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Chapter 241

When Alyssa heard this, her temper came up.

She heard that his hand was injured, so she kindly cares about him, what kind of tone is this!

“Karl, give you a chance to speak again.” She walked to Karl’s desk, and slapped the open document in front of him.

Karl stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows: “I really still have work to do.”

Okay, because his tone is much better than before, don’t care.

But Alyssa still asked uneasily, “Really not hurt?”

“No.” Karl’s expression became a little weird when he mentioned this.

Alyssa went out suspiciously.

When going downstairs, she met Aunt Tami.

“Madam, is Boss’s hand hurt seriously?” Aunt Tami asked earnestly.

“He didn’t hurt his hand.”

Alyssa thought for a while and asked her, “Aunt Tami, why do you think he hurt his hand? When I came back from the old house with him before, how good was he?”

“Before, I used to bring you sweet water, but I accidentally bumped into Boss in the corridor. He was guarding his hand very vigilantly at the time. I thought it might be hurt…”

After Aunt Tami finished speaking, she muttered to herself: “Even if there are no obvious injuries, there are hidden injuries…”

Alyssa asked in a daze, “In the corridor? Where did he go out of the bedroom?”

“Yes.” Aunt Tami frowned, still worried.

Alyssa’s brain short-circuited for a few seconds, and then stared at Aunt Tami a little sluggishly and said, “I seem to know the reason…but don’t worry, his hands are fine and there is no injury.”

“Really not hurt? That’s fine.” Aunt Tami turned around and left after hearing Alyssa say the same.

After Aunt Tami left, Alyssa glanced upstairs, touched her hot face, and sat down on the sofa.

Couldn’t it be because she k!ssed his hand, he was so wary that the baby was hurt?



When eating in the evening, Karl felt that Alyssa had been watching him.

Finally, when Alyssa poked the dishes on the plate onto the dining table while picking up the dishes again, Karl finally said, “Alyssa, what’s wrong with you?”

“Huh?” Alyssa looked down and found that she had poked the food on the table, and quickly retracted her chopsticks: “Why did the food fall on the table again?”

Karl looked at her coldly, the expression on his face clearly said, “Just watch you pretend quietly”.

Alyssa was a little embarrassed.

She also doesn’t want to be distracted all the time.

She just couldn’t figure it out. Karl usually looks cold like a ten thousand year iceberg, how could he do such a slapstick thing?

Since he looked at her with this kind of “caring for fools” eyes, she felt that if Karl could look at her without disgust, he would already take her to heart.

She didn’t dare to think that because she k!ssed his hand, he would just protect that hand…

When he finishes eating later, he won’t even wash his hands?

This idea hovered in Alyssa’s heart.

When the meal was over, she looked at Karl with a longing eye: “Let’s go wash hands together.”

Karl showed the look of “caring for fools” again: “You should watch a movie with Luther.”

After speaking, Karl got up and left the restaurant.

“Hey!” Luther stretched out his hand and shook in front of Alyssa’s eyes.

Alyssa turned to look at him, and was about to speak, when she saw Luther shaking his head with contempt: “When you just stared at cousin, your eyes were about to fall out.”

“Is there?” Alyssa touched her face, not daring to imagine that she would stare at Karl all the time.

“My cousin is so proud.” Luther moved his chair next to Alyssa, with an expression of “I understand very well”: “For men, you have to refuse and welcome, you can’t show Too obsessed with him…”

Where did this kid learn these things? ?

Alyssa interrupted him: “You are wrong, I didn’t act like I was obsessed with him, don’t you think he is more obsessed with me?”

For example, personally…

It fully shows how obsessed Karl is with her!

Luther twitched his mouth: “You are afraid that you have a strange illusion.”

“I just asked him to wash his hands together. He refused. I told you before…” Alyssa wondered if she should tell Luther about the matter she had done before.

After all, Luther is still young, will it have a bad influence?

Luther showed sympathy: “You might as well ask cousin to go to the bathroom together. It’s normal.”

Alyssa: “…”

Sure enough, everything is her illusion.


Gerald’s abuse and killing of puppies continue to ferment on the Internet.

Some dog lovers denounced Gerald on the Internet, and also bought trending searches, and the coming was fierce.

Later, it was involved in the opening of a hotel room between Gerald and a married female star.

In short, starting with the incident of Gerald’s abusive and killing puppies, scandals about him were exploded one after another.

Alyssa was afraid that Luther would see this, so she took Luther to the movies together every day, or she directed Luther to weed the yard.

Of course, the physical work of weeding was done by Luther, and she just had to wrap her down jacket and watch with hot water.

Karl was so busy that he didn’t go to the company until the day before New Year’s Eve.

Early in the morning, the old house called and told them to return to prepare for New Year’s Eve.

Karl’s attitude remained unchanged: “Don’t go.”

Alyssa knew that Karl refused so simply because of her.

But Karl had already returned to the Adams, no matter how rigid his relationship with Trevor, he should try to reconcile.

“Go back.” Alyssa persuaded him: “Go back and stay for a week at most.”

Karl twisted his eyebrows, and was about to say something, Alyssa interrupted him, and said very solemnly, “What can happen with you?”

When Karl heard this, he was a little stunned.

Then he pressed the back of her head and k!ssed it down.

At the end of the k!ss, he stretched out his hand to stroke her hair and said in a low voice: “Okay.”

Luther came down the stairs with a bag on his back, and exaggeratedly screamed, “I’m going to have a long needle eye!”

Alyssa pushed Karl, and without letting go of her, Karl picked up the pillow on the sofa and threw it towards Luther.

Luther jumped to the other side holding the stair railing, easily avoiding the pillow.

It’s just that he didn’t have time to be proud. When he raised his head, another pillow was thrown over, right in the middle of his beautiful little face.

Luther picked up the pillow and didn’t dare to throw it back, so he could only shout to Alyssa: “Sister Alyssa! Your husband bullied me!”

Alyssa laughed and was about to talk when the phone in her pocket rang.

She took out her mobile phone and pushed Karl away: “I will answer the call.”

Karl let go of her, she got up and separated a little distance from Karl and answered the phone: “Who?”

“Alyssa, shouldn’t you go home this New Year’s Eve? I wish you a happy New Year in advance.”

Alyssa’s face was stunned, and she calmly called out her name: “Isabel!”

Chapter 242

Isabel’s voice was a little hoarse, with a strong resentment: “Alyssa, you are very proud of sending me to prison! But you didn’t expect it, I came out so soon.”

At the last few words, she gritted her teeth, as if she wanted to crawl over the phone and take a bite.

Alyssa just said faintly: “You have committed sins, you can’t live.”

Isabel sneered disdainfully when she heard the words, “Let’s walk and see.”

Alyssa’s original good mood was ruined by Isabel’s phone call. She didn’t want to hear Isabel say something messy like a mental illness, so she just hung up the phone.

She turned her head and found Karl was looking at her.

In those dark eyes, emotions she couldn’t understand flashed.

Come to think of it, he should have heard the call from Alyssa just now and knew that the call was from Isabel.

This person Isabel is also really interesting, as soon as she was released from prison, she called her to stimulate her.

However, she knew that Gerald would find a way to get Isabel out, but she didn’t expect it would be so fast.

Gerald was probably driven by the recent scandal and complained about Karl, so he would get Isabel out so soon.

Alyssa said aloud: “It will be a matter of time before she is released.”

“Yeah.” Karl turned his eyes to look away, lowered his eyes slightly, covering the emotions in his eyes.

He loves to show this look when he is in a bad mood.

Alyssa moved next to him and turned her head to look at him and said softly: “Let’s go back to the old house first, and we don’t need to be upset because of an unnecessary person. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. This is also our first year together. Be happy, eh?”

Her words seemed to have worked, and Karl turned to look at her.

After Alyssa was pregnant, she always had no makeup. She was young and had no bad habits, and she was also very beautiful without makeup.

The skin is fair, the eyes are clear, a little childish and green, but it is particularly moving.

Karl’s heart moved, and he couldn’t help but lower his head to k!ss her.

Alyssa’s eyes quickly pressed his hand against his forehead: “Luther is here.”

Karl turned his head and glanced at Luther, who was sitting on the opposite sofa with a mobile phone and didn’t know what he was doing. There was a look of disgust in his eyes.

Luther looked up with feeling, and just hit Karl’s disgusting eyes.

Luther looked inexplicable, he was just sitting here to make fun of him, so why did his cousin resent him again?

“Let’s go.” Karl reached out his hand and touched Alyssa’s head, then stood up and led her out.

The bodyguard had put Alyssa’s things in the car, and Karl gave Smith a vacation. The driver who drove Alyssa was usually the other driver.


In the car at the gate of the prison.

“Hello? Alyssa?”

Isabel took the phone to her and found that it was Alyssa who had hung up her phone.

She was full of anger: “That b!tch Alyssa dared to hang up my phone!”

Gerald on the side pinched out the smoke in his hand, with a husky husk in his voice: “It’s almost done, let’s go back first.”

When Gerald spoke, the anger on Isabel’s face disappeared instantly. She showed a coquettish smile and snuggled up to Gerald: “You are so kind to me, don’t know how to thank you. you……”

She really likes Gerald.

After she liked Gerald, she never went to those clubs to participate in party fools.

She hadn’t had s3x with a man for a long time, and at the moment she was in front of her favorite Gerald, and she naturally wanted to have something with him.

She had never dreamed that Gerald would really find a way to get her out of it.

A moment ago, she was desperate to be locked in for three years, but the moment later, she was picked up by the man she liked.

From hell to heaven, nothing more.

Isabel nestled in Gerald’s arms, reaching into his clothes, unbuttoning his sh!rt one by one, her little soft hand sliding extremely sensational on his chest.

Just smelling the breath on his body made her feel dizzy.


Isabel couldn’t help getting closer to him, leaning into k!ss him.

Gerald frowned, turned his head to avoid her lips, but did not push her away.

Isabel’s k!ss fell on his chin, but she didn’t care at all.

She k!ssed all the way down Gerald’s chin, leaving dense red marks on his n3ck. When passing through the raised apple, she preferred to k!ss repeatedly…

Isabel drove very early, and often mixed in various clubs and played very well.

She knows how to arouse a man’s interest in such matters.

Gerald refused to let her k!ss his lips, but did not refuse, letting her k!ss him and touch him. After a while, Isabel felt his breathing heavier.

Isabel was already emotional, she leaned to Gerald’s ear and said coquettishly: “Gerald, don’t you want me?”

Gerald’s hoarse voice came: “Why are you so sassy?”

Isabel listened to him even more, and she became even more excited. She groaned softly, “Um…Do you like me like this…”

She thought that Gerald was about to be tempted to f*ck her, but the next moment, she heard Gerald say coldly: “I don’t like it, it’s disgusting.”

Isabel was stunned, only then could she see Gerald’s disgusting expression.

Isabel didn’t care about the disgust on his face: “But, you have reacted.”

“I want…” Isabel was full of love.

Gerald still didn’t push her away…

When Alyssa and Karl arrived at the old house, they went directly to Karl’s room to rest.

The last time he came here, Karl’s room was still the same as he lived in his youth. This time it has been reorganized, and it looks a lot more calm.

Alyssa felt a little sorry.

At noon, the servant came and told them to eat lunch.

When Alyssa arrived at the restaurant, she realized that they were the last.

As soon as she sat down, she heard Elder Adams’s vigorous voice: “Where is Gerald? Why didn’t he come?”

“Gerald went out to do errands early in the morning. It should be a work matter.” It was Gerald’s mother, Lina.

Elder Adams looked bad, but didn’t say much.

When Alyssa thought of Isabel’s phone call in the morning, Gerald went to work after her thoughts changed.

Hmm to pick up Isabel!

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