Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 624

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Chapter 624


Ma Laoji asked with a smile:

“Mr. Zhu Zhide, do you know Miss Elvira from Jiang City?”


Zhu Zhide’s family got confused, they didn’t understand how they got involved with Elvira again.

“Yes! My love, Yuzhi, is Elvira’s aunt!” Zhu Zhide had a faint premonition in his heart, and he quickly asked:

“Lao Ma, you mean Mr. BLOOD is related to Elvira?”


At this moment, Yuzhi’s family was extremely nervous, and an incredible guess faintly appeared in their hearts.

And it was this speculation that almost scared them all.

However, Mr. Ma did not answer directly. Instead, continued to ask:

“Excuse me, how about Miss Elvira and her husband? Can we old guys please see them?”

“Old Ma, it’s unfortunate! Just now, Elvira and her husband Shaun left!” Zhu Zhide’s feelings were getting stronger and stronger.

Especially, he saw that after he finished talking about Elvira and her husband leaving.

The faces of Ma Lao four were full of loss.

“Gone? It seems we are still a step late!”

Ma Lao sighed, and then asked Zhu Zhide with expectation:

“Then may I ask, did they leave you anything before leaving?”


Zhu Zhide’s eyelids twitched slightly, and he pointed to the pile of gift boxes at the door and said:

“When they came, they brought these gifts!”

“Oh! Besides, Elvira’s husband drew a picture before leaving!”


When they heard this word, Ma Lao and others lifted their spirits, their breathing, even at this moment, became a little rush.

“Can you let us take a look at that painting?” Ma Lao asked nervously.

Just hearing this.

Zhu Zhide’s heart thumped wildly.

Can only bite the bullet, pointed to the trash can in the living room, and said:

“That picture is right there in the trash can!”

“Lao Ma, that painting is simply unsightly. When Shaun painted it, we all saw it with our own eyes. Neither it looked like a mountain nor water, it was so dark and we didn’t know what it was!

Zhu Zhide also wanted to explain.

However, the four of them didn’t listen at all, they all rushed in, and then they looked like a group of crazy treasure hunters.

They rushed to the side of the trash can and carefully took out the crumpled paper ball.

Then slowly unfolded.

However, when this paper ball was unfolded, the Yuzhi family seemed to have seen a ghost one by one, and could hardly believe their eyes.

“This…Is this a map of mountains and a river?”

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