Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 77 – 78

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Chapter 77

He called Alyssa again, and realized that there was something wrong, no one answered.

He was about to call Karl, and Karl took the initiative to call and ask about the situation.

“Why haven’t you come back? Didn’t get her?”

In the second half of the sentence, Karl’s tone was obviously colder.

“No, she didn’t answer the call. I suspect she might have left long ago, or else…” something went wrong.

He dared not say the last three words.

After a long while, Karl’s suppressed anger voice came from the other end of the phone: “So why don’t you look for her?”


After hanging up the phone, Karl picked up his jacket and was about to go out.

After finding a car in the garage and driving it out, he had time to think.

The fact that Rachel came to see him today must have given Alyssa a big blow.

Although she looks fierce, she is actually a paper tiger, and he can crush her in three or two.

The possibility of an accident is very small, but the possibility of hiding and being sad is greater.

At this moment, his cell phone rang suddenly.

Looking down, he realized that Peter had come.

“what’s up?”

Peter still said in a foolish tone: “Your tone is so bad, have you eaten gunpowder?”

Karl was too lazy to tell him and hung up the phone.

In the corner of the noisy bar, Peter looked at the hung-up phone and made two chuckles. He picked up the phone and took a picture of Alyssa who was sitting not far away and sent it to Karl.

Hang up his phone?

Karl had to call him immediately!

Sure enough, Karl’s phone came quickly, and his voice was cold and unkind: “Address.”

“Are you asking for help?” Peter had a rare opportunity to take advantage of Karl and was unwilling to tell him so quickly.

“There are still vacancies for business expansion in Africa.”

“Grass!” Peter cursed and told Karl the address of the bar.

Karl threatened him with this every time, but it worked every time.

Because Karl had done this kind of thing, before Peter made a huge criticism because of his carelessness, he was directly sent to Africa by Karl.

In Karl’s dictionary, there is no such thing as “just talk”. He always does what he says!


In the bar.

After Alyssa drank the wine in the glass, she was still not drunk at all and asked for another dozen beer.

Born to drink well, it is not easy to get drunk, which is a good thing in normal times, but now Alyssa is here to get drunk.

Alyssa was beautiful and outstanding. She was single and put a dozen beer in front of her. At first glance, she was in a bad mood and came to get drunk. Many men frequently looked at her.

Finally, two men approached tentatively.

“Beauty, are you alone?”

Alyssa glanced, and the two men were wearing suits. They looked like elites, and they were showing a bit of temperament. The positions in the company should also be at least of executives.

Alyssa ignored them and drank to herself.

No refusal is acquiescence.

The two men thought they had figured out what Alyssa meant, and sat down beside her.

“Beauty, what’s the point of drinking alone, let’s drink together!”

Alyssa couldn’t see their thoughts, and smiled, “Okay, drink together and have fun.”

The man came excited and asked her: “What are you playing?”

Alyssa tilted her head and raised her hand to support her chin, looking both charming and innocent: “Play dice.”

When the two men heard the words, they looked at each other and smiled, showing confident smiles: “Yes.”

Does this woman still want to play dice with them? When she was drunk, they thought of playing with her.

The two men were self-confident at first, but after playing a few games in a row, they found that the wine in front of Alyssa didn’t move, and they had already emptied several bottles and filled their stomachs with wine. People speak with echoes.

Alyssa smiled innocently: “You drink really well.”

She said while pouring the wine.

Peter, who was on the side, wanted to come when the two men came up to talk, but seeing Alyssa calmly, he didn’t move and planned to watch the changes.

Seeing that the two men were about to drink, the wine in front of her didn’t move, making him itchy to come up and play with Alyssa.

At this moment, there was a commotion at the door of the bar.

Peter raised his eyes and saw Karl walking towards this side.

Karl is tall and has an extraordinary temperament. He is very recognizable when he walks in the crowd, and he can recognize him at a glance as if he can shine.

The light in the bar was dim, and he couldn’t see Karl’s face, but he vaguely felt that Karl’s mood was not very -wonderful.

Peter felt bad, and quickly walked towards Alyssa, wanting to remedy it.

However, he did not go as fast as Karl at all.

As soon as Karl entered the door, he saw Alyssa.

Seeing her smiling and sitting with other men playing dice and drinking, she looked quite happy.

Ah! He was so anxious that she would fly over, and she would do well, having fun with other men.

Alyssa turned her back to the door, naturally, she didn’t see Karl, but when he approached, she vaguely felt a bit cold on her back, and the familiar aura got closer, she couldn’t help but turn her head back.

Karl had just walked behind her, and Alyssa was taken aback: “Why are you here?”

The two men were already half-drunk, and when another man came over, they asked aloud, “Who is this?”

Alyssa looked back at them and said with a serious face: “My cousin, looks handsome, many girls chase him.”

Karl’s face was dark, looking at the empty bottle in front of her, calculating how much wine she had drunk.

After speaking, she stretched out her hand again to pull the arm of “Luther”: “Come and sit down!”

“Alyssa, let’s go home!” Karl’s face was as cold as a layer of ice, and his face was stretched, obviously a sign of anger.

“I don’t want to go back, I don’t have a home.” Alyssa lowered her head and drank the wine in front of her. The smile on her face was instantly condensed, leaving nothing but melancholy.

Since I was young, I couldn’t be loved by my parents. I finally grew up. I also dreamed of finding a congenial person to organize a happy small family but was pushed by my mother to marry Karl for Isabel.

What home does she have?

She didn’t.

Hearing this, Karl fixedly stared at her for a few seconds and moved his lips. In the end, he didn’t say any comforting words. He just sat down beside her silently: “I want to drink, I will accompany you.”

His voice was as deep and magnetic as usual, but when he heard Alyssa’s ears, he felt it sounded better than usual.

Chapter 78

As soon as Karl sat down, the aura of self-righteousness exuded from his body, making the other two men who were already half-drunk almost awake.

When they saw Karl who was tall and big, and with extraordinary temperament, they couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous. When they looked at Alyssa, their eyes changed.

Does this woman have any background?

Alyssa glanced at “Luther”, then turned to look at the other two men: “What are you doing in a daze, continue to play, come!”

With that said, she opened several bottles of wine “boom boom boom” again.

The two men glanced at Karl, and Karl’s eyes swept over him coldly, and their expressions changed slightly.

They are not hairy boys. They have been in the society for so many years, knowing who can be provoked and who can’t, so they all got up and said: “We have something to do, so we will leave.”

Looking at the sullen backs of the two men, Alyssa felt a little disappointed and turned to ask “Luther”: “You scared my wine buddies away. Now, are you drinking with me?”

“I’ll be with you.” Karl glanced at her, lowered his head and picked up the beer she had just opened, and started drinking as he raised his head.

Alyssa turned her head and saw his constant rolling apple due to drinking, which seemed inexplicable s3xuality.

Soon, Karl finished a bottle of wine and turned the bottle upside down. No wine dripped from the mouth of the bottle.

It’s so clean.

Alyssa also took a bottle and drank it.

She squinted her eyes slightly and looked delicate.

Peter, who had originally wanted to come over, watched the two of them drank bottle by bottle and didn’t come to disturb them anymore. Instead, he took a video and sent it to Clayton to watch the fun together.


Karl didn’t expect Alyssa to drink so well, her eyes were still clear after drinking a dozen beer bottles.

But soon, he realized that he was wrong.

With a “bang”, Alyssa put the empty bottle on the table, and then stretched out her arm to put it on Karl’s shoulder.

But because Karl was sitting taller than her, she took a bit of effort and only took one time to put it on his shoulder.

Not only that, but she turned her head and leaned close to him, with a serious tone: “I have something to discuss with you.”

She spoke with a hint of alcohol, but it was not annoying at all. On the contrary, she was a little sultry, making Karl a little bit contemplative.

But her tone was too serious, and Karl frowned and asked her, “What’s the matter?”

They all speak the truth after drinking, this woman is going to tell him her secret?

Alyssa looked around for a while and then whispered mysteriously: “I want to go to the bathroom, but I’m a little dizzy. You can help me.”


Karl’s face suddenly turned black.

Seeing that Karl hadn’t moved, Alyssa pushed his arm: “Don’t be so stingy. Seeing that I have cooked for you for so long, won’t you help with such a small favor?”

Karl looked down at her, her pretty cat eyes narrowed slightly, looking misty.

She seems to be really drunk.

If she were to be killed in normal times, she wouldn’t be able to tell him to help her to the toilet.

Karl thought for a while, gritted his teeth, and said, “Help.”

Peter, who was watching the excitement in the corner, saw Karl helping Alyssa stand up, thinking that the two were finally leaving.

So he also followed.

Followed and found that the direction was wrong.

When he looked up again, he watched Karl help Alyssa into the women’s bathroom.

Peter: “…”

Alyssa quickly solved the physical problem. When she came out, she saw “Luther” standing at the door. She looked surprised and said, “What are you doing at the door of the women’s toilet? I didn’t expect you to have this habit! “

At this moment, two women came to the bathroom. Hearing Alyssa’s words, the two quickly turned and left.

Karl held back his anger, “Shut up!”

He regretted drinking with her for a while.

Karl had a dark face and looked a little scary. Alyssa glanced at him, then lowered her head and shut up obediently.

Karl took her and walked out.

Within two steps, Alyssa struggled and said, “Eh, do I you talk about hygiene, I haven’t washed my hands yet!”

Karl: “…”

Karl had to hold back his temper and took her back to wash her hands.

He turned on the faucet for her, but instead of washing her hands, she stretched out a finger like a child, circling around the water column.

Karl felt that all his patience in the past 26 years had been spent on Alyssa tonight.

With a tense face, he squeezed the hand sanitizer and rubbed the foam on his hand, then took her hand and started to wash her hands.

Karl stopped coldly, “Don’t move!”

Alyssa was frightened by his voice, gave him a timid look, and said with a touch of emotion: “My mother has never washed my hands for me, you are so kind.”

Karl’s movements paused, and the cold expression on his face eased slightly, and his voice was low and deep: “I could be better.”

Alyssa looked confused: “Huh?”

Karl’s eyes deepened, and his voice was even lower: “I can show it to you when I go home.”

He carefully dried Alyssa’s hands, led her back to the hall, took her clothes, and put them on her, intending to take her back.

But Alyssa started to make trouble again at this time: “No, no, I haven’t had enough, I still want to drink.”

With that, she reached out to grab the bottle.

At this moment, a group of people came out of a certain box inside, and one of them deliberately bumped into Karl when he passed by them.

Then the voice said wretchedly: “Oh, young man.”

The group of people behind him immediately laughed.

Karl pressed her head protruding from behind with a gloomy face, and directly kicked the person who was speaking.

The man fell out all at once and fell on the ground with a “bang” sound that hurt.

When the other people saw this, they gathered around: “Just kidding, boy, if you kneel on the ground and call grandpa now, we will let you go today, or else…”

Suddenly, there was another “bang”.

When everyone turned their heads, they saw a woman standing on a chair with a half-broken wine bottle akimbo.

Seeing that everyone was watching her, Alyssa pointed at the person who was talking fiercely: “Grandpa, you come over and confess your mistakes by yourself, grandpa will barely let you go today! Otherwise, I will let you walk straight in. , Carry it out sideways!”

Alyssa tilted her head and squinted, looking full of momentum.

Karl was so angry that the blue veins burst on his forehead: “Alyssa, come down for me!

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