat for him at night.

In fact, after so many years, he doesn’t remember what Luther likes to eat.

Luther was not at all polite. He ran to the refrigerator and pointed to the dishes inside and said, “I want to eat this dish, I want to eat this, eh, and this…”

This makes Alyssa save a snack.

Alyssa thought that Luther would go to find Karl, and dinner was made before five o’clock.

Luther ate quickly and had a lot of appetite.

After Alyssa helped him serve two bowls of rice, he simply put the rice cooker in front of him and let him serve it himself.

Alyssa couldn’t help but persuade: “You eat slowly, no one will grab yours.”

“I’m used to it, we have time limits for eating…” Luther was talking with food in his mouth, and his voice was a little vague.

Alyssa pursed her lips, feeling distressed.

Luther has a nonchalant temperament, and should not like to study in that kind of militarized school.

If it weren’t for Lina and the others… Maybe Luther is still a free and easy son now, and he doesn’t need to be sent to such a strict school by Karl to keep him away from right and wrong.

Perhaps the road that Karl arranged for Luther was not bad, but if he could live according to his own wishes, it would not be a happy thing.

Alyssa curled her lips and smiled and gave him food: “Then eat more.”

“Well, sister Alyssa’s cooking is still so delicious, if only it can be eaten every day.” Luther sighed, and then sighed: “But I will be back to school soon.”

Alyssa didn’t speak, but looked at him in silence.

After eating, Alyssa wanted to send Luther back, but before she could speak, Luther stood up and began to collect the dishes: “I’m washing the dishes! I want to move when I’m too full.”

“Leave me alone…”

“I can wash, sister Alyssa, you rest.”

After such a long time, when they were about to set off, the sky was already dark.

Luther reluctantly followed Alyssa out, walking slowly, obviously not wanting to see Karl at all.

“Since you came back from the holiday, you should go to see Karl, he is your cousin.” Although Alyssa felt sorry for him, she still had to say what she should say.

Luther lowered his head and replied, “Yes.”

The two reached the elevator entrance, Alyssa stretched out her hand and pressed the elevator, waiting for the elevator to come up.


The elevator is coming up.

After the elevator door opened, Alyssa was about to walk inside, but when she raised her eyes she saw Karl walking from inside.

Alyssa paused slightly and looked back at Luther.

Luther stood half a step behind her, looking at Karl blankly, without a trace of joy in her eyes.

Alyssa was secretly surprised. From the time she said she asked him to find Karl, Luther had been looking around and talking about him, as if she didn’t want to find Karl at all.

This speculation was confirmed at this moment.

Karl walked out of the elevator in two steps, staring at Luther with a heavy gaze, and his voice was cold: “Came back secretly, and ran to Best Day to make trouble. He didn’t dare to see me after the trouble, so he ran here to hide. Luther , You only learned this in school?”

Luther sneered: “I don’t dare, I don’t want to see you.”

Alyssa whispered: “Luther!”

“Sister Alyssa, I won’t tell you because I don’t want to mention him to make you sad. I know, he abandoned you and the woman Palmer, and has been like a fool for the past three years. play……”

Alyssa’s complexion suddenly changed, she didn’t expect Luther to think of Karl like this.

“Luther, shut up!”

As soon as Alyssa’s words fell, there was a flash in front of her, and Karl had already kicked Luther.

Luther was kicked out by Karl in this way. Such a heavy force is enough to show how angry Karl is.

Alyssa yelled: “Karl!” No matter how great the anger, he can’t do it casually like this!

She took a deep breath, said nothing, turned around and helped Luther up.

She asked Luther in a low voice, “Is it all right?”

“I’m fine.” Luther clutched his stomach and shook his head, strained his jaw to endure the piercing pain, forced a smile, and stared at Karl and said to Alyssa: More powerful than him, he knows what strength can make people hurt the most without making people die.”

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