Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 455

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Chapter 455

“Come with me.” Jacob said.

Grace and Janice were like two children who did wrong, walking behind Jacob with their heads drooping and shrugging shoulders.

Jacob came to the front door and stretched out his slender finger to unlock the fingerprint lock. After pressing a few keys on it, he turned and took Grace’s hand, pressing her finger on the fingerprint lock.

“From now on, go home and go to the main entrance.” Jacob whizzed.

“Yes.” Grace was surprised. He actually entered her fingerprint into the fingerprint lock. Was he not afraid that she would come back to investigate his secret at any time?

It was not until the light was turned on and he sat on the sofa that Grace found that there were small plant thorns on the back of Jacob’s left hand. It looks shocking.

If it were a pair of rough-skinned hands, maybe Grace would not feel distressed. However, Jacob’s hand is really charming, his fingers are slender, the joints are well-proportioned, and his fingers are wrapped in his white skin. They are even more intractable hands than a piano master.

“Master Zhan, are you injured?” Grace cried out in panic.

“It’s not in the way.” Jacob said.

Janice suggested, “Use alcohol to disinfect, right?”

“It hurts!” Grace blurted out.

Janice kicked Grace fiercely under the table. Grace stood up immediately in pain.

“I’ll get alcohol!” Grace stammered.

Janice gritted her teeth, “Get more.”

Grace looked at Janice…

The expression in Janice’s eyes had no deep meaning: if he is not kind to you, you should be unrighteous to him.

Don’t f*cking uprising!

Grace turned upstairs…

Two brothers and sisters Jacob and Janice were left in the living room.

Jacob stared at Janice deeply.

Janice’s eyes flickered and did not dare to meet Jacob’s fierce gaze.

“What are you doing?”

“Brother, didn’t Sister-in-law said it, anxious!”

“Janice, do you still want pocket money?”

“Brother, I’m already big and young, and I can’t justify using your money. I still go out to find a job, and the as*holes will be looked down upon after a long time.”

Jacob exclaimed against his will, “Yes, it’s not bad, you grow up and you are promising.”

Janice chuckled dryly, “It’s the eldest brother who teaches well.”

Jacob leaned forward, “What benefit did your sister-in-law give you? Look, she has turned you into her little fan.”

Janice’s eyes flashed, and she deliberately tried Jacob and said, “Big brother, don’t you like Sister-in-law too? Do you see how nervous you were just now? Speaking of which, aren’t you also her fans? We were brothers and sisters. It’s normal to like things in common!”

Jacob said with a sullen face, “Thank you, you are not a man.”

Janice looked at Jacob’s handsome face deformed by his jealousy. How could the feelings of her eldest brother for his sister-in-law look fake?

Grace took the alcohol and went downstairs with a disinfectant swab.

Sitting in front of Jacob, she carefully placed her hand on her leg, and then gently disinfected him.

Alcohol penetrated into the tiny blood holes, causing sharp bursts of pain.

Jacob didn’t realize it at all, just staring at Grace who was fully focused on disinfecting him.

After the disinfection was completed, Grace gently cleaned him up those little thorns.

Janice looked at the two people from a distance, and for some reason, she felt that this picture was extremely loving.

The elder brother’s immortal appearance is matched with the sister-in-law’s gentle and virtuous, the elder brother’s eyes are overflowing, and the sister-in-law’s thoughtfulness does not look like an enemy with a gulf.

Janice pouted. The two men were really good matches. They were both black-bellied squid spirits. They acted in sets.

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