Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 621

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Chapter 621

Suddenly, Yuzhi’s family completely recalled that when they talked about Qin Gongzi, Elvira’s face became ugly.

So… so!

What to do?

Yuzhi’s family of four looked at each other, and their hearts were terrified to the extreme.

After all, that is Young Master Qin!

Once this matter got exposed, both Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru will be expelled from the Qin Group, and even their family will suffer the consequences because of their relation with Elvira.

“Dad! Mom! I… I’ll call Master Qin now and let him know that the offender has been found!” At this moment, Zhang Kaiming quickly took out his mobile phone.


Hearing this, Yuzhi got paled and hurriedly stopped him:

“No…no! Shaun is Elvira’s husband. If you make a phone call, doesn’t it mean he will kill Shaun and Elvira?”

Although Yuzhi was frightened, she could not tolerate Elvira being hurt.

Hearing this!

Zhu Zhide and Zhu Ru next to her quickly persuaded her:

“Wife, you are still protecting Elvira, don’t you know the terrible consequences after being known by Young Master Qin about our relation with Elvira?”

“Yeah, Mom! Zhang Kaiming and I work in the Qin Group! Could it be that you ignoring our life and death?”

The words of the father and daughter caused Yuzhi’s body to tremble fiercely, her complexion was as white as paper.



Puffs of sweat flowed down from Yuzhi’s forehead.

She was tangled to the extreme now.

On one side are Elvira and Shaun!

One other side is her home!

Even if she chooses either party, it will be a huge and terrible disaster for another one.

After a long silence, Yuzhi twitched the corners of her mouth and looked at the Benz car that was going away. Deep guilt appeared in her eyes:

“Elvira, I’m sorry! I’m sorry you!”

That’s it!

Yuzhi’s mouth was full of bitterness, and she could only nod her head:

“Okay! Do whatever you want!”


Hearing this, Zhang Kaiming and his wife got extremely excited.

Right now, Zhang Kaiming quickly dialed a call and then called.

Soon after the call was connected, they heard a series of screams like killing pigs, and it was the son of Qin Shou.

“Zhang Kaiming, why are you calling me at this time? If there is nothing important, I must peel you off!” Qin Shou’s voice was full of despair.

Obviously, the painful anger is because Shaun has broken his finger, still did not dissipate.

Hearing the violent voice on the phone, Yuzhi’s family fell silent with fright.

Zhang Kaiming could only bite the bullet and said:

“Qin… Qin Shao, I have found the offender who has hurt you!”

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