Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 622

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Chapter 622


As soon as he said this, Qin Shou’s cursing on the phone stopped abruptly.

Afterward, Qin Shou’s heavy breathing sounded:

“Where? Where is that damn bastard? I’m going to strip him alive!”

The sound is cruel and gloomy.

Suddenly, Zhang Kaiming’s face turned pale, and he quickly said:

“That Mercedes-Benz has just left Huaguiyuan Community and headed towards Canghuang Road to the east of the community!”

Canghuang Road!

Hearing about the location of Shaun and Elvira, Qin Shou on the phone was suddenly ecstatic:

“Quick! Go and get Mr. King Kong’s disciple! Let him take someone to Canghuang Road, and you must catch that bastard!”

Qin Shou’s voice was full of ecstasy and excitement.

After he gave orders to his subordinates, he said to Zhang Kaiming on the phone:

“Zhang Kaiming, you did a good job! When I got recovered, you will definitely be promoted to the position of general manager of our Qin Group!”

After speaking!

The phone just hangs up.

As for Zhang Kaiming, his excited body was shaking.

General manager!

He didn’t expect that this time he could get revenge on Shaun and get a promotion and raise in salary. This is simply a good thing in the sky.

On the side, whether it was Zhu Ru or Zhu Zhide, their faces were full of joy.

Only Yuzhi frowned, her face still full of guilt.

Obviously, she was worried about Elvira and Shaun.

“Mom! Don’t worry about that waste anymore! All this is his own self-conceit. Who made him break Young Master Qin’s fingers? Isn’t this looking for death?”

“Yeah, my wife, life and death are in the heavens! Don’t worry!”

A family of three continued to comfort Yuzhi.

Just at this moment!

Ding Dong!

The sound of a doorbell came over.


Everyone was taken aback, they didn’t expect that someone would come to the door at this time.

Zhu Zhide quickly walked towards the door.


When he opened the door and saw the four elders standing outside the door, Zhu Zhide was taken aback and could hardly believe his eyes.

“You… Are you the curator of Yunhai City Collection Hall, Mr. Ma?”

Yunhai City Collection Museum!

This is simply a holy place for lovers of antique calligraphy and painting like Zhu Zhide.

All the items in the collection are treasures.


The curator of the collection hall, Ma Lao, is extremely distinguished. Even in Yunhai City, he is definitely the No. 1 figure, and he is also regarded as a god-level existence by Yunhai antique calligraphy and painting lovers.

As for Zhu Zhide, he had only seen Mr. Ma from a distance before, but he couldn’t even dream that his idol has come to the door himself.

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