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Chapter 75

Back at the villa, Alyssa first took a look on the Internet to see if any news or topics related to her broke out.

She brushed it for a while without seeing it, so she went to the kitchen to cook.

At dinner, Karl still did not show up as usual, and “Luther” didn’t know where he went.

Only then did she realize that when Karl was at home, “Luther” would become very busy, and would often not eat at home.

Alyssa shook her head, thinking that she might have been squeezed by “Luther” and she felt a little comfort when he was not at home.

The next day.

The car drove to the door on time to take her to Mu’s work.

When she returned, she saw a car parked in front of the villa from a distance.

When she stopped to enter the door, the door bodyguard said, “Someone is looking for madam?”

The bodyguard nodded and said, “The lady said she was the mother of the young lady.”

Because of Karl’s special situation, many bodyguards have been put on guard in the villa for many years. He hasn’t appeared in public view for many years, so there are no obvious friends in his whereabouts, and few people come to him.

Even if someone came to him, it was impossible to see him easily.

Smith heard this, raised his foot and walked in, and saw Rachel sitting on the sofa.

He helped Karl check the information, so he also knew Rachel.

However, Mrs. Hunt herself is more charming than she looks in the photo, and she is very beautiful when she was young.

He called a bodyguard and said, “First serve Mrs. Hunt tea.”

After he finished speaking, he went to the study to find Karl.

In the past two days, Karl asked Smith to send Alyssa to the company first and then went to AdamPic by himself. At this time, he was still in the study.

Smith pushed the door in, and reported respectfully: “Sir, Mrs. Hunt is here.”

“Which Mrs. Hunt?” Karl didn’t lift his head, obviously, he didn’t react to who he said: “Mrs. Hunt” was.

“Madam’s mother, Rachel Hunt.”

Karl raised his head suddenly, after a little thought, he guessed the purpose of Rachel’s visit to him.

An interest flashed in his eyes: “Let her come up.”


When Rachel went to Karl’s study, she thought she could see Karl, but found that he was sitting with his back to her, not showing up at all.

Smith spoke on the sidelines: “Mrs. Hunt, just talk about it.”

Rachel grabbed the corner of her clothes and said with a shame on her face: “Mr. Adams, I am here today to apologize for my daughter.”

After she finished speaking, she wanted to see how Karl reacted and found that he didn’t say anything, she went on to say, “I didn’t teach Alyssa well and asked her to do something I’m sorry for that. She could replace her sister in marrying Entering Adams’ house, it is your generosity not to pursue it. I didn’t expect that she would not only not be grateful, but take advantage of your absence and s3duce your cousin to do something like that…

Don’t talk about Karl’s thoughts, he was always confused.

Haven’t the young lady and Mr. Adams been doing well recently? What’s the matter?

Where is the biological mother running to her son-in-law to arrange her daughter?

Karl knew before that the Hunt family’s family relationship was complicated. Rachel didn’t care about Alyssa, and focused her attention on Isabel’s two brothers and sisters. Today, he truly understood it.

He was about to speak when the door of the room was suddenly pushed open vigorously from the outside and fell on the wall with a loud “bang”.

Karl’s expression tightened when he heard the voice, and he could guess who it was without looking back.

When Rachel and Smith turned around when they heard this, they saw Alyssa, who was supposed to work in the company, returning, standing at the door with frosty faces, eyes silent as ghosts.

Alyssa met Rachel’s gaze and faintly said, “Mom, carry me and file a complaint in front of my husband, why don’t you call me to confront?”

“You… aren’t you in the company?” Rachel’s face turned pale all at once.

During this period of time, she obviously felt that Alyssa no longer listened to her as before, and sometimes the sudden look in Alyssa’s eyes even made her feel scared.

“If I don’t come back, how can I hear you think so hard for me?” Alyssa said as she walked slowly towards Rachel.

She went to the company. Today’s task is to go out to do market research. When she came out, she found that she had forgotten to bring her mobile phone, so she came back to get it.

When she passed Karl’s study room, she even heard Rachel’s voice.

“You apologize to my husband for me?” Alyssa sneered, the smiling eyes on her face were full of chills: “You are really my good mother.”

Rachel involuntarily stepped back two steps, not knowing where she touched something out: “I…I have evidence!”

Alyssa looked at it and found out that she was holding a recorder.

It turned out that Rachel came to her yesterday and made this idea.

It’s really hard for a cowardly person like Rachel to come to Karl. You don’t need to think about it to know that Isabel must have made Rachel do this again behind Colin.

Colin also counted on Alyssa to help him raise money from Karl. If he knew it, he would naturally not let Isabel do such a thing.

Rachel has already pressed the play button, and the whole recording is not long, and two sentences are the most important.

“Be honest with my mother, are you and Karl’s cousin really together? I saw you in the car at that time…”

“What does it matter to you? What if I am with his cousin?”

Alyssa clearly remembered what she said at the time, as if “Why do you care about me so suddenly? What is your purpose?”.

Such an inferior synthetic recording is also used to slander her!

Isabel had secretly taken pictures of her and “Luther” before and bought news from the media, but the news did not affect Alyssa at all, so the dog jumped over the wall in a hurry and wanted to direct the matter to Karl. In front of the owl.

“Mr. Adams, listen, this is what Alyssa admits! She did this kind of thing because I am a mother without education, I am willing to take her back to educate her, Mr. Adams, you see…”

Alyssa heating wanted to laugh but did not speak, only looked up in Karl’s direction.

After a moment of silence in the study, the man’s hoarse voice sounded: “She is married to Adams house. She is Karl’s woman. When will my woman be taken care of by someone else?”

“But she…” Rachel didn’t expect Karl to react like this.

When she came over, Isabel told her that as long as she took out the recording, it would surely irritate Karl. When that happens, he will definitely drive Alyssa away…

Although Alyssa knew that Karl would not believe this fake recording, his words still made her feel warm. Her voice softened unconsciously, “I’m sorry because my business disturbed you. “

Chapter 76

Karl did not speak again.

Alyssa gave Rachel a mocking look, turned around, and left.

Before Rachel understood what was going on, Smith had already walked up to her: “Mrs. Adams, please…”

Smith nodded slightly, raised his hand, and made a “please” gesture, which was clearly pushing Rachel out.

Rachel has always been cowardly. Knowing that she was holding a fake recording, he felt that his face was dull for a while, so he lowered his head and walked outside.

When she reached the door, she saw Alyssa hugging her arms, leaning on the door, and staring straight at her.

Rachel hesitated and stepped forward: “Alyssa, you…”

“Mind if you take me for a ride?” Alyssa’s face was sparsely cold from thousands of miles away.

Such Alyssa was very strange to Rachel, but she still nodded.


In the car, Alyssa and Rachel sat side by side in the back seat.

Alyssa said with a cold face: “Did Isabel let you come?”

In Alyssa’s cold tone, there was a sense of oppression, which silenced Rachel’s “no”: “It’s her.”

“I remember what she said before? Who did she say is obedient like a dog?” Alyssa curled her lips and smiled like a demon.

Rachel’s face turned pale, and her mouth was still explaining for Isabel: “She was just confused for a while, and she treats me well and warmly. I think Karl trusts you. You must get along well. Right? Don’t fight your sister to make her unhappy. Let her be. She has been so angry that she has eaten less recently because of your affairs…”

Alyssa clenched her hands and yelled at her suddenly: “Enough!”

Rachel had never been yelled at by Alyssa before and was stunned.

Alyssa’s eyes were red, but there was no tear in the bottom of her eyes.

For the first time in her life, she was so hysterical in front of Rachel.

“Even if you never treat me as your biological daughter, you at least treat me as a human being! I also have a heart. I am not something at your mercy, I am a person! I have feelings and I feel the sadness!”

“I know…” Rachel was frightened by Alyssa’s tone, but still said: “Mom has not been easy at Hunt’s house for so many years, I just want you to help Mom…”

“Then how easy has it been for me these years? You haven’t bought me a piece of clothes since I was sensible, and I wore all Isabel’s remaining ones like domestic servants. Every time you make biscuits for Isabel. Fruit, I have to eat her leftovers, even now, I am forced to marry Karl, you still refuse to let me go…”

Alyssa closed her eyes, raised her head, forced her tears back, and shouted at the driver: “Stop!”

Rachel saw that she was about to get out of the car, and quickly pulled her: “Alyssa, don’t get out of the car first, listen to me…”

“Get out!” Alyssa shook her hand away, “Don’t touch me!”

She was afraid that if she looked at Rachel more, she would do too much.

The hatred and disgust in Alyssa’s eyes forced Rachel to let go of her hand, and she did not dare to say anything more.


The place where Alyssa got off the car was not far from the office.

Alyssa walked to the office on foot.

Although Rostenvel is in the south, the four seasons are distinct. At this time, the outdoor temperature is only four or five degrees Celsius, and the wind hurts the face.

But this kind of pain was not equal to one-tenth of her heart.

She walked too fast and the wind was blowing so fast that it was a little difficult for her to breathe. There was an illusion of suffocation.

When she arrived, she went straight to Isabel’s office.

Isabel’s face was almost swollen, and it was covered with a thick layer of powder, and there was no difference.

When Isabel raised her head, she saw Alyssa, and her eyes flashed with disgust: “What are you doing?”

But soon, she found that Alyssa’s face was not right.

When she reacted, Alyssa had already reached out across the desk and held her lapels, lifting her from the chair.

“Using my mother to deal with me, you use it smoothly, right? A woman like you who lives in calculations every day is really pitiful. Do you really think that Karl is as good as Norris to fool? Even my man’s finger is better than him! Anything is directed at me, and then to disturb Karl, you will just wait and see.”

She was grateful for Karl’s trust in her.

Because of this, she blamed herself.

Karl had a reserved temperament and didn’t like to see people, but Isabel moved her mind to him and let Rachel disturb him.

After Alyssa finished speaking, she let go of her hand forcefully and threw Isabel back onto the chair.

Her waist hit the armrest of the chair, and she was so painful that she had forgotten to make a sound. Seeing Alyssa who was full of coldness in front of her, she did not dare to speak for a while.

Alyssa sneered looking at Isabel’s awkwardness and went out.

It wasn’t until the door was closed that Isabel sighed with relief.

Thinking of what Alyssa had just said, she immediately called Rachel.

Rachel always answered Alyssa’s phone very quickly.


Rachel called Isabel’s name, and was interrupted impatiently by her: “How is the matter? Is Karl furious? Also, do you see what he looks like?”

She asked Rachel to find Karl, not only wanted to arouse Karl’s anger with a fake recording, but she also wanted to confirm whether Karl was really ugly.

After all, Alyssa has spoken for Karl in front of her more than once. Alyssa has become more beautiful now, and she should have a higher vision. How could she be willing to guard a cripple?

So she became suspicious.

“He turned his back to me, I didn’t see his face…” Rachel knew that she had messed up the matter, and her voice became quieter: “There is also the recording, he didn’t believe it at all and said that Alyssa is Adams’ family member, it’s not my turn to take care of…”

When Isabel heard her say this, her anger almost drowned her.

“A cripple can speak so arrogantly. After he is kicked off as the heir of the Adams’ family, let’s see what he is still arrogant for!”

Rachel knew that Isabel was angry, and she blamed herself: “Isabel, I’m sorry…”

“It’s all right, don’t you always do this, nothing can be done!”


The phone was hung up.

Rachel looked at the hung-up cell phone in her hand, and Alyssa’s expression of hatred and disgust suddenly appeared in her mind.

She really seems to be unable to do anything.

However, she really just wants to stay at Hunt’s house well. Is it wrong for her to please Colin and Isabel?

Alyssa is her own biological daughter, so she can’t weigh up her difficulties?


When the time to get off work came, Smith drove to Hunt’s office and waited for a long time, until all the people were almost gone, and Alyssa did not come out.

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