Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 452

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Chapter 452


Grace ordered a plain noodle.

When she started cooking, Jacob reminded her aggrievedly, “I didn’t have dinner either.”

Grace stared at him blankly, “Who are you lying to?”

“I threw the steak into the trash can.”

Grace’s gaze fell into the trash can, and when she saw all the props for the candlelight dinner lying horizontally inside, her face turned red.

So she really overreacted today?

Grace handed the bowl of noodles to Jacob’s hand, “You can eat first. I will cook another bowl.”

Jacob said, “I can’t finish it. Why don’t we eat together?”

Grace was startled and nodded.

A bowl of plain noodles, two pairs of chopsticks.

Two people just eat like this.

Grace only took a bite to realize that he had forgotten to put condiments on this side.

Plain as water, it tastes like chewing wax.

Secretly glanced at Jacob, thinking he would dislike it, but she didn’t expect him to eat well.

Grace bit her chopsticks hard in confusion, what play is this guy singing tonight?

The sc*mbag and the innocent, free to switch, really are acting.

“Master Zhan, do you want me to put some condiments?”

“No, you can eat.”

Grace was so hungry that her stomach was groaning, but faced with this bowl of plain noodles, she couldn’t be hungry.

Only halfway through the dinner, Jacob’s cell phone rang quickly.

Jacob slid his mobile phone and heard Zhan Hanxuan’s trembling voice, “Brother, come back soon, something happened to Tourmaline Manor.”

Jacob threw the tableware away and said to Grace, “I’ll go to the Tourmaline Manor. Wait for my return.”

Grace Zhengchou had no chance to enter the tourmaline to investigate the truth of the day, and immediately hugged Jacob’s hand and pleaded, “Should I go with you?”

Jacob hesitated a bit, thinking of her disappearance in Xiangdingyuan that day, and still have lingering fears.

Grace said, “I will be afraid to stay alone!”

Jacob thought for a while, and thought it might be the wisest choice to keep her by his side.


Grace secretly happy!

From the Calendar Garden to the tourmaline, they only need to cross the southeast section of the surrounding highway, and it will take you 20 minutes by car.

As soon as Rolls Royce stopped at the door, a guard came up.

After Jacob and Grace got out of the car, the guard drove Rolls Royce to the underground parking lot for him.

It was already nine o’clock in the evening, coming out of the warm car, the huge temperature difference made Grace tremble.

Jacob took off his windbreaker and put it on her.

Then circled her shoulders, the two walked quickly to the three-bedroom Rose Manor.

A long distance away, they heard noisy quarrels and women’s heart-piercing pain from the manor.

“What happened?” Grace asked curiously.

Jacob speeded up with a sullen expression.

As soon as they arrived at the garden gate of the Rose Manor, they saw that the garden was brightly lit and surrounded by many people.

“Brother, you can be regarded as coming!” Janice shouted at Jacob, shaking her arms, “If you don’t come out again, I’m afraid there will be a mess here.”

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