Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 419

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Chapter 419

Not only Shen Jie!

Elvira next to him, looking at Qi Siyuan’s condition, his face full of blood, his head also chaotic, subconsciously pulled Shaun up, and quickly left:

“Shaun…hurry up! Hurry up!”

That’s it!

She took Shaun and left the tavern quickly!

Until then!

Inside the tavern, there is a complete mess. This is the property of the Qi family. Whether it is the manager of the tavern or waiters, one after another crowded around.

“Sao Qi! Wake up, don’t scare me!”

Shen Jie’s face was pale.

If something happened to Qi Siyuan then Shaun would be killed by his family and Shen Jie can’t escape as well.

after all!

Today she brought Qi Siyuan with her, and she is entirely responsible.

And just under the shaking of Shen Jie!


Qi Siyuan let out a painful roar, and then slowly opened his eyes.

This scene made Shen Jie let out a long sigh of relief.

“Shao Qi, you…you finally woke up! You scared me to death!”

While Shen Jie said, she wanted to help Qi Siyuan up.

But at this moment!

Qi Siyuan became crazy when he found out that Elvira and Shaun had left and there is severe pain on his face.

“A**hole! You… why did you let that little bastard go? He hit me, how he dared to hit me?”

Qi Siyuan said!

Angrily attacked his heart, he slapped Shen Jie on her face.


He staggered Shen Jie directly, and she fell to the ground, her cheeks started to burn with pain, and a bright red palm print appeared.

“Sao Qi, you… why are you hitting me?”

Shen Jie was confused.

She didn’t expect that after Qi Siyuan woke up, he would suffer from Wuwang disaster.

“Do you have a face to ask! Elvira is your cousin, and that little bastard is your cousin’s husband!”

“That little bastard hit me, So that is why I hit you!”

Qi Siyuan was almost mad at this moment.

The sharp pain in his cheeks hurt his heart and lungs, and he howled frantically at Shen Jie.

Hearing this!

Shen Jie couldn’t wait to hit him to death.

What else you expect, definitely people will beat you when you humiliate them.

Shen Jie had a hundred swear words in her heart, but she couldn’t express it at all. In her heart, there is a feeling of hate for Shaun.

It’s all due to that bastard!

It was he who harmed me, I had a good relation with Qi Siyuan, but now Qi Siyuan hates me.

“Qi Shao, if you want revenge, find that bastard Shaun! He beat you!” Shen Jie frightened Qi Siyuan immediately.

Hearing the word ‘Shaun’!

In Qi Siyuan’s eyes, there was suddenly a fierce glow like a beast:

“Huh! That bastard, I won’t spare him so easily!”

“He broke my cheek! I must torture him to death!”

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