Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 626

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Chapter 626

Even Yuzhi’s family will never make a huge sum of money without eating or drinking for a lifetime.

And now…

At this moment, every one of them remembered Shaun’s words.

‘In order to repay your care for Elvira, I decided to give you a gift! ‘

At that time, the whole family was laughing at Shaun’s idiotic behavior, but now, it is difficult for each of them to accept the huge excitement in front of them.

“Oh…Oh my god! Shaun is really BLOOD?”

Zhang Kaiming only felt his heart, pounding and beating violently.

He couldn’t believe that he had actually met, spoken to, and even mocked him.

More than him!

Zhu Ru next to him was completely stunned.

She has been jealous of Elvira since she was a child. At the moment, she thought that her husband was more than ten times better than Shaun.

But now it seems that her husband is not even an ant in front of Shaun.

“Elvira… Shaun!”

Yuzhi and her husband also have mixed feelings.

The family thought of the scene where they laughed at Shaun before, and everyone seemed to be slapped in the face, making them ashamed.

However, there is more to it!

Ding Dong!

The doorbell of the door rang again, causing Zhu Zhide to tremble in an instant.

For some reason, when he looked at the door at this moment, there was a shadow.

However, after hearing the sound of the doorbell still ringing, Zhu Zhide bit his head, got up from the ground, and opened the door.

Only when the door opened.

Whether it was Zhu Zhide or Yuzhi and everyone else, they were all taken aback.


A dozen people stood outside the door.

What is especially frightening is that each of them is a full height of 1.89 meters, strong in stature, and powerful, like iron towers, blocking the door.

What’s even more frightening is that each of these people has a vaguely fierce aura.

It seems that they are here to kill all of them.

“Are you… King Kong?”

After Zhu Zhide saw the big man headed by him, he only felt his legs soft, and he almost fell to the ground again in fright.

And hearing the name ‘King Kong’!


Yuzhi, Zhang Kaiming, and Zhu Ru behind were almost scared to pee.

In Yunhai City.

You can offend the rich, you can offend the officials, but there is one person who cannot be offended.

That is, the underground master of Yunhai City-King Kong!

He is also the number one master of Yunhai.

It is said that this person was very cruel. He had just made his debut that year, and he once slapped the whole city, no one dared to provoke him.

After that, he even went to the door of Kong Sheng, the number one martial artist in Jiangnan.

His strength is even more astounding.

What makes Yuzhi’s family unimaginable is how such an underground giant would come to their house.

“Jin… Mr. King Kong, please, is there anything you want?”

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