Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 564

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Chapter 564

Zhan Tingye chewed the old man’s words and left with a solemn expression.


The doctor has completed the operation. There were heartbreaking tears on Silvia’s beautiful face. She got up from the bed, her face pale, and despite her weakness, she walked out of the nanny room.

She walked tremblingly in front of Jacob, crying in tears and despairing: “Brother Zhan, can you be worthy of my dead sister by doing this?”

Jacob’s pupil shrank, and he slapped Silvia with his hand. The anger in Yingtong overflowed Silvia’s grievance and despair.

Jacob said angrily, “A woman like you is not worthy to mention Irene’s name.”

Silvia’s show face slowly became distorted, and the corners of her lips pulled out a weeping and enchanting sneer. “Brother-in-law, my sister will definitely not let you go.”

Then came a hysterical growl, “My sister will definitely not make you feel better.”

Jacob thought of Irene’s wayward departure, of Irene’s ruined face, Ai Ai’s expression of inferiority and helplessness in that period, and thinking of Irene’s absence from him for so long, and there was no news and seemed to have no intention of coming back it felt like he was under Silvia’s curse. Instantly became extremely frustrated.

Silvia laughed wickedly, “Haha…Haha…Brother-in-law, are you afraid? This is the retribution for your abuse of me.”

Jacob stood up and spoke with a voice like a devil’s spell, “Silvia, even if I have retribution in my life, the retribution is the punishment I deserve for not protecting the lingering. You are not worthy of any retribution!”

“Come on, kick her out.”

When Zhan Tingye rushed to Xiangdingyuan, Silvia was innocent like a child. Suddenly she hugged Zhan Tingye’s neck with both hands and begged weakly, “Master, would you want me?”

A touch of embarrassment was drawn across Zhan Tingye’s face, and he rebuked, “Silvia, are you crazy?”

Silvia’s crying pear was raining, and Zhan Tingye felt pity and reluctance when he saw it. After all, this woman is pregnant with his child.

Silvia was even more adept. Her weak body moved forward, touching Zhan Tingye’s, and said sadly, “Master, you see, your son has ruined me but abandoned me like a mess, as the saying goes. Help him accept me. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to live.”

Zhan Tingye did not give Silvia a definite answer, but instead instructed the servants of the Wutong Courtyard, “Send Miss Yan to the Wutong Courtyard first. I will discuss it later.”

Xiangdingyuan returned to its former calm.

Zhanting City walked down the stairs and approached Jacob step by step. He was in a nervous mood and walked heavily. He obviously had a thousand words to have a good chat with his son, but for some reason, seeing Jacob’s alienated and indifferent expression, all his words choked back.

Finally, squeeze out an innutritious sentence: “Jacob, have you ever thought that if you test the fetal genes in Silvia’s belly with fanfare, you are not afraid that the adulterer behind her will be against you?”

Jacob stared at Zhanting City coldly, and said coldly, “The only person I’ve been afraid of in my life is you.”

Zhantingcheng’s body trembled.

Jacob’s handsome face showed a sorrowful and decisive expression, and he spoke with a voice of death, “In the past, you were not full of wings and gave a chance to hurt Irene. The account between us. , I have to settle it sometime.”

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