Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 453

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Chapter 453

Jacob walked into the Rose Manor with a sullen face, and the noisy manor suddenly became silent due to the arrival of Jacob.

Jacob Eagle Falcon’s gaze swept over everyone present, and almost all the women in the third room and the children in the outer room were present.

Zhan Tingsu looked at Jacob with a cold face, “Jue Han, this is my family affair and has nothing to do with you.”

When Jacob was 28 years old, the old man felt that his body was declining. Therefore, the management of Zhanjia’s affairs was transferred to Jacob.

This decision aroused strong opposition from the uncles at the time. After all, they were elders, but they had to be controlled by the younger Jacob.

However, Jacob quickly conquered everyone with his wrist. In the past few years, the fighters have disappeared a lot.

Only in recent years, as the children in the outer room have gradually grown into…people, not only the three rooms, but the women outside of the second room have begun to move around, wanting to enter the Zhan Family and have a future for their children.

But this is the most taboo of the warriors, so the conflicts intensified. In the end, the Zhan Xiao murder case and today’s minor three forced palace case occurred.

Zhan Ting Su is determined to seek a splendid future for his children, even not hesitating to offend the court.

Therefore, Zhan Tingsu showed great resistance to the arrival of Jacob.

The third lady concealed her face and wept, “Of course you don’t want Jacob to come over. You want to let all those vixen come into the tourmaline manor, so you can enjoy the happiness of family. I tell you, as long as I am not dead, you will give up this thought. I absolutely disagree.”

“I don’t take a mirror to look at my face. I’m old and yellow. Are you embarrassed to take care of the master?” a woman said bitterly.

The third wife was furious, and rushed to fight with the woman, “You shameless little mistress, who specializes in destroying other people’s families, I want to tear your mouth.”

Jacob condensed his eyebrows and gave orders to the bewildered Zhan Hanxuan, “Don’t stop your mother yet.”

Zhan Hanxuan ran up, pushed the woman to the ground fiercely, and hugged the third wife, “Mom, don’t be familiar with this kind of woman!”

The woman fell on the ground and didn’t get up. Instead, she started crying, “Master, look at Han Xuan, he actually beat me?”

Zhan Ting Sui slapped his slap on Zhan Hanxuan’s face, “You are an unfilial son, that’s your third mother, you also fight?”

Zhan Hanxuan covered his face and looked at Zhan Tingsu angrily, “Dad, I hate you.”

Then we have to run out.

“Come back!” A cold and stern voice, wrapped in a trembling coercion, suppressed the chaotic situation again.

Zhan Hanxuan froze at the door and turned around slowly when he heard Jacob’s voice.

Jacob shot the eagle pupil on Han Xuan, very hate that iron cannot be made of steel, “I can’t suppress this scene?”

This chaotic scene was described as a small scene by him, and everyone instantly felt the huge deterrent spreading from this man.

Zhan Hanxuan walked back in frustration, “Big Brother!”

Jacob said slowly, “Your mother’s name is written on the title deed of Rose Manor. You and your mother are the righteous owners of this house. Someone comes to provoke, Zhan Hanxuan, you should close the door and beat the dog, understand?”

Zhan Hanxuan suddenly opened, looking angrily at the arrogant and domineering women.

“Big brother, since you are all talking, then I’m not polite to them.”

Zhan Hanxuan angrily scolded the women in the outer room, “Get out of here, otherwise you won’t blame me for being polite.”

Zhan Ting Su was anxious, “Jacob, are you pure in heart to split our three rooms?”

Jacob turned around, with cold light shining in his eagle eyes: “If you and the third aunt raise your eyebrows, if the third aunt still has a little affection for you. No one can separate the feelings between you?”

The third lady cried more fiercely.

Zhan Ting Su was irritated, “Crying, you know crying. Why don’t you die?”

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