Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 623

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Chapter 623

Not only that!

Behind the curator Ma Lao, the other three elders were all big names in the Yunhai collection world.

“Lao Ma, guys, why are you here? Come on, come in!”

After Zhu Zhide reacted, he was surprised and delighted, and humbly let the big brothers into the house.

However, a scene that made him stunned appeared.

He saw that all the faces of Ma Lao and the other three were full of flattering smiles, and then respectfully said to Zhu Zhide:

“You are Mr. Zhu Zhide!”

“Excuse me, as Mr. BLOOD ordered us we are here to see you!”


Hearing this, Zhu Zhide, Yuzhi, and others could hardly believe their ears.


This name fell in Zhu Zhide’s ears, causing his body to tremble fiercely, his eyes almost popping out:

“Old Ma, you…did you find the wrong place?”

“Who are you looking for?”

Zhu Zhide was completely confused.


He is the most legendary painter in the world, and his every painting has been sealed as a treasure.

Although Zhu Zhide is a fan of antique calligraphy and painting, he has not even seen a painting by Mr. BLOOD, let alone BLOOD himself?

Is this a joke?

More than him!

Behind, Yuzhi, Zhu Ru, and Zhang Kaiming also suspected that they had auditory hallucinations.

“Husband, did I have auditory hallucinations just now? Is Ma always looking for the legendary painter-BLOOD?”

Zhu Ru’s face was dumbfounded, and she even rubbed her ears.

Next to her, Zhang Kaiming also grew his mouth, swallowed fiercely, and nodded:

“Wife, I…I heard it too! Just now, Mr. Ma really said that they had got an order from Mr. BLOOD to see our dad!”


Yuzhi’s family was completely shocked and confused.

And seeing this scene!

Ma Lao and others glance at each other and laughed.

It is also today that they received a call from Zhu Qing, the curator of the Jiangshi Collection Museum. It is said that Mr. BLOOD has already gone to Zhu Zhide’s home in Yunhai City. They hurriedly put down everything and came to ask for advice.


Old Ma continued to say to Zhu Zhide kindly:

“Mr. Zhu Zhide, you heard that right, we are indeed here to see you!”


When this deterministic answer fell in the ears of Yuzhi’s family, each of them trembled.

“Mr. Ma, don’t be kidding, how come there is Mr. BLOOD in our home? Besides, I… I don’t even know a big person like Mr. BLOOD?” Zhu Zhide’s mouth was filled with a wry smile.

In his eyes, Elder Ma and others are definitely making fun of themselves.

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