Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 5 – 6

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Chapter 5

When Rachel heard this “cousin”, her expression became severe, and she gave Alyssa a cold look.

Alyssa bit her lip. Is this “Luther” trying to kill her?

Rachel pulled Alyssa into the lobby of the villa, and then coldly shook her hand away.

She looked at Alyssa with a green expression, “That man called you cousin just now? Is it Karl’s cousin?”

Alyssa nodded, “Yes.”


Rachel slapped her towards the face, with great strength, making Alyssa’s ears buzz.

“If you want to be shameless, you will be together with your husband’s cousin on the first day of your wedding. Who are you trying to kill! If you want to die, don’t pull us into the water!”

Alyssa lowered her eyelids, reached out her hand to touch her painful face, and coldly raised her eyes to Rachel, “Why don’t you ask me if I was doing it voluntarily?”

This is the case every time. Whenever something happens, she will scold her and teach her first, and never ask the reason.

“One is a disfigured and impot3nt waste person, and the other is a normal and healthy man. Normal people know who to choose. Didn’t you also spend time with this ‘cousin’ last night?”

The feminine voice came from the stairs, softly, but full of malice.

As soon as Rachel saw Isabel coming down, she hurriedly greeted her and asked concerned, “Isabel, are you getting better?”

“Mom, I’m much better.” Isabel smiled softly at Rachel, and then walked to Alyssa, “Alyssa, although I can understand your mood, you have to think about it for the Adams family a little.”

Just upstairs, she saw Alyssa by the window and a man k!ssing her in the car. She never thought that Alyssa, who usually looks stupid and ugly, has the ability to hook up men.

After she finished speaking, she turned her head to look at Rachel, and said coquettishly, “Mom, am I right?”

Rachel smiled, “Of course Isabel is right.”

Alyssa clenched her hands tightly, pursing her lips without saying a word.

People who don’t know may think that Isabel and Rachel are biological mother and daughter.

But for so many years, Rachel has always wanted to stand firm in family, unscrupulously trying to please every member of this family, her biological daughter seems to have been picked up instead.

Rachel suppressed her smile and looked at Alyssa with a serious face, “Alyssa, since you have married into the Adams family, you must keep your duty and don’t shame us in any way.”

Alyssa lowered her eyes, covering the ridicule under her eyes, her face looked like a bag, and she said in a calm tone, “You have reminded me that if I am unhappy one day, I do something extraordinary. I don’t know if the Adams family will be so angry that they will clean up the entire Hunt family.”

Isabel did not expect that Alyssa, who had always been silly and submissive, would say such things, she frowned and said, “What do you mean?”

“What my sister heard.” Alyssa raised her head and closed her eyelids, her eyes dull and dull as usual.

Do you think she will be drunk by them like a servant?

In the past, it was because she still had expectations for Rachel her mother. After she forced her to marry her sister’s man into Adams house, this last thing was gone.


Isabel had became accustomed to Alyssa’s subservience. This was Alyssa’s first resistance.

She glared at Alyssa with anger, then turned to look at Rachel, “Mom, I kindly advise Alyssa, why is she doing this!”

Rachel certainly heard the threat in Alyssa’s words, but when she thought that Alyssa would compromise with her no matter what happened before, she still put on her mother’s air and said sternly: “Alyssa, apologize to sister.”

Chapter 6

Alyssa looked straight at Rachel with cold eyes, “Apologize? Impossible.”

In Rachel’s memory, this daughter was indeed smart and beautiful when she was a child, but became more ugly and stupid she grew up, this was the first time she saw Alyssa’s sharp eyes, and she was actually chilled by this look.

She swallowed, turned her head and whispered to Isabel, “Isabel, let’s forget it today, just in case we rush her…”

Although Isabel was unwilling, she could only forget it.

If Alyssa really did something out of the ordinary, and the Adams family was angry and implicated the Hunt family, how could she live the life?

Seeing that they were shocked by her own words, Alyssa turned upstairs and went to the room to pack her things.

She has lived in Hunt’s house for twenty years, but she has so few things that she feels like a person under the fence.

When she came downstairs with her suitcase, the hall was empty.

Alyssa hesitated on the spot, then walked around the back door and left the Hunt’s villa.

Although she didn’t know why Karl’s “cousin” would be interested in her, she knew that it was right to stay away from him.


Karl waited for a long time at the front door of Hunt’s villa, but Alyssa did not come out, and his complexion became difficult to look.

Thinking of the information from the materials he saw yesterday, his handsome eyebrows frowned. Isn’t that ugly woman being bullied by the her family?

As soon as this thought came up, he couldn’t help but stretched out his hand to touch his face that had been beaten by her, and snorted coldly. She didn’t seem to be easily bullied.

“Sir, do you want to come in and sit down?”

A soft female voice came, and Karl turned his head and looked out the window, and saw a delicate-faced woman standing by the car.

When Isabel saw his face, she couldn’t help being stunned.

She saw Alyssa and a man k!ssing her from upstairs in the car, but she didn’t expect this man to be so good-looking and so temperamental.

How could such an outstanding man fall in love with that stupid and ugly bun?

It seemed that she was right in her decision to try her luck.

Her thoughts couldn’t hide from Karl’s eyes.

He sneered, “Who are you?”

“I am Alyssa’s sister, my name is Isabel.” She didn’t mind Karl’s indifference at all.


Karl remembered that, besides Alyssa, the other two daughters of the Adams family were his cheap fiancee.

From the eyes of ordinary people, it is indeed beautiful as a flower, but in his eyes, he actually feels Alyssa’s ugly appearance is more pleasing to the eye.

He didn’t have the patience to talk to her anymore, and asked blankly, “Where is Alyssa?”

“She…she should still pack things in the room, she told me to come down and ask you to come and sit inside.” Isabel didn’t want to let go of this opportunity. People who are close to Adams family are not in a bad family background, let alone he still looks so good.

Karl who saw through her thoughts couldn’t help but sneered. Alyssa would let him go in and sit?

I’m afraid I’ve sneaked away now!

He didn’t even bother to give Isabel an extra look, lowered the window and drove away directly.

Isabel had never been so coldly treated by a man before, and her face turned blue with anger for a while.


Alyssa went straight back to the small single room she rented.

After going to university, she has been living in the school, and after graduation, she rented an apartment outside.

If it hadn’t been for Rachel to keep her in the Hunt’s house recently in order to force her to marry away, she would never want to step into the Hunt’s house.

Anyway, Karl didn’t live in the villa, and didn’t want to see her. What does it matter if she can live there?

After finishing her things, it was already afternoon, and she planned to go out to buy something.

She lives in a well-known slum in Rostenvel, with inconvenient transportation and a mixed area.

As soon as she turned into an alley, she heard a loud “bang”.

It seems to be… gunshots?

When she looked up, she saw a white van facing her, like a crazy wild dog, rushing towards her uncontrollably.

She drew aside dangerously, and as the car swept past her, the door suddenly opened and a tall man jumped out of it.

He hugged his head and rolled right to Alyssa’s feet.

She was about to retreat when the man suddenly jumped up and pressed a cold object against her temple. The man’s nice voice was somewhat familiar, “Take me away, hurry.”

When Alyssa raised her head to see the man’s face, she subconsciously exclaimed, “Luther!”

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