Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 625

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Chapter 625


At this moment, both Yuzhi and Zhu Ru were completely dumbfounded.

They had seen it with their eyes before, that the painting Shaun painted was so dark that it was nothing but scribbles.

But now!

When the paper ball was unfolded, it seemed like magic and became a picture of mountains and a river.

The high mountains, revealing a majestic momentum standing on the ground and above the sky.

The turbulent Yellow River circled the mountains.

The rushing waves were so realistic that it made people shiver as if they were actually facing the surging river.

This picture of mountains and a river, whether in momentum or color, gives people an almost flawless feeling.

Just looking at it, it seems that you are really standing among the mountains and river, looking down on the world!

“Oh…Oh my god! This is really Mr. BLOOD’s method using brush strokes and outlines!”

“Mountains and river map, I have seen countless people paint mountains and a river in my life, but I have never seen such a bloody mountain and river map! It is indeed Mr. BLOOD’s masterpiece!”

“Hahaha… the sky has eyes. Although the old man has not seen Mr. BLOOD’s real personality, he has seen his magical work. It is worthy of this life!”


At this moment, under the incredible sight of Yuzhi’s family.

Ma Lao and the other four great collectors, as if they were crazy, cried and laughed at this picture of mountains and rivers, excited.


At this moment, in the eyes of Yuzhi’s family, the signature BLOOD under this landscape map is so dazzling.

Their hearts started pounding wildly, almost popping out of their throats.

“Ma… Old Ma, are you sure? Shaun is really BLOOD?”

Zhu Zhide’s entire complexion brushed as pale as paper, and he asked in disbelief.

And hearing this!

Only then did Mr. Ma realize his gaffe, and quickly wiped the tears of excitement from the corner of his eyes, and then nodded frantically:

“Yes! Mr. Zhu Zhide, I have to say, your family is simply too honorable, you have a relation with Mr. BLOOD!”

“In addition, can this painting be sold to our Yunhai Collection! Although this painting has been artificially destroyed, our collection is still willing to pay…10 million dollars!”


The words fell like a blast of thunder that blew into the minds of Yuzhi’s family.

Ten million dollars!


Hearing this number, Zhu Zhide and Zhang Kaiming seemed to have drained all their strength, and both fell to the ground with a puff.

And Yuzhi and Zhu Ru also covered their mouths in horror.

In their eyes, there was a deep horror and disbelief.

What is the value of ten million dollars?

Ten million US dollars, you can buy more than 70 sets.

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