Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 3 – 4

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Chapter 3

Early the next morning.

Alyssa, who was leaning on the bedside, woke up suddenly, only to realize that it was already dawn.

Karl did not come back last night.

She felt a little loose and a little heavy.

This feeling was like having a knife hanging on her head, which could not be cut off, which always made her fearful.


After Alyssa washed and went downstairs, a bodyguard came over to take her to the restaurant.

The dining room and the kitchen are close, and as soon as she entered, she just saw a tall figure coming out of the kitchen carrying breakfast.

After seeing that the man was “Luther”, she turned around and wanted to leave, but unexpectedly the man had already said, “Cousin, good morning.”

His voice is magnetic, but it’s very light.

The bodyguard shook his shoulders. Master, is this cosplay with Mrs. Young?

Alyssa was disgusted when she saw him, and really didn’t know what this cousin was doing every day at his cousin’s house.

“Morning.” She pushed down her glasses, and finished speaking woodenly, she turned to look at the bodyguard behind her, “Isn’t your master here?”

The bodyguard carefully glanced at Karl, who was expressionless, bit his scalp and opened his eyes and said nonsense, “Young Master has been unwell recently and he is in the hospital.”

Alyssa looked silly on the surface, but because she was suppressed by Rachel since she was a child, she could not steal the limelight from her brothers and sisters, so she hid her true strength.

Such a clumsy lie by the bodyguard naturally couldn’t deceive her.

But she nodded her head to express understanding, “Oh, can I visit him then?”

“He hasn’t been very inconvenient these days.” The bodyguard continued to lie in good faith.

It seemed that Karl disliked her very much, and didn’t even want to see her.

Karl put his breakfast on the dining table and said in a light tone, “Eat breakfast.”

When Alyssa warmed down, she found that there were no servants in the villa, so he made this breakfast?

“Why, I’m afraid that I will give the medicine?” Karl leaned forward and approached her, his eyes were endlessly gloomy, and he felt terrified when he looked at it.

Alyssa stepped back involuntarily, “Thank you for your breakfast, but I am not hungry.”

After she finished speaking, she hurriedly turned and went out.

She met a bodyguard in the lobby who had picked her up yesterday, “Can you please send me down the mountain? I want to go back to my house to get something.”

When she came here yesterday, she didn’t bring anything, so she had to go back to get some clothes and other things. When she came, she noticed that this villa was built on the mountainside, and it was a long way to get off the car and take the ring road.

The bodyguard did not answer her immediately, but looked at the place behind her.

When she turned her head, she saw “Luther” following her out sometime.

He put his hands in the pockets of his suit trousers, and walked over in a hurry, “The cousin wants to go home to get something? Just let me take you, why bother others?”

The voice fell, and his arm was wrapped around her shoulder.

Alyssa threw away his hand in disgust, “No need.”

She didn’t understand. The man kept saying that she was ugly yesterday, why would he pester her like this today.

“Madam young, let young… Master take you.” The bodyguard on the side said aloud in due course.


Finally, “Luther” took Alyssa on way to her home.

He leaned against her ear and said, “The feeling on my cousin is pretty good…”

She was afraid that he would do anything extraordinary, so she had to get herself out of the car.

In the quiet car, Alyssa pulled on the seat belt tightly and looked ahead without squinting, without giving “Luther” an extra look.

When Karl saw her like this, interest flashed in his black eyes.

This newlywed wife is a bit ugly and decent.

Originally, he just wanted to tease her yesterday, but her reaction was so interesting that he wanted to continue playing the game.

Chapter 4

The black car stopped in front of her villa.

Alyssa was about to unfasten the seat belt, when Karl leaned over, slender and beautiful fingers lightly pressed the concealed buckle of the seat belt, and the seat belt was released with a “pop”.

His handsome face is close at hand, even if Alyssa’s heart is like water, it will inevitably be blushing and heartbeat fastens, and a trace of panic oozes from her godless eyes.

This man’s face alone is enough to make all women move.

But thinking about his bad behavior yesterday, Alyssa’s expression returned to nature.

It’s just a rich dude who has a bad taste and covets his cousin.

She raised her head, pushed her glasses, the expression on her face was a bit dull, and her dumb eyes appeared a little stupid, “I’m going to get off the car.”

Karl’s eyes shrank slightly, his aura suddenly let go, and his whole person was full of danger.

Alyssa was keenly aware of his changes, and she was about to get out of the car when she opened the door, but one arm quickly grabbed her hand to open the door.

He has a broad body with long arms in front of her. From the outside, he almost holds her in his arms.

Through her glasses, he looked straight at her clear eyes, and said, “I kindly brought my cousin back, Why would my cousin not thank me?”

She lowered her head, with a little wince in her expression, and whispered in a low voice, “Thank you.”

The people in the Adams family felt boring when they saw her like this, but she hopes “Luther” would feel the same.

Karl looked at her slightly pursed pink lips, his expression deepening, “Thanks so insincerely, I have to give thanks myself.”

It was obviously a dull face, but with such a pink lips, it made him have the urge to pick it up.

Since he is his righteous wife, why should he be patient?

Thinking so, he leaned over and pressed his lips to k!ss her.

Alyssa felt a soft object covering her lips.

She stared at the magnified face in front of her eyes dumbfounded, reaching out to push him away, but found that her hands had been tightly clasped by him.

Karl was very satisfied with her reaction. He freed a hand and took off her glasses, revealing those clear and bright eyes.

In this way, it is much pleasing to the eye.

Alyssa’s cheeks were flushed with heat. This man was so presumptuous that he dared to assault her at the door of her house!

At the end of the k!ss, he left her lips intently and said, “No glasses are allowed in the future, otherwise, I will meet once and k!ss once.”

It’s warm and sweet, I want to try again when I have a chance.

In the second half of the sentence, he deliberately lowered the volume but increased his tone again, and his eyeballs patrolled her unscrupulously.

It was like a fierce beast patrolling its own territory, full of encroachment.

Just as Alyssa was about to scold him for being shameless, a female voice broke the silence in the car.


Hearing the words, Alyssa turned her head and looked out the half-open car window.

Rachel’s eyes widened in shock, half astonished and half as angry, “Why are you here?”

Alyssa clenched her hand tightly, a trace of panic flashed quickly in her eyes.

On the first day of the wedding, she was seen by my mother in front of the house…

Rachel also took care of face, looked around and found no one, so she said with a sullen face, “Come down.”

Alyssa pulled the car door and went straight down.

When she went, Rachel pulled her into the villa.

Unexpectedly, Karl in the car poked his head out of the window at this moment, rubbing his lips with his fingers wickedly, and said casually, “Cousin, I’m waiting for you.”

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