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Chapter 403

While paying attention to Grace, Alyssa squeezed toothpaste and brushed her teeth.

Grace brushed her teeth for a while, then rinsed with some water, and then spit it out.

A small person standing on the stool, brushing her teeth in the mirror decently, seeing Alyssa’s heart softened into a pool of water.

So good.

From another perspective, Grace’s good behavior is basically due to Karl.

Alyssa couldn’t help but get distracted.

For Grace, Karl did give more than her.

If Karl were a bit more domineering and arrogant, he wouldn’t be able to let her live in because Grace liked her.

He could completely ignore her and not give her this opportunity.

“Mom, you have to throw it up, like this…”

Grace’s voice pulled her thoughts back.

She lowered her head and saw Grace took a sip of water in her mouth, swished it and vomited it out again.

Then Grace opened a pair of big eyes and asked her seriously: “Just throw it up like this, will you?”

Alyssa nodded in cooperation: “Yes.”

“Then you throw it up.” Grace seemed to still not believe her, and continued to follow her.

Alyssa had no choice but to cooperate with her, rinsing her mouth just like she did.

Then Grace patted her arm: “Awesome.”

“…” Alyssa was taken aback, and then made a happy expression: “Really? Grace is better than me!”

Grace was embarrassed by her praise, laughed twice, jumped off the stool, and went out to tease her little hairpin.

Alyssa quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face, and went out to tie Grace’s hair.

Grace is very demanding about tying her hair.

Alyssa asked her: “What kind of hair do you want to tie?”

“The braid…the princess’s head…this is so long, it’s like this here…”

Grace said as she stretched out Chubby’s hand to move around in her hair.

In the end, Alyssa didn’t figure out what hair she was going to get.

At the end, Grace asked her with an old tone: “Do you know what hair I want?”

Alyssa said solemnly, “I know.”

Grace’s hair was black and smooth, with bangs on the front and shoulder length at the back.

Alyssa braided two small braids on top of her head and hung down, leaving half of her hair [email protected] in the back.

After tying her hair, she asked Grace to choose two small hairpins and put them at the roots of the braids.

Don’t issue the pin, Alyssa smoothed her hair and said, “Okay!”

Grace, who had been obediently unmoved, couldn’t help reaching out and touching her head when she heard her say this: “Does it look good?”

“Watch it for yourself.” Alyssa said, she hugged Grace to the mirror.

Grace looked in the mirror, touched the braid on her head, touched the hairpin again, and exaggeratedly exclaimed, “It looks good!”

Alyssa helped her tidy up again: “My, Grace, looks the best.”

Grace looked at her shyly, and whispered, “Mom looks good too.”

Although Grace had always called her “pretty sister” before, this time, Alyssa was the happiest and most moved.

What followed was a little sad.

She couldn’t live here for her all the time. If she were to fight for Grace’s custody right then, she would definitely not be able to fight with Karl.

Karl was absolutely impossible to give Grace to her.

Alyssa calmed down and took Grace out: “Let’s go down for breakfast.”


In the restaurant, Karl was already sitting at the table.

The servants who stood by were all silent, and the atmosphere in the restaurant was very cold.

Grace was very sensitive, and she looked scared as soon as she entered, and leaned toward Alyssa.

Karl sat at the dining table, as if someone owed him money.

Alyssa whispered to Grace: “I used to call Dad, and then climbed on him and k!ssed him, saying you love him.”

Hearing this, Grace shook her head into a rattle.

Alyssa remembered last night, Tina said on the phone that Karl was terrible.

It seems that Grace is still very afraid of him.

Alyssa cheered her up: “Don’t be afraid, if he dares to attack you, mother will help you teach him.”

Grace vaguely understood the meaning of “teaching,” and he moved two steps to Karl, looking back at Alyssa.

Alyssa gave her an encouraging smile.

The smile on Grace’s face widened, she walked to Karl in small steps, turned her head to look at Karl’s face, and tentatively called out, “Dad.”

Karl glanced at her, his gaze flicked over the braid on top of her head, and an unimportant “um” was a response.

Then, he started to eat breakfast.

Alyssa only noticed that Karl hadn’t started breakfast.

Could it be that he was waiting for her and Grace to come down?

With this suspicion in her heart, Alyssa sat down at the dining table.

Grace is a good girl, remember Alyssa’s instructions.

Seeing Karl ignored her, she crawled on Karl with both hands and feet.

She climbed onto Karl’s lap and sat, grabbed his clothes and k!ssed him on the cheek, “Dad, I love you.”

After speaking, she stared at Karl curiously, as if waiting for Karl’s reaction.

Alyssa watched in awe.

Although she didn’t know how she got along with Karl in the past, for now, in her limited knowledge, only Grace dared to be so presumptuous in front of Karl.

When she climbed onto him, he was worried that she would fall, put down the knife and fork, and bent his arms around Grace’s small body.

When he heard Grace’s “Dad, I love you” again, he didn’t have any particular reaction.

He stretched out his hand and slipped her onto the chair next to him, pointed at her pink pink dinner plate, and said calmly, “Eat it all.”

Grace didn’t know if what she had just done was effective for her father, but her father seemed to be less angry.

She nodded very happily: “Hmm!”

Alyssa watched it from the sidelines to make it clear that Karl actually didn’t react much to Grace’s “confession”.

But it’s not difficult to see that Karl still loves Grace very much.

At this moment, Karl suddenly raised his eyes to look at Alyssa, his gaze fell from the dinner plate in front of her to her face, his voice low and no emotions could be heard: “Eat all of yours too.”

“Me?” Alyssa pointed her finger at herself, her expression unbelievable.

Just after Karl finished talking about Grace, he turned around and said about her again?

Grace is a three-year-old baby, she is 26 years old…

Karl gave a faint “um”, then turned his head to roll up his sleeves for Grace, and said, “The fork is not easy to handle. You can hold it with your hands.”

When Grace heard it, he quickly grabbed a small fruit with his hand and put it in his mouth, then as if thinking of something, Alyssa nodded and said, “Mom wants to eat it up, and Grace also eats it up.”

Alyssa: “…”

Chapter 404

Alyssa was very supportive of this breakfast.

She didn’t care much about Karl’s words, but after Grace had eaten them all, she pushed the plate to her and showed her…

Alyssa had to eat it all.

Her appetite has been calculated recently, but she still eats less than a normal woman.

After breakfast, Karl went to the company.

Alyssa played toys with Grace.

In the past, when Grace was in the old house, there would be servants to play with her, but the servants would have some scruples and would not play with Grace as openly as Alyssa.

What a child needs most is companionship. Playing with the child makes it easy to get closer to her.

What’s more, Grace always liked Alyssa.

Karl didn’t come back for dinner at noon. When Grace took a nap in the afternoon, she clamored for Alyssa to accompany her.

Alyssa had to take a nap with Grace.

They took a nap together, and could sleep for a long time.

Grace slept soundly and deep, which directly caused Alyssa to sleep with her for a long time.

Until she heard the sound of opening the door in a daze, she suddenly opened her eyes and woke up.

She first glanced at Grace who was lying next to her.

Grace was sleeping deeply with Alyssa’s arm, and Alyssa raised her eyes to the door.

At this time, the sky had dimmed, and the light in the room was a little dim.

She frowned slightly, and after adjusting to the light in the room, she realized that the person standing at the door of the half-open room was Karl.

Karl wore the suit he had left with in the morning. The suit was crisp and elegant, which made him extraordinarily tall and slender.

Alyssa stared blankly, then gently turned over and got out of the bed, and took away the mobile phone placed on the bedside.

Make sure she didn’t wake Grace, she walked towards the door with confidence.

Seeing her coming out, Karl turned and walked out.

Closing the door, Alyssa followed Karl and looked at the time, and found that it was past five o’clock, no wonder Karl had already returned.

When she was sleeping, the phone was turned on silent, and she found a missed call and text message.

Missed calls and text messages are dull.

Maybe Tina called her and found no one answered, so she sent her a text message.

The text was simple: “Are you free tomorrow afternoon? Make an appointment to meet.”

Alyssa hurriedly returned a message: “Okay.”

When she looked up at Karl again, she found that he was standing not far away, stopping to follow her.

Alyssa was a little uncomfortable with him, and asked him, “What do you want to eat at night?”

Karl said quietly, “Guess.”

Two words that seemed to be a joke, but he said it in a very serious tone.

Alyssa pursed her lips, stopped talking, and went straight downstairs to the kitchen.

Fortunately, she asked a servant about Karl’s taste during the day.

This man is really, digging holes and waiting for her all the time.


The dinner was very hearty.

Alyssa cooked seven or eight dishes, most of which were made according to Karl’s taste.

Several other dishes are cooked very lightly, and two soups are also stewed. Grace’s baby meal is a separate set of rice, which is matched with meat and vegetables, and the plate is cute.

Grace held the spoon and couldn’t wait: “So cute! So delicious.”

Alyssa laughed: “You haven’t eaten yet.”

She filled a bowl of soup and stirred it for a while, feeling almost warm, and placed it next to Grace: “Drink some soup.”

Grace took a spoon and scooped a spoonful of soup, and immediately held a bowl to drink.

Alyssa smiled and served her a small bowl again.

Before the soup in her hand was warmed, she felt that the opposite Karl seemed to be looking at her.

She looked up and followed Karl’s gaze to look back, and found that he was looking at the soup she had prepared for Grace.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and asked aloud, “Do you…want to have soup?”

She thought that Karl’s character might just give her a look for her to experience.

Unexpectedly, Karl said “um”, put down his chopsticks and sat there waiting for her to serve him soup.

Alyssa opened her lips, a little surprised, but didn’t say anything.

She filled a bowl for Karl with soup, and after passing it to him, she went to Grace’s soup bowl.

Alyssa tasted it, feeling that there was still some soup, so she blew it.

don’t know if it was her illusion, she always felt that Karl was still watching her.

She looked up and saw Karl still watching her.

She has served him soup, what else does he want?

Does he want her to help him pay attention to the temperature of the soup like she did to Grace, and help him blow it cold if it is hot?

Alyssa was shocked by this thought.

Although some of Karl’s behavior seemed naive, he was not a real baby.

It should be… she thinks too much.

At the end of dinner, Alyssa received Tina’s text message.

Tina sent Alyssa the time and place of the meeting, and asked her if she could bring Grace as well.

Alyssa felt that since she and Karl lived under the same roof, it was necessary to tell him about this kind of thing.

She thought for a while, raised her head and said to Karl, “I’m going out tomorrow afternoon.”

Karl took the towel handed over by the servant, wiped his hands, and asked her, “Where to go?”

“This kind of thing needs to be reported?” Alyssa felt that she did not need to tell him in detail.

Karl put down the towel, raised his eyes to look at her, and slowly said, “I’m in the company, you have to take Grace with you. Of course I need to know where you plan to go.”

“Can I take Grace out?” Alyssa did not expect Karl would allow her to take Grace out.

Karl frowned, with a hint of reproach in his tone: “You didn’t plan to take her out. Do you want her to be at home alone?”

“No…” Alyssa shook her head quickly: “You know her too, I’ll go out to see Tina.”

“When you go out tomorrow, someone will see you off.” Karl dropped these words and got up and left the restaurant.

Grace was full of food and was sitting paralyzed in a chair, looking like she was wandering away from the sky.

Alyssa called her: “Grace?”

Grace didn’t move for a moment: “Yeah.”

Alyssa walked over to her and sat down, slowly saying word by word: “Your father said, you can go out with me tomorrow!”

“Go out to play?” Grace seemed to come to life all of a sudden, her eyes lit up: “I want to go out to play!”

When Grace was in the old house, Karl usually had to go to work, and Grace’s scope of activities was only in the old house, and she also wanted to go out to play.

Therefore, the last time Miana was able to fool her out so easily.

Alyssa touched her head: “I will take you out tomorrow!”


The next afternoon, when it was time for departure, Alyssa saw Smith standing in front of the car waiting for a long time as soon as she left the house.

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