Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 454

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Chapter 454

Grace couldn’t listen anymore, she could see that no matter how much Zhan Tingsu did to apologize to the third lady, the third lady would never leave him.

“It’s another pair of resentment!” Grace sighed.

She wanted to walk over to comfort the third wife, but Janice suddenly held her hand and blinked at her.

Grace would realize it immediately, and Janice wanted her to take the opportunity to leave here and go to Xiangdingyuan to find the answer she wanted.

So two people sneaked out.

Jacob’s gaze inadvertently caught the backs of the two little women surreptitiously leaving. His eyes darkened.

“Sister Irene, I completely betrayed my brother for you.” Janice was a little sad when she said this.

Grace didn’t want her to be embarrassed, and threw away her hand, “Janice, your brother is not bad to you. You don’t have to run this muddy water with me. Will you go back?”

Janice was afraid and slapped her chest, and said sharply, “That won’t work. That night you helped me fight the gangster regardless of your own safety. I have already decided. I will stand next to you for the rest of my life, never unconditionally good for you.”

“Janice, thank you.” Grace said moved.

“What are you polite with me? You trusted me so much and saved me from danger, and you betrayed your brother for me? We are the same sick and sympathetic to each other. From now on we will be grasshoppers on the same rope. We do not distinguish between each other.”

Two people came to Xiangdingyuan secretly.

The garden gate of Xiangdingyuan has been opened, and Janice said happily, “My brother is coming back tonight, so the garden gate has been opened. Come with me.”

Grace followed Janice and sneaked into the vestibule garden inside Xiangdingyuan.

It’s just that the door of Xiangdingyuan is closed, and it takes a lot of effort to enter the house.

Grace stared at the attic on the second floor, “It’s that room.”

Janice said, “If you can’t enter the door, try turning the window.”

Grace and Janice circled the Xiangding Garden, and they finally found a hanging ladder in the back garden.

The two put the ladder to the window in the attic, Grace first climbed the hanging ladder, and Janice supported the hanging ladder below.

“What are you doing?”

A yin bird’s voice sounded.

Janice shivered and knelt on the ground, hanging the ladder swaying, Grace fell from a height.

Jacob strode forward, caught Grace, and the two fell to the ground together.

Although the grass is soft, there are many thorny vines under the windows.

Jacob protected Grace in his arms, but his arm was stabbed with blood by the thorns of the thorn vine.

“Are you okay?” Although he was wounded and exhausted, his heart was all on Grace.

“I’m fine!” Grace said with a guilty conscience.

Two people got up, Jacob looked at the high window with a gloomy expression, “What are you doing?”

Janice is most afraid of Jacob, and is usually an elf head. When facing Jacob, she was confused.

Grace is just the opposite, usually looks pretty dull and timid, but at the critical moment, she is in a panic and said, “I’m in a hurry and want to go to the toilet…”

Jacob looked at her speechlessly, “I don’t want to hear this crappy excuse for the third time.”

Grace only remembered that she had indeed used this excuse many times.

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