Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 563

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Chapter 563

Jacob also brought several doctors from Media Asia.

He ordered the doctor to collect the fetal genes in Silvia’s belly, because Silvia was already in the third trimester and was no longer suitable for non-invasiveness, and amniocentesis was the only option.

But amniocentesis has the risk of infection for the pregnant belly, so Silvia threatened her with her life and prevented the doctor from approaching her.

“Brother Zhan, the old lady made it very clear that as long as the child is born smoothly, the identity of the child will be revealed. Why do you have to persecute me?” Silvia was obviously frightened by the scene in front of her, and she was shaking like a sieve. It seems.

Jacob calmly sat on the wicker chair, his eyes fell indifferently on Silvia, “Silvia, you pour dirty water on me, I can tolerate you for a week is your good fortune.”

The eyes darkened sharply, and the dark birds under his eyes seemed to penetrate the everlasting ice. The majesty of the long-standing high commanded, “Grab her!”

Silvia turned around and ran out of the house. Unexpectedly, two handsome young men suddenly appeared at the door, staring at Silvia blankly, “Silvia, if you don’t want a dead body, just cooperate with the doctor.” One of the men said.

Silvia couldn’t escape, and fell limply on the ground.

The doctor carried her to the nanny room and closed the door, Silvia’s hoarse roar gradually disappeared.

Zhan Tingcheng stood at the top of the stairs, looking at the ice sculpture on the chair, his eyes were obscure.

Jacob was so vicious to Silvia, how could he forgive her sins?

What happened in Xiangdingyuan was quickly known to Zhan Tingye. Zhan Tingye was as anxious as a hot pot ant, he was afraid that his good deeds with Silvia would be found out by Jacob. At that time, his fame was ruined.

In desperation, Zhan Tingye hurriedly found the old lady. Frankly confessed the scandal between him and Silvia.

The old man seemed to have expected it a long time ago, and a touch of helpless hatred for iron and steel appeared on the old face.

“All of you are not worrying.”

“Dad, I also suffered from other people’s ways. That day, I obviously wanted Silvia to go to Jacob’s bed. But I don’t know why it was me who wrote the way in the end!” Zhan Tingye still can’t understand the problem in retrospect.

The old man sighed in disappointment, “You, you, the little flowery intestines in your stomach, where is Jacob’s opponent. You give Silvia to Jacob, and you think Jacob can be controlled by Silvia. For your life. What you used? You are so naive. Although Jacob is infatuated, not all women who are not on the stage can enter his heart.”

Zhan Tingye was very puzzled, “Dad, Jacob is also a man, when a man can’t control his lower body. Jacob can spoil Irene and be conquered by Grace, why can’t he be subdued by Silvia?”

The old man cast his eyes speechlessly and Zhan Tingye said, “You think that Jacob can empathize not to love Grace, and you can transfer not to love Silvia. You are really wrong. I might as well tell you, Grace is no one else, she is Irene’s soul possessed.”

Zhan Tingye was shocked, “Such a thing?”

The old lady said, “Jacob will only suffer from Irene in this life. But Irene will never do anything to harm Jacob in this life. Your strategy is to kill a thousand enemies and harm yourself by 800.”

Zhan Tingye frustrated, “Dad, what should I do now?”

The old man thought for a while, “Jacob is too good and perfect, and he loses when the moon is over. After all, he has done too much in this matter. You father, teach him a lesson.”

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